Adcor B.E.A.R.

The AR platform is easily the most popular rifle in the United States, and has been for years. While many offerings vary only cosmetically, a few companies have introduced designs with functional improvements on the nearly 60-year-old system.

One such company is Adcor Defense, and its Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (or B.E.A.R. for short) is a new evolution of Eugene Stoner’s design.

You can get a closer look at the B.E.A.R. in the video below, hosted by Shooting Illustrated's Ed Friedman.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO (.223 Rem.)
7075-T6 forged matte-black aluminum alloy
six-groove, 1:7" RH twist
none supplied, Picatinny rail for attaching optics
single-stage; 6-lb., 2-oz. pull
Magpul MOE six-position collapsing
Overall Length:
323⁄4" (stock fully compressed) to 353⁄4" (stock fully extended)
7 lbs., 1 oz.
owner’s manual, one 30-round Magpul magazine
Suggested Retail Price:

For Further Reading:

Review: The Adcor B.E.A.R.
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4 Responses to Adcor B.E.A.R.

Sgt. Petrik wrote:
March 08, 2013

Rob, incase you haven't noticed the Adcor B.E.A.R has a ambi non-recripacting front charging handle + it uses a long-stroke gas piston design more like an AK, than the Ruger SR-556's piston system. The only thing I don't like about the B.E.A.R's BCG/ op-rod is that it is staked, not a solid one piece design like my LWRCi M6A2's one piece BCG. ...Is this still in the running for the Military's Individual Carbine?

Rob wrote:
March 05, 2013

Ok, nice rifle. But what's the difference between this and every other piston AR? My Ruger SR556 has all the same features, but I got a bonus, 3 Pmags, troy sights... Where's the new stuff? What makes this better? Or newer? Just my thoughts... Bet its a great rifle.

GenEarly wrote:
March 05, 2013

Great Gun, but are they available? No guns no ammo seems to be the norm these days.

Josh wrote:
March 04, 2013

Just one mag. Sad. Magpul fur nature is ok. Still I would not kick it out of bed for eating crackers.