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Stevens 320 Pump Field Grade Shotgun

The Stevens 320 is a rugged shotgun for doing those dirty jobs where you wouldn’t want to use a prettier gun.


A shotgun that can do it all at a price that nearly everyone can afford, the Stevens 320 pump-action was designed for versatility and affordability. Available in two base models and eight total configurations, the 320 platform has variants that can fill all traditional shotgun roles, from tactical to hunting. Imported by Savage Arms from China, the Stevens’ design is inspired by the Winchester 1300, ensuring simple, reliable functionality. Priced below the $300 mark, the new offering should appeal to armed citizens and sportsmen alike.

The 320 line is comprised of Security and Field models. All the shotguns in the line are 12-gauge pump-actions with 3-inch chambers and side ejection, differing only in barrel length, stock design and sight configuration. The Security line variations have an 18 1/2-inch barrel and can be equipped with a pistol grip stock. Stevens 320s with the pistol grip are available with ghost-ring sights, bead sights or bead sights with a top rail and heat shield. Security models without the pistol grip feature either ghost-ring, bead or rifle-style sights. Field models use a 28-inch barrel with a ventilated rib and front bead sight. The final version is a Field/Security combo that comes with interchangeable 18 1/2- and 28-inch barrels, both with bead sights, and a standard stock. For our evaluation we tested the Stevens 320 Field model.

Upon initial inspection it is clear that the Stevens 320 was designed for utility; no frills here. The steel barrel and receiver are finished in matte black, and the polymer stock and fore-end are also black. The lines, as stated before, are nearly identical to the Winchester 1300 pump-action, in fact the most obvious design difference is that instead of checkering the grip, the 320 has straight-line grooves molded into the stock for purchase. The brass bead sight was easy to see when looking down the ventilated rib, and the shotgun pointed well and naturally. At the shoulder, this is not the lightest gun, but at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, it is not the heaviest, either. The overall length is just less than 49 inches, and the length of pull was 13 3/4 inches—certainly within the average range, but there is no means for adjustment. The semi-pistol grip stock is of standard specifications with a 1 3/4-inch drop at comb, and a 2 1/2-inch drop at heel. The hard rubber recoil pad, while serviceable, does not encourage long days spent breaking clays.

We found the Stevens 320 to have a surprisingly smooth action and tight lockup, achieved by a four-lug rotary bolt engaging the barrel extension. The pump-action is aided by the dual-bar slide arm assembly. The trigger assembly features an external safety button at the trigger guard’s front and a slide lock release button just to the rear and on the left side. The trigger is not adjustable and required a firm 6-pound, 11-ounce pull. The 3-inch chamber will accept either 2 3/4 or 3 inch 12-gauge shells, and the magazine will hold up to four shells, though a plug is provided in order to limit capacity to two. Disassembly is uncomplicated: Unscrew the magazine cap, allowing the barrel to slide forward and off the slide arm; tap out the single trigger guard pin—located just above the trigger—in order to remove the trigger assembly; and remove the slide arm and bolt assembly.

For evaluation we used Federal Ammunition’s 12-gauge, 2 3/4, 1-ounce Game-Shok with No. 6 shot. Over an RCBS AmmoMaster chronograph at 5 feet, the load yielded an average velocity of 1,312 fps with a standard deviation of 19. For patterning, 10 shots were fired at a target 40 yards distant. The shotgun proved quite capable, averaging a 71 percent hit-ratio within a 30-inch circle and 48 percent in the smaller 21-inch inner ring.

Technical evaluation complete, we tested the Stevens against some hand-thrown clay targets and a veritable hodgepodge of 2 3/4-inch, 12-gauge ammunition. Confirming our initial impressions, the 320 swung well and pointed true. It was not picky regarding ammunition, and we experienced no failures to fire in any part of the testing. A few birds were lost, however, due to improper feed or failure to eject. In these cases, the spent hull either was not ejected or, after being ejected the next round did not fully chamber. A little investigation revealed a solution that would remedy those and similar problems encountered with many economy priced pump-actions—elbow grease. This is not a shotgun to be handled lightly, in fact, within the limits of safety; the harder the better. A firm and energetic motion is required to reliably cycle the action and avoid the frustration that comes from watching bright orange saucers land, unbroken, in the field.

