Wilson Combat Introduces 7.62x40 WT Cartridge

Wilson Combat introduces a new 7.62x40 WT cartridge, rifles and barrels, offering better terminal performance than similar .30-caliber platforms.


Wilson Combat, known as a manufacturer of semi-custom 1911s, has introduced a new rifle cartridge in the form of the 7.62x40 Wilson Tactical (WT).

The 7.62x40 WT is a .30-caliber round designed for use with currently tooled 5.56x45 mm NATO/.223-caliber AR-platform rifles and requires only one modification—a new barrel. For hunters, the 7.62x40 WT is designed as an ideal hunting round for medium to large size game, and offers higher energy than the 7.62x39 mm with low recoil. For tactical users, the cartridge offers similar performance to the 6.8 SPC at ranges of 175-200 yards.

In addition to barrels and complete uppers chambered for the new cartridge, Wilson Combat is also offering handloading dies and tools, custom boxed ammunition and specially designed magazines fully supporting a transition to 7.62x40 WT.

Below is a chart provided by Wilson Combat indicating the ballistic performance of the round. For additional production information or to see the complete line of 7.62x40 WT products, please visit the Wilson Combat website.

Ballistic Performance Comparison

7.62x40 WT (16" Barrel)
110 gr: 2450 fps muzzle velocity and 1466 foot pounds of energy
125 gr: 2400 fps muzzle velocity and 1599 foot pounds of energy
150 gr: 2200 fps muzzle velocity and 1612 foot pounds of energy

5.56 Nato (16" Barrel)
55 gr: 3150 fps muzzle velocity and 1212 foot pounds of energy
62 gr: 3000 fps muzzle velocity and 1239 foot pounds of energy
77 gr: 2750 fps muzzle velocity and 1293 foot pounds of energy

7.62x39 (16" Barrel)
123 gr: 2320 fps muzzle velocity and 1470 foot pounds of energy

6.8 SPC (16" Barrel)
110 gr: 2550 fps muzzle velocity and 1594 foot pounds of energy

300 BLACKOUT (16" Barrel)
125 gr: 2275 fps muzzle velocity and 1436 foot pounds of energy

*Note for Handloaders: Once a 7.62x40 WT case has been fired once it will be fire-formed and provide approximately 1 gr. additional powder capacity and the potential for approximately 25-50 fps more velocity at comparable pressure levels.

Trajectory and Remaining Velocity

125 gr. Nosler Ballistic Hunter, 2375 fps muzzle velocity, zero range 175 yards
100 yds +1.7" 2156 fps
150 yds +1.1" 2052 fps
200 yds -1.6" 1951 fps
250 yds -6.6" 1854 fps

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13 Responses to Wilson Combat Introduces 7.62x40 WT Cartridge

Chris wrote:
March 25, 2013

Not to mention being able to plink with cast bullets at these velocities. I could shoot for less than $10/100 rounds. I'm definitely interested.

Timothy wrote:
March 01, 2013

Personally, if I'm going to have to choose a .30 cal round for AR use, I prefer the 300 BLK because Brass & Loaded Ammunition are much more available. However, I own an AR-10 in .308, and I can tell you that it's not a gun you'd want to tote around all day in the woods deer hunting. On a side note, I just think that this is Wilson Combat's attempt to get in on the 30-Caliber AR Craze.

JD wrote:
July 30, 2012

Why is it that the 30-30 is a lack luster cartridge in a lever action but you come up with a new round with less power for a AR-15 and it becomes the greatest thing ever

JC wrote:
April 11, 2012

LOL I agree, the "large bore" AR-15 story, a million ways to skin a 30-30.

phil wrote:
February 18, 2012

How many ways can one shoot a 110 year old 30-30 in an AR?

timmit wrote:
November 27, 2011

Ill wait and see if any other company starts making this cal. round or barrel.

JL Rolf wrote:
November 20, 2011

Will it do anything differant or better than a lot of guns? Yes, it will shoot 308 bullets accuratelly out of an AR15 platform, instead of using a heavier AR10. Is it any better than 6.8,6.5, whisper or anything else? It has less recoil, less changes to make from standard AR. Is it the endall of the AR world? NO, just another option-and a very good one at that. Don't like it, don't get one, but you are missing out on a very handy hunting and defensive round, if you haven't shot one, you don't know what you are talking about-plain and simple. It is a choice-not a mandate, take it or leave it, but try one first. Yes, I have or have tried about all the calibers in an AR15 and AR10, like all of them, just like this one best for all around use inside of 200 yards, still will keep the others, just won't use as much as I used to. That's my two cents worth.

Frank Szabo wrote:
November 04, 2011

... just another attempt to make a mouse gun useful ...

gunguy wrote:
August 07, 2011

you guys should look at a 25 wssm in a ar upper. works fine and makes all these others look like a bb gun

ntrudr_800 wrote:
May 20, 2011

So with this new cartridge you are basically shooting AK47 bullets out of your M15. Interesting

CF wrote:
May 16, 2011

@Daniel: I couldn't agree more. I love the classics as much as anyone, but I get so tired of the, "Well, that's just a so-and-so rehashed..." comments. You simply never know (unless you try) when new technology will allow us to revisit an old concept and make it better. I for one find this an interesting concept because it combines the performance potential of the 6.8 SPC with the bullet selection of the .308" bore. Assuming the round feeds reliably in the intended AR-15 platforms, it could be an appealing option, particularly for those looking for better performance at short to intermediate ranges without the added weight and cost of an AR-10 style weapon (or one of its competitors).

Daniel wrote:
April 11, 2011

Lots! And I love every time someone trys something new. If we just sit on the old we will never find out the next perfect bullet weight/cartrige size/powder type to use for each situation. I welcome every new round and say thank you to Wilson for putting up the money to invest in a new round as its not cheap!

Rand K wrote:
April 07, 2011

How many different ways can someone re-invent the 110 year old .30-30?