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Sneaky Pete Holsters

Sneaky Pete makes nearly 100 different holster models for many of the most popular handgun configurations.


Started by owners of a phone accessory business, Sneaky Pete is a new holster company specializing in discreet cases that mimic the appearance of a modern smartphone case but with features designed to accommodate a variety of small carry pistols. 

The attractive, nondescript leather pouch passes for a cell phone or electronic accessory case, yet is perfectly designed for ease of access to your favorite pistol. 

Sneaky Pete currently offers nearly 100 different models for the most popular pistols and configurations.

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31 Responses to Sneaky Pete Holsters

Don Hoffmann wrote:
September 23, 2014

Is there an sneaky peak holster for M & P 9 mm for 9 shot clip?

Bud wrote:
August 02, 2014

I am SO glad I took the time to read all of these. Thank you my fellow gun owners and Patriots for causing me to save my money.

Alvin Seago wrote:
July 01, 2014

Ordered the J-Frame belt loop holster. Great service, quality product. Unable to wear due to size. Quick response and refund. Highly recommend.

Ronnie wrote:
April 19, 2014

Mine came in just perfect for my LCP Ruger,works just fine and I couldn't be any more pleased ! People seem to have no idea what I'm wearing,they must think it's some sorta eletronic device.

Gaines Bruce wrote:
February 27, 2014

Apparently some folks have had some issues. Sneaky Pete is a small mom and pop operations and very much over worked. I have two of their holsters, one for my Glock 26 and one for my Ruger LCP 380. I am very satisfied with both. I just ordered one today for my new Beretta Nano and will see how that works out. But so far, it is fine two out of two times.

Bill wrote:
February 20, 2014

Read and learn I'll find a holster elsewhere thanks Fellow Patriots for keeping me from wasting my money.

bill van dam wrote:
January 29, 2014

do not get the belt clip holster! the metal spreads away from the holster making it very easy to pull the holster from the belt. i recommend the belt loop holster for a safer and more secured feel.

Christian Swann wrote:
January 28, 2014

I have two one for my Glock and one for my Kahr pm45, I love both of them, no issues at all. In fact I know several doctors that use them and love them. Highly recommend.

George Regan wrote:
January 21, 2014

Doesn't fit Walther PPK/s correctly states the length is 6.5'' but is actually 6'' won't close properly.

Betsy Stewart wrote:
January 21, 2014

Don't buy from this company! My purchase is still in the cart after being billed twice. No answer by email and no phone number to contact them. They are unprofessional and untrustworthy. Buy elsewhere!!!!

Stephen Seybold wrote:
January 20, 2014

Just a head's up on this line of holsters! I received a Sneaky Pete holster for my S&W J Model today. I ordered mine online directly from the Manufacturer and had it within 2 weeks. While not the ballistic nylon version, the quality of the leather used on my holster is excellent. The holster, while large, fit my S&W very well. HOWEVER...when withdrawing my firearm, the Kydex (plastic) retainer came out with the pistol. Needless to say, whatever glue they're using to retain the plastic insert isn't very good for its intended purpose (it appears to be SuperGlue based on the residue). I'll be able to fix this with some proper application of a stronger glue (most likely Gorilla Glue) but it was disappointing nonetheless! In addition, the belt I ordered (size 42) was oversized (I'm on the last hole and it's still a bit large) and the leather is soft and stretchy...not very stiff to support such a large holster...think I'll use it as a dress belt and stick with my DeSantis holster for it's support and fit. My recommendation is to think twice before ordering these items! If you can find a dealer, check it out before ordering.

Craig Swan wrote:
January 06, 2014

Before you buy a sneaky Pete. Check out Pda holsters

Rick Davey wrote:
January 06, 2014

They sent my order to an address in a different state. Anyone have a phone # for these guys. sounds like I'm gonna be in trouble getting my order based on all emails I've read

Craig wrote:
December 31, 2013

I got one for a gift and the thing looks like a mans purse,it`s way too big to be carried anywhere,unless you are a giant

R Solomon wrote:
December 23, 2013

@A Waters: The same thing just happened to me I was sent a right hand holster and I clearly ordered a left hand holster. I've only received an automated response. This was purchased for a gift which I now will have to give late.