There should be no doubt that the Stevens 320 pump-action shotgun is purpose-built and priced to sell. With configurations intended for security and sport, shooters of all kinds will find a place in their safes for this gun. But don’t expect it to stay there long, as a shotgun as rugged as this will be on the frontlines, doing the dirty work where you wouldn’t think of using a prettier gun.

Importer: Stevens, Savage; (413) 568-7001;
Action Type: pump-action shotgun
Gauge: 12, 3"
Trigger: single-action; 6-lb. 11-oz. pull
Barrel: 28"; interchangeable choke tubes (modified included)
Sights: ventilated rib with brass front bead
Stock: Polymer; length of pull: 13¾"; drop at comb: 1¾"; drop at heel: 2½"
Magazine: four-round capacity, includes magazine plug
Overall Length: 48¾"
Weight: 7 lbs., 11 ozs.
Accessories: owner’s manual
Suggested Retail Price: $235 to $260 (depending on configuration)

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79 Responses to Stevens 320 Pump Field Grade Shotgun

Dubbs wrote:
September 03, 2014

R.M. Warren, while looking up a review of the Savage/Stevens 320( was looking for budget shotguns for my cousin, he asked about the 320 in comparison to the mossberg maverick and Remington 870 express) To address something I find odious. I am an avid shooter and hunter. Prior military and law enforcement, so I believe in not only our 2nd Amendment rights, but also believe in 1st Amendment rights. People who enjoy that 1st amendment right are also

Jimmy McPhetridge wrote:
September 02, 2014

Got the basic model 320 Security front bead sight, rifle stock. It was really tight NIB.Oiled the crap out of it and cylcled the pump dry few hundred times. Ran couple boxes Fioccchi 2 3/4 9 pellets thru it. no problems. It really needs to be manhandled. You cannot handle this gun like a wuss or it won't work right.

Ken wrote:
August 21, 2014

I purchased the pistol grip security model from a large sporting goods store. They had a sale on these guns that included shells at a different branch where they sold out in a day. Luckily another shopper told me about it and the department manager honored the price and included 100rds of Remington 00Buckshot(a $100 value). $199.00 + tax ! So basicallyI paid 99 bucks for it. We've all read over and over about how Mr. XyZ got a super deal. Finally I happened upon one for myself. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

CMD wrote:
July 13, 2014

I purchased mine recently for home defense, and it runs flawlessly. Must be one of the upgraded, better welded action. Haven't tried magnum loads, and really don't want to. I don't want my other collar bone broken... Sorry I can't help with others' problems here, and hope you get some resolution. I feel your pain. It took 4 months to get my XD-S back from Springfield Armory.

michael barry wrote:
July 04, 2014

I have a Stevens model 320 with a pistol grip. I was at the range the other day and after firing a round. I went to rack another round and the mag tube came flying off and the barrel fell off as well. Now the mag tube will not screw back in. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or what could be the problem?

Chad Losiewski wrote:
June 21, 2014

Where can I get different accessories like stocks and heat shields and sights

fletcher wrote:
April 25, 2014

Love it I have no problems with it shoot over 300 rounds in 3 weeks and still smooth just need to find the longer barrel to go hunting where can I get one

Rob wrote:
April 24, 2014

Shot it for first time today and the butt of my pistol grip fell off after about 8 shots. I ended up finding it back at the range when I went to look for it and popped it back in until I get home with some superglue. I have the security model which has a pistol grip besides the plastic mishap the gun fired well. It was only $220 so its relatively nice considering.

safet wrote:
April 12, 2014

Have same problem lake Shawn Bishop . Magazine come out. Plastic bushing have broken thread and magazine with barrel come out.

best prices wrote:
April 01, 2014

wsF5lk Great, thanks for sharing this blog. Really Great.

seo for cheap wrote:
March 22, 2014

ZhRKtY A big thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Want more.

