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Winchester Recalls One Lot of 5.56 mm

Winchester has recalled one lot of 5.56 mm ammunition, and will provide free pickup and replacement of the recalled ammunition.


Winchester has announced a recall of one lot of 5.56 mm ammunition because of possible incorrect propellant in the ammunition.

The Symbol No. on the recalled ammunition is ZGQ3308, while the Lot No. is WCC10m106-004. The Symbol No. and the Lot No. are printed on the outside of the shipping container and the 30-round boxes.

If you have some of the recalled ammunition, discontinue use immediately and contact Winchester at (866) 423-5224. Winchester will provide for free pickup of the ammunition, as well as replacement ammunition.

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4 Responses to Winchester Recalls One Lot of 5.56 mm

Andy wrote:
March 12, 2013

I received replacement ammo this morning. It is unknown whether Midway or the NRA interceded, but if either did, thank you.

Bob Heffern wrote:
March 04, 2013

Isn,t the 5.56mm the generato nato round on back order for the U.S. military? Thats probably why you guys haven,t rec.d your replacements yet. Just a thought.Also in sports stores the 5.56mm rounds in general are sold out.

Andy wrote:
March 01, 2013

I have experienced the same results as Steve. I even wrote Midway USA, from whom the rounds were purchased, to intercede for me. So far, I have yet to receive a reply. I would expect the NRA to weigh in on the side of their members, and not provide more excuses for this once great Corporation. Maybe a little footnote attached to future Winchester ads would steer people away from their dangerously defective products and lame customer service.

Steve wrote:
February 27, 2013

After multiple contacts I still have no idea what I'm getting or when. Last call I was asked what I had agreed to ??? I wasn't offered a choice. Have been told twice my (order) was ready to ship. I understand the recall....I don't understand not being able to deal with it.