The .22 Mag. Mini Revolver With Holster Grip

North American Arms introduces its' .22 Mag. Mini-Revolver and Holster Grip Accessory. This is ideal option for concealed carry, especially for women. They may be small, but they pack a big punch. These holster grips fold knife-like against the bottom of the gun, and fold out to a full-sized grip, giving the user a better grip on the gun considering how small it is, and reducing felt-recoil. This is a 5-shot .22 mag that is spur-triggeredl. The clip is ambidextrous, which is great for clipping to a purse or in a concealed-carry bag.

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1 Response to The .22 Mag. Mini Revolver With Holster Grip

Paul E wrote:
January 30, 2013

I have owned one these and it worked well except I had to do some serious smoothing of sharp edges. It was wearing out my pockets. I would definitely go with 22 mag over 22LR as the exposed lubricant of the 22LR collects all kinds of pocket junk. With 22LR I ended up throwing out lots of ammo.