Shawn bishop wrote:
March 16, 2014

Just bought the Stevens 320 12gauge...took it out shooting. .and after a few rounds the magazine started to come out of the the gun but this is a problem I haven't heard of yet......not sure what to do about it.....has anyone else had this happen?

billy tom wrote:
February 11, 2014

can i run Hornady SST slugs through my 320?

look at this wrote:
January 16, 2014

CGzxr7 Awesome blog post. Cool.

Ty F wrote:
December 18, 2013

I hope to help stevens 320 owners with this post. I bought a 320 for $225 otd. Not bad. Nowhere to be found what parts work. Luckily my roomate is the shotgun guru. He said most any forepump shout fit but each company makes them slightly different fits. I bought a winchester 1300 tri rail pump. Fit like a glove. My roomate said the stock looks like a Remington for sure. Luckily he had 3 870's on hand. Disassembled and it fit. However I don't like the wood hunting stock so I have a different one ordered and on the way. Tube extentions I haven't tinkered with yet but have plans too.

R M Warren wrote:
December 18, 2013

Don't you just love having almost every single gun board bombed by union motivated 'BUY USA!!!!!!!!!!' NAZIs?! I find it laughable that the same people pushing an ILLEGAL president (usurper) born in Kenya want to force us to buy American to keep them at jobs so that they can support that foreigner destroying this country and tearing down our Second Amendment rights. I say, Obamunist, I will buy what is RIGHT FOR ME, American or foreign, but I don't want to buy ANYTHING that helps you all keep this nonsense up. You going to make the difference and take a stand for America where it matters? As in getting rid of this fraud in the White House? If not, please shut up. Take it back to your union hall or your Occupy America/OFA community organized computer bank and keep it to yourselves. You don't pay my bills. YOU DON'T GET A SAY IN HOW I SPEND MY MONEY! Having received one of these as an early Christmas gift, I have to say that the action is smooth. The trigger is OK. I received the tactical model with the ghost ring sights and pistol grip stock. Ghost ring sights on a Remington or Mossberg bump up the price of their shotguns as much $150, almost as much as the price of this entire shotgun. Stock fits about right. Pistol grip adds in control and surprisingly helps with recoil. In shooting 250 rounds of birdshot, no problems, fed fine, held together. 25 rounds of 00 12 pellet were a bit of a kiss the wife didn't like too much, but they actually patterned well at 30 yards, about 9 pellets in 8 inch circle. I don't care for bluing in general. Would have preferred if they parkerized it or duracoated it. It takes about an hour to cut that cosmoline up and clean it out. Then it functions and shoots well. It runs pretty smooth. This is actually a Chinese copy of a Sears Ted Williams shotgun that was made by Winchester, whether it is a 1200 or 1300 is a matter of what Sears did in the day. Sears stopped selling guns because the same people screaming 'BUY AMERICAN!!!' on these boards thirty or so years ago protested to Sears corporate to 'STOP THE GUN CULTURE!!!' Thereby killing Winchester's American production of shotgun's like this. They did this at KMart about a decade ago and are now working on Walmart. Gun control, people. The Chinese generally copy Sears and JC Penny and Western Auto guns and not the name brands because the patents have expired. These stores don't carry guns anymore made in America or not. Thank you, Mr. Democrat Big Union BUY AMERICAN!!! activist. The shotgun is rumored to take 870 furniture for the stocks, but the way the receiver is cut suggests that is questionable. The front grip may take an 870 grip. The actions are designed to open half way when the rounds are shot as that is what Winchester designed into the bolt, to make it faster. Perfectly safe and faster. It is a rotary bolt design (with locking lugs) which in the Winchester 1300 made it capable of feeding shorter shells. Haven't tried that here yet. The pump rails breaking at the weld has supposedly been rectified with a new bracket on the forearm. A word of caution to all: adding a mag extension on this gun may be a 922R violation the BATFE may cite or jail you on. As you all know, some of these guns already have a pistol grip stock. FWIW, the Winchester Model 12 (Pre 64) was (and is) considered the Cadillac of pump shotguns, a shotgun much more desireable than the best of the 870 Wingmasters. This shotgun is descended from it. Buy it. You will not regret it. You may need it one day to defend your family. Is this a Benelli? No. Is this a 590. No. But a similar American made shotgun with these features will cost you around $600. Add it up. Don't let Obama's goons bully you into not defending your families and your country.

