Beretta Nano

The market for subcompact handguns hasn't cooled, and Beretta got involved in late 2011 with its new Nano.

The Nano is an ideal compact carry pistol—it's small, easy to conceal, has a snag free design and still maintains a respectable 9 mm chambering.

Better yet, the gun's serial number is located on its steel chassis, allowing its owner to swap out frames and sights without difficulty. This is a gun that's just begging to be customized to fit individual shooters, and it's that kind of versatility that makes it an easy Gun of the Week addition.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 9 mm
Capacity: 6 + 1 Rounds
Overall Length: 5.63"
Barrel Length: 3.07"
Sight Radius: 4.92"
Frame Chassis: Stainless Steel Insert
Weight: 17.67 ounces
MSRP: $475

For Further Reading:

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21 Responses to Beretta Nano

Mark wrote:
March 01, 2013

I bought a Nano to carry when my Glock 23 is too big. Thought it might not be that accurate, but was really surprised when I took it to the range. Only bad part is finding 9mm ammo! This is a good gun!

Patriot Ghost wrote:
September 20, 2012

Some of you guys sound like my little kids going back and forth. Really. Who cares about any of it? What I love is that you guys are all packin! Was at Walmart the other night and a hood trash couple got hostile with an elderly couple over NOTHING and the chick yells out "ya'all betta watch yo, cuz ma man here brought his gun,!" And he reached into his pocket but left his hand there. Oh and this was to the 80+ year old lady in a wheelchair and her 80+ year old hubby with a walker. Would've been nice to have a few of you boys around and I wouldn't have cared WHICH of you was there or WHAT gun you brung. Needless to say, tomorrow morning, wife and I are picking up two shiny new firearms and a safe, headin to class and joining the local range. :) Then maybe I'll start bantering and talkin smart with you all:)

Puddin' Tang wrote:
September 04, 2012

Walther PPK, 7.65 millimeter, with a delivery like a brick through a plate-glass window. I disagree, sir. I've carried the Baretta ... and I've never missed with it.

frettbird wrote:
August 09, 2012

Kimber Solo, it's what I carry, on my ankle, which is hairy, in my waist band, there's the Glock gun, on my shoulder, .357.... I could go on.

John wrote:
June 22, 2012

@ Gary: 240 grain hollows points are actually not priceless...they can be purchased from many retailers for around $23. Thanks for the Mastercard commercial spin-off though, because no one does that anymore...

Gary wrote:
June 11, 2012

ARON: This works great for bicycling (out of the way) and running (doesn't bounce):

Aron wrote:
June 08, 2012

Now i agree with full size carry. but i run a lot and bicycle. weight and size make a big difference. so it all comes down to the right tool for the Right job. and i don't think a 350lbs guys is going to keep up with me running.

eric wrote:
June 08, 2012

I have 17 rounds of 9mm in my sr9c that says Louie wont be mad very long....he'll be dead

Gary wrote:
June 05, 2012

The hunter walks over to his rifle rack and takes down the .22-250 if he is going varmint hunting, the .270 if deer or antelope, the .300 if elk, the .375 if grizzly, or the .458 if elephant. That was easy. But what about you, the self-defense guy? You walk over to your gun safe and pause. "Should I take the .380 today in case I get attacked by a 110-pound female, the 9mm in case I get attacked by a 140-pound banger in a t-shirt, or the .45 in case I get attacked by a 250-pound ex-linebacker." But with your luck, it will probably be Louie the Enforcer, 350 pounds of solid muscle, high on meth and booze, and all wrapped up in a heavy leather coat, a sweater, and a heavy flannel shirt. "Hmmm, why did I bring my .380 today?" Now, while you might think that a .380 or 9mm will put your butt on the ground in a hurry, shoot Louie with either one and you will have one ticked-off BG to deal with. When Louie is done with you, you will be glad you removed the front sight. If you are a big believer in the theory that if a little bit is good then more is better, you need enough gun in case Louie shows up. A small, easy to carry gun - $400. Shooting lessons so you can place your shot - $1,000. 240-grain hollow point bullets at 1200+ fps - priceless.

Jerry wrote:
June 05, 2012

@ Samuel - I've got both a Kel-Tec P11 and an XD9 Sub-Compact. I can hit whatever I'm aiming at all day long with them. It's called practice, not much to do with the weapon at all. You take your rock and I'll take my sub.

Bruce wrote:
June 05, 2012

I have had and carried a Kel-Tec for over 10 years, this is nothing new, the Kel-Tec is as good and a lot less $$$!

Samuel wrote:
June 04, 2012

Sub compact guns are only marginally better than a rock IMO. You should dress appropriately to conceal a firearm, not the other way around. I'm not only criticizing the Beretta Nano but the whole group of sub compacts no matter who makes it or what caliber it may be. A small gun will be harder to manipulate and most are more apt to malfunctions. I can see it being used as a back up gun possibly but that's it.There isn't much sense of a sub compact even having sights due to the fact it will probably be carried in a pocket and the sights will tend to snag plus being the size it is, it would probably be used within a range of a few feet therefore I think the slide should be slick or at best have a trench milled in the top of the slide to aid in indexing the gun to the target and save the consumer money. All in all I think think sub compact guns are a waste of money, but like I said, they are better than a rock even if it is marginally better.

john wrote:
June 04, 2012

i own a taurus pt709, 9mm. holds 7+1. $400 i can empty the clip in a couple seconds and never jams. fired thousands of round. accurate

Darryl wrote:
June 04, 2012

It's similar to alot of others, glocks, springfield xd, ruger src, s&w sigma ,(kahr ughh), all these polymers are very similar, but it is a berretta! Always top quality firearms at a good price. I'd say it's not a copy of any, but a nice addition to the choices out there.

Garrett wrote:
June 04, 2012

Because of my large hands this gun is hard to handle , I prefer my p220 , poly doesnt help the cause either . This is just my opinion

David Sherman wrote:
June 04, 2012

I have a diamondback DB9 at 5 and 1/2 in overall length compact and accurate don't see a noticeable difference.

Steven T wrote:
June 04, 2012

Looks like a slightly modified Kel tec PF9 with a Glock trigger. Meh

Jason Lewis wrote:
June 04, 2012

Well let's have a look KAHR Arms PM-40 MSRP $700, Beretta Nano MSRP $425, This is not a weapon for you Bill, it is a weapon for people who want reliability with a lower price tag.

Atticaz wrote:
June 04, 2012

I own one of these. The most accurate little thing I ever shot. It's like pointing your finger and telling the bullet where to go.

Frank Szabo wrote:
June 04, 2012

Why another plastic gun? I don't care what round it fires.

Bill Puckett wrote:
June 04, 2012

My KAHR Arms PM-40 is a smaller gun chambered in a larger caliber (40 S&W) so why would I want this piece in 9mm?????