A Waters wrote:
December 03, 2013

I was sent the wrong holster. When I tried to contact the company to correct the error, I was sent to a offsite website and after a week still have not heard anything from the company. Very frustrated. I would not suggest ordering anything from this company.

mike wrote:
November 24, 2013

Do you sarry a belt loop holster for Sig Sauer p229

Charlene Myers wrote:
November 17, 2013

Do you have a sp for a 380 high point.

b hymes wrote:
November 17, 2013

I have a mod.A100 Astro 45.cal do you have a holster that fits this model ?

B. Hillman wrote:
October 28, 2013

My pistol has no hammer. Would this holster accommodate a 38 revolver?

William Garrett wrote:
September 06, 2013

Just received my SP holster for the Sig P238. Beautiful construction on the brown alligator leather and perfect fit! Liked it so much, I just ordered the black alligator for days when my dress clothes include black belt and shoes. Highly recommend!!!

d howser wrote:
August 22, 2013

I ordered a SP for my S&W .38 spec bg. Too bulky for me. Would love to return it but SP will not respond to emails about refund. Poor customer service.

Judy wrote:
August 02, 2013

I ordered a Sneaky Pete for my Kimber Ultra CarryII. The unit that arrived had two issues: it was too short, and it was too narrow. SP replied that the problem was the grips being bigger than theirs. These are the standard grips that come on the gun from the factory. That does not address the fact that, even if I removed the grips entirely, the holster would be too short. The cover cannot fully close because the hammer extends over the top. SP refuses to reply to my emails, asking them 1) what grips they recommend, as I would be willing to change the grips, and 2) how changing the grips would matter since the holster is also too short. They insist that I have to pay their shipping and my shipping if I want to return it. They have sent me a product that does not fit the gun they claim it is supposed to fit, and they refuse to replace it with one that will fit. Sad to say, they are a rip-off.

Clifford Royal wrote:
July 25, 2013

I am trying to find out to order the cellphone holster

Chalie Falcon wrote:
July 05, 2013

There are some safety issues with the Sneaky Pete. Check out the PDA holsters at www.pdaholsters.com

Jeff wrote:
May 27, 2013

I would like to see the SP pin put on the back side of the holster. On the front it's tells what your carrying. Other than that I love it.

Robert Alexander wrote:
May 25, 2013

Bought a holster for Glock 27 including the match grade belt and magazine holster. All of them fit perfectly. I just ordered another holster for my Kimberly Crimson Ultra Carry II. Highly recommend!

Juan wrote:
May 23, 2013

Bought my holster for my Bersa 380. Fast service, perfect fit. I only use it for when I dress up professionaly. No complaints. During defensive practice shooting this holster works perfectly.

Forrest Johnson wrote:
May 22, 2013

I ordered a Sneaky Pete holster for my Beretta Tomcat on 4/10/13 and received a holster within 3 days. However, it was not the correct holster or it was made wrong as it was too small. Contacted the Company and they said they would check it out and send me a return envelop. It never came. They even gave me a USPS tracking number. The USPS said the envelop was never given to them. The Company has since stopped answering my emails. I have lodged a complaint with the New York BBB. All I want is the correct holster or my money back. They appear to operate out of their residence. Are they really a real business or a rip-off?

Charlie Baxley wrote:
May 20, 2013

You should check out PDAHolsters.com They have been around for a few years and build patent pending true safe, fast draw concealment holsters for carry in plain sight. They come with belt straps and a paddle accessory for carry without a belt.

EdTheK wrote:
May 19, 2013

I ordered a Sneaky Pete holster for my Ruger SR9c, unfortunately Amazon messed up the the description and did not note that the holster was Not for the pinky extension. Fortunately, the people at SP took care of the problem right away, not only responding to the email in minutes, but almost responding in real time. They exchanged the holster for the correct version right away. It is a quality holster, and well made. Now that the weather is warmer, no one even looks twice at it nor realize that I am carrying. It is more comfortable and less lumpy that trying to drape a shirt over your pistol and holster.