Mike wrote:
December 15, 2013

You get what you pay for. I bought one of these, cycled 5 rounds and it jammed. Took it apart, found tons of cheap Chinese gunky grease in there, cleaned it and re-assembled according to a winchester 1300 manual. Whatever you do, disassemble this gun and clean it before you fire it, so it doesn't explode in your face. Piece of Chinese junk. I will probably never fire it. Buy American!

dave wrote:
December 10, 2013

I just purchased this as an inexpensive alternative to a shotgun. I used the weapon deer hunting and much to the chagrin of that deer at 75 yards, it worked flawlessly. One shot, with federal 3' mag slugs. Unfortunately the front BB sight took a flight with the shot. It does not appear that there was locktight or any other substance in the threads holding it in place. I liked the way the shotgun pulled right into my shoulder and seated nicely gave an excellent sight picture. And now a freezer full of meat....

Joe Gorman wrote:
November 22, 2013

I have a Stevens 320, 18.5 barrel, and pistol grip stock that I got a few months ago. I just love it. The action, and trigger assy. need a good cleaning before your first outing. The action is a little tight at first, but really gets smoother with use. One of the Mods I wanted was a 7-shot Mag tube Extension. I searched everywhere on the net, with no luck. So I got with Brownells Tech. Department and asked for help. After they had time to research, they stated that (TacStar Shotgun accessories; Model # 1081177) was the proper Mag Tube Ext. for the Stevens 320. It is the same part that fits the Winchester 1200/1300 Defender & Black Shadow models. The new tube comes with a good spring, but has no sling swivel on it. A support bracket with an eyelet bolt will take care of that. One other thing that has been mentioned in various Blog’s is the Mag tube nut coming loose after 50 or so shots. The added support bracket on the extension tube will hold everything nice and tight. The new tube is a 1- 13/16th inch longer than the barrel, so it will get some minor flash burns on it. 7 +1 is the way to go. I really want to thank the people at Brownells for taking the time to help me. All I got from Savage’s people was “We don’t make anything for that shotgun”. I hope this info is helpful.

Tyler wrote:
November 21, 2013

I had a few problems with my 320. One problem was the shells not cycling properly. The major problem was the slide falling off. Apparently it was only spot welded, so I took it to the gunsmith at the range I go to and he silver saughtered it. The problem was fixed and no other problems have occurred. I have shot slugs and target shells out of it, if I had to guess I'd say I shot over 300 rounds. It's the security version. I added a tac light and it's a go to gun for home defense.

Bradley Tucker wrote:
October 05, 2013

Whine whine....gun snobs out there that think yo have to spend 500+$$$ to have a decent tool. I have put over 300 RDS in mine not a problem. I know this remark is going to ruffle some feathers rather have the Stevens 320 over my 870 express.

Bryan Wesley wrote:
October 05, 2013

I also bought the 320, have put around 120rnds, ranging from #8 shot, 00 buck and slugs. Never had an issue. Would like to put some aftermarket parts on it, like a folding stock, pistol grip forend, and a tac-light. Is the aftermarket parts that are available for the Winch. 1300 interchangeable? I have only seen 1 post saying they were, would like more input, before spending the $$. Havent really seen any responses to any of these post... Are they even read?

James wrote:
September 11, 2013

I work at a gunshop and had a customer bring a stevens 320 back with feeding issues. Savage sent a shipping label so no worries right? yeah wrong. after 3 months of calling every 2-3 weeks with the same bs with no progress, finally someone there said they couldnt get that exact model but had one that could replace it. I asked if there were any differences, she said no. Ok ship it. it came in, pistol grip, heatshield, no ghost ring sights. Wait. Its supposed to have ghost rings. call back, oh you said you were ok with this gun. needless to say after calling again and again and again, my only choices were one with a heatshield or one with a ghostring sight because apparently they couldnt get even one with both even after 3 months. so now im in detective mode, call up the wholesaler that had that model and they said of course they have them instock and have been getting them consitantly every week for months... now im pissed, call back, they deny everything. they literally told me the customer was happy with the gun he got even though i had just talked to him and he wasnt, they gave him the same choice they gave me, 2 different guns. finally get them to take back their gun and tell them to get his right gun. at this point i am considering any option if they drag their feet, even legal recourse. i can handle them telling me they cant repair a gun, or even waiting a long time for a replacement, but now. pissed. Honestly if you dont plan on shooting the gun, then go cheap. If you do, i definitely would steer clear of stevens, which is sad because i did like their savage guns and they used to have great customer service too

Mike in AZ wrote:
September 10, 2013

I have the security 320 and love it so far. Now I would really Like to get the 28' barrel. Savage says they only import the long barrel as a set for the combo gun and won't sell the long barrel by itself. Uh. Ok. Is the another brand that will interchange??

Josh wrote:
August 30, 2013

I bought the security model back in Feb of this year. So far, I've run about 2500 shells through it of all kinds of loads and brands. The only problem I had was during break in. FTE running some low recoil Fiocchi 1oz slugs. However, took it home cleaned it out thoroughly and have been using it ever since. I even added a tac light as well. I've heard other folks with issues but it looks like Savage Arms took the hint and started to beef up their quality control.

Big Jay wrote:
August 03, 2013

This gun is excellent to the bone, do one thing though oil it and rack it back an forth before you fire it. Loosen it good, do this with no shells of course. It is very tight fit before you take it apart rack rack an more rack loosen it up. An OIL it!! shoots great! I have never had a problem with low budget shotgun after this process!

Daddy M wrote:
July 28, 2013

On my second 320 pump that I just got from Savage...took me almost 3 months to get back. New one is doing the same thing that the old one did, not cycling shells. I am now finished with these shotguns. Sending this one back tomorrow. Only had it 3 days and still wont fire it because of the cycling issue. Also, slide will not fully close without ramming the pumphandle forward. DO NOT BUY THIS SHOTGUN!!! GARBAGE!!!

Johnny B wrote:
July 12, 2013

I absolutely love the gun, i have the security model with the pistol grip, i recently had the problem of the Pump grip separating from the pump rails. So i pulled the grip off and it still shot like a champ! I ordered a new grip and hopefully will install tonight!

chancy wrote:
July 03, 2013

I bought a Stevens 320 pistol grip model and I was wondering if a winchester 1300 pistol grip only stock will fit on it.I do not like the long stock and want just the pistol grip... does anyone know?

Stephen wrote:
July 02, 2013

I am looking into buying the Stevens 320 and am wondering is this gun any good for hunting too like duck or deer from what I am hearing it's just a target gun really or for security some input on this would be awesome thanks

Jeff wrote:
June 30, 2013

I had the same issue with my slide welds breaking off and the slide falling off the shotgun. I sent it in and it took forever to get a new one back. I am assuming that the one they sent me is not going to give me the same issue considering this seems to be a common problem... Another issue i had was double feeding... hopefully i wont have that issue either

gunshop wrote:
June 23, 2013

Had one come in to the shop with springs falling out.

Matt wrote:
June 21, 2013

Ive shot nothing but 3' mag loads outta this gun and have had 0 problems. What i dont understand is why its being called a '1300 clone'. Its looks a lot closer to a winchester sxp, to me. Maybe internally its a 1300, but certainly not a clone.

May 06, 2013


steve wrote:
April 15, 2013

shot 50 rounds, mix of 7.5s,6s and 2s, out of the box reliable, sounds good, feels good, shoots good so far. so far i call it a bad gun

RickO wrote:
April 12, 2013

It's been a month now that Savage has had my 320 in for repair. They keep saying another two weeks. However the guy did say the problem with the slide breaking off the forearm has been fixed. Sending me a new gun, we will see if the repair is good. According to some reviews it has been remedied.

troylet wrote:
April 09, 2013

Does anyone ever answer a question on this forum?

Luis F. wrote:
April 04, 2013

Do they make a model with the pump action release button on the right side of the trigger? Can't get to the release with the right hand!

Alaska Redneck wrote:
April 04, 2013

I've had this shotgun for some time now and two problems I've had are 1: the welds on the action slide conecting the tube to the rails failed and 2: the extractor rounds out over time do the the high friction between the round and the barrel both easily fixed and I'm at 2,200 +- rounds through it I'm happy overall just strengthen the welds and Polish the barrel and g2g for good

bumpysquish wrote:
March 27, 2013

PAID 119 for my 320 well worth it kept it stock and it goes bang everytime no matter what I am shooting out of it

RickO wrote:
March 11, 2013

Bought the 320 in December and finaly shot it this weekend. After 50 rounds of 2 3/4 trap loads the forearm broke off the slide. Savage says send it back at my expense and they will repair or replace. I really want a refund.

Carlos wrote:
March 08, 2013

I've just purchased the Stevens 320 Field/Security Combo for my home. Not sure what type of ammo to buy for it. What would you guys recommend is the best ammo for home defense? Thanks.

brian s wrote:
February 26, 2013

Just shot my new 320 its a great gun 65 rounds no problems did loosen up after 5 rounds fun to shoot i would buy another if i needed one

julian wrote:
February 20, 2013

i bought my 320 for my bday me and my friend went out and put 200 rounds of winchester and 150 of misc. hand loads and 20 3" #4bird shot turned into waxers and had no problums

Earl Stuart wrote:
February 18, 2013

ATI FRG-6300 willit fit my Steven 320?

Marcus wrote:
February 17, 2013

Bought the pistol grip, bead sight config. 320 for HD. Took it out with some bird shot and 00buck to get an overall feel for the recoil. Pump definitely becomes smoother after a few racks. No problems shooting, ejecting, or reloading. I'm sure there are lemons out there as with any product (unfortunately). Since then I've added a laser/light combo attached to the mag tube, medium slip-on limb saver, and a 5 shell stock sleeve. Length of pull is at max comfort for me with the recoil pad. Would be nice to find a tactical style 6 position stock to replace with but so far I haven't found a reliable answer to whether you can get one for the Stevens 320. For now though, I'm stocked up on #4 buck and I'm VERY comfortable this gun (and I) will protect my family adequately. I can't personally compare this shotgun to other brands but, this 320 goes bang every time. For HD purpose what more can you ask?

brady wrote:
February 14, 2013

I just got the 320 & striped it and lubed , the inside of the barrel has 2 pits in it , sending it back , never fired it yet ! ,plus metal shavings in side barrel and chamber still... Wtf ?

tschaikowsky brown wrote:
January 26, 2013

I purchased a 320 last year I haven't shot. It yet so come on intruders .

brian h wrote:
January 26, 2013

Seen this at walmart for 199.00. Kinda want it other than the remington 870 model

David wrote:
January 24, 2013

Can u shoot bird shoot shells out of the Stevens 320 12 gauge without damaging the barrell or slugs only

Raymond Sirois wrote:
January 13, 2013

Have one of these, picked up a TacStar tube extension (+2) for it that turned out to be a couple of inches too long. Does anyone know if there's a +1 extension available? Thanks!

Michael Gentis wrote:
January 08, 2013

Just bought this 320 and LOVE it! I took it home, cleaned and lubed it. Took it out shooting with my kid and some soda bottles. Soda EVERYWHERE! Had a great time. I hope it operates like it did until the cows come home. Glad to know it`s a Win. 1300 replica so I can do a complete teardown.

Rick Giordani wrote:
December 30, 2012

I bought one at Wal-Mart for 200.00 the tactical version pistol grip I rapid fired 50rds in 5rds succesions never jammed but like most weapons oil it well prior to shoot and clean after shooting to prevent malfunctions that are not factory defective as we tend to think first

chris wrote:
December 27, 2012

Just got this 320 shotgun for Christmas and love it. Has anyone tried slugs in this. I'm debating trying some but don't want to waste the money if they don't work.

Sea Dawgg wrote:
December 24, 2012

I just purchased a 320 after reading mostly positive reports , so I bought one from @ Wal Mart and of course I cant return it... I come to find that the slide will not lock ! I went on line to find out if others have experienced this same issue and they have Im a little upset because Savage is closed for the hoidays and im stuck with a new and broken rifle... im a little trouble by all this and truely hope they do the right thing... WTS ill be real mad if its gonna cost me even a dime ! lets see if they know what real customer service even is.

Hodgy wrote:
December 15, 2012

Bought a 320 with pistol grip and 18 inch barrel at Walmart. Shot the gun 5 times with 2.75 inch shells. After each shot the chamber opened about .5 inches. Sent the gun to Savage for repair. They paid for shipping. Gun couldn't be repaired so they sent me another one. Great customer service. Very pleased with the replacement.

woody wrote:
December 09, 2012

Just bought this gun and love it. would Like to custom this gun with extras. ive Looked online and can not find anything. Does anyone kno where to get extras for this?

Destry Tompkins wrote:
December 06, 2012

I want a mag tube extension for my 320 which make of mag tube extension will fit

mike wrote:
November 23, 2012

Do thay have a longer barrel for t he 320 pump I duck hunt and really don't want to buy another gun.can some let me know ans were to get it

Nathan wrote:
November 19, 2012

Left a positive earlier review..this one is less positive. I took it hunting. It cost me a big beefy buck. I had 2 failure to fire's in 2 seconds, both times I had slammed the shell in there. Both times, it clicked and released the breech. Light strike marks on the Winchester Super X 3' magnum slugs. Savage wants ME to pay $20 for shipping when it's obviously a manufacturing defect.

JAmes wrote:
November 18, 2012

This will be on WALMART's 2012 Black Friday deal for $169

Jake Winn wrote:
November 11, 2012

I have been interested in this gun for quite some time but wasnt sure because of the price. But reviews sound good. Ive been looking for a goodlooking durable shotgun i hope this one will do the trick!?

John wrote:
November 10, 2012

Can the Steven 320 pistol grip model hold a clip or even a drum?

John wrote:
November 09, 2012

where can i get 28 inch barrel for stevens 320

duckbutter wrote:
November 01, 2012

HERE OR SOME TIPS to make this gun every bit as good as a moss,win or rem. 1. completely feild strip using the winchester 1300 proceedure(youtube it!) 2.SOAK all parts in simple green or purple power. shake them lightly to really get that chinese gravy/maple syrup out of every nook. 3DO NOT SOAK RECIEVER!!! it is PAINTED NOT PARKERIZED. the pain will strip in purple power! so dilute the solution 50/50 and wipe out the reciever then rinse in water. 4. rinse ALL parts in hot water with dish soap to get the purple power residue off the parts. 5. let all parts dry. lightly spray with WD40 in trigger group...use gun lube on the pivots. wipe off excess oil. 6. LOCATE and file/sand your hammer and dis connector to a dull mirror finish(no need to remove from trigger group. 7 assymble gun. 8. rack and dry fire the gun like your whackin it to grandpappy's porn mags! for at least 15mins. 9. strip gun agian. looks for the ware marks and file/sand them smooth. 10 wipe oil off with rag AND DO NOT OIL AGIAN. 11 shoot the gun 50+ times, then strip agian,bath every thing like in the beginning,dry and lightly relube with ONLY quality gun lube. 12 enjoy your silky smooth trigger and action that beats an off the self rem/moss

aavery. wrote:
October 22, 2012

nunyensenat.where did you buy your pistol grip at or dose anyone know if you can throught any grip on it thanks

Tonz wrote:
October 21, 2012

Got a 320 pistol grip and bead sight, YES, don't baby it, rack it like you mean it. I've put 300 rounds thru mine with no problems, first thing I did was tear it down and lube/polish. Picked it up for $159, watch for sales!

Jason wrote:
October 10, 2012

Great gun! I was unsure how well it would perform, but was excited about the value and wanted to replace my pistol grip Shot gun with a short barrel shoulder stock shot gun. It is perfect! Pattern is AMAZING...blew apart a 1 gallon tin can with 3 shots at 30 yards. Action was fine, but I didn't baby it. The trigger pull requires commitment, but didn't hinder the pattern. definitely has a kick, but that won't matter while defending the family!

nunyensenat wrote:
October 08, 2012

I bought the pistol grip and shoot 20 shots in a row and not had any problems, really I loved it.

Eddie Cruz wrote:
October 04, 2012

I pick up the 320 in the combo.. I am having feeding ejecting problems... But I want it to know if it was ok to shot 3in magnum loads...on the feedin prob. I guess I was just being to easy on it..can I get some feed back...thanks For all your posts they helped..... Later fellow shooter...

Joe wrote:
October 03, 2012

Same thing with the feed, it get better though as you learn not to baby the shells into the chamber. Jammed twice out of the box. Heavy and not a fan for trap with the 18.5' barel. Made in china?

hass wrote:
October 01, 2012

i just got one have not took it out yet i was kinda scared from reading these comments about the ejection issues but now i am happy about this shotgun i bought the 320 security pistol grip and ghost sight any one have idea if they make any accessories for this model and any thing i should now about this gun

David wrote:
September 20, 2012

just picked up a Stevens mod 320 field.159.00 on sale at one of those small mart stores, to put in my travel trailer for camping. After a quick tare down inspection my son and I put 60 rounds each thru it. SOLID performance paper fixed 25 and 40 yards, and clays. Even got a pop can to skip three times before it hit the ground. Well worth every cent. I would not hesitate to take it hunting, especially if mud muck and rock where coming up on the hunt.

nathan wrote:
September 15, 2012

I bought the pistol grip security model (bead sight) for $199.99 at Walmart. Took it out to my back yard and put 4 rounds of Winchester Super X 00B Magnums through it. Not a hiccup. The action was sticky until after the first shell. Now its smooth every time. I also fired some cheap Wolf buckshot, nice smooth action again. I have a feeling that the FTE was user error. You gotta put some muscle into it like all pump actions. Taking it trap shooting in 2 weeks, cant wait! Saving that last Magnum shell for unwelcome guests. ;-)

blake jefferson wrote:
September 03, 2012

I just recently bought this gun and as soon as I took it out to shoot it it fell apart the feedtube was stripped and the whole gun was a manufacture error. They replaced it with another one hopefully it will be a lot better than the first. I do have a bunch of accessories for it the winchester 1300 parts do fit perfectly with this gun.

Bill from Boomhower, Texas wrote:
August 23, 2012

They sell this model 10' shorter for the bedroom. I've seen the Stevens 350 Security here at Accademy for 197.00, and am wanting one, 'til I can find a Norinco 982 ( same price 870 clone). The 350 ( think Ithica 37) would be great for me with just a sling, buttstock shell holder, and a heavy cerokote finish, just as least with only those changes. With only one mouth to feed/eject thru, this would be a good gun to go everywhere, do everything around my place gun, on my mower, under the truck seat, doing chores around here without worry of scratching or rusting a prettier gun. I've got plenty of them now, and don't hunt any more. All the stuff I read about both Stevens models is basically positive feedback, with a few commenting that they're a bit rough cycling (feed/eject), but for less than 200.00 I can file and polish, and snapcap any problems right out of it. I'd like to see more posts on any and all of these. Thanks.

Larry Campbell wrote:
July 29, 2012

I was wondering the same thing Jacob. I have a Winchester 1300 and it would be nice to know if any parts from this Stevens would work on/with my Winchester. I would like to be able to find a barrel more suitable for hunting for my Winchester. I cannot remember how long it has been since I bought my model 1300, but it has been and continues to be a great shotgun. It came set up as a fighting shotgun and it would be nice to be able to add a barrel for hunting.

Jacob Haynie wrote:
July 28, 2012

Bought a 320 recently and was wondering: do any winchester 1300 parts fit this shotgun?

Julio Correa wrote:
July 03, 2012

I recently purchased this firearm and couldn't be more pleased with it. Definitly a rugged piece, and the cartridge ejection issue is "user error". Put some umph in your pump and your good to go! I own the pistol grip 18.5 security version, and boy is it an intimidating piece. Gonna make someone think twice thats for sure! Great review guys