SIG Sauer Introduces SIG P290 Subcompact Pistol

Chambered in 9 mm, the SIG P290 is designed for concealed carry, with a lightweight polymer frame and low profile.


SIG Sauer has announced the latest addition to its subcompact pistol line in the form of the SIG Sauer P290 pistol. Chambered in 9 mm, the SIG P290 features a polymer frame SIGLITE or contrast sights and has optional grip customization and laser integration.

SIG P290 Specifications

Caliber: 9mm
Action Type: Double-action only
Length: 5.5 inches
Height: 3.9 inches
1.1 inches
Barrel length: 2.9 inches
Sight radius: 4.3 inches
Weight: 20.5 ounces
Magazine capacity: 6-8 rounds
Sights: SIGLITE or contrast sights
Frame material: Black polymer
Slide finish: Nitron or stainless
Customizable grip plates, miniature laser

For more information, visit the SIG P290 product page.

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25 Responses to SIG Sauer Introduces SIG P290 Subcompact Pistol

clarence wrote:
December 25, 2012

bought a P290 for my wife with 2 clips , holster, laser for $655 inc 3 boxes of ammo accurate and she loves it already had to use it for self defence on a car jacker poped it out hit goof ball in eye with laser he pissed his pants and hit the ground screaming like a little girl

Cp wrote:
November 18, 2012

I bought this gun as a concealed carry, I love this gun. It's small enough to conceal but with the laser it's impressive when its pulled out. I also have a Kel Tec PF 9, it's hidden in the house but I only carry my sig. Smooth firing but trigger pull is long, which is what I like, but that's my choice. Solid gun and still gets ooh and awe when shown. Gun is top heavy with laser, I like it but I definitely shoot the 290 if your considering a purchase. I love it, but check it out and shoot one before you purchase. 5 stars for me

steve in RI wrote:
April 19, 2012

just picked one up online with laser and holster for $459.00. looking forward to shooting it.

Gera B wrote:
January 15, 2012

Just got one yesterday at the Ft. Lauderdale gun show for $500 firm. Two tone. With laser and night sights. Brand new.

Neil wrote:
August 02, 2011

Just called my local dealer here in Margate FL. $635 with laser

nathan wrote:
July 21, 2011

I found one, two tone with laser. it shoots great, dead on for me right out of the box. triger is firm, i hope it gets better with more rounds. the price is high for a small 9 but you get what you pay for, ever shoot a kel-tec 9, its jumps and never hits right were you aim. the ruger is a good mid range gun as for as action,triger and over all control. again you get what you pay for.

Keith_in_Houston wrote:
June 07, 2011

MSRP, is just that - the Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price. What few I have seen for sale, were for sale for less than $750. As more are available I bet the prices will go down.

ArmsPost.com wrote:
March 24, 2011

Stiofan, I wish you were right. However, Sig just released the price for the two tone at $$$786.00!!! Based on their laser models the $786.00 will be the base MSRP. Its unfortunate they would price it so high. At that price you can get a Ruger LCP and LC9.

Richard wrote:
March 15, 2011

I tell you what if it is anything like the P250 trigger pull ain't no way I would carry one. The Ruger's trigger pull is just as terrible plus you get the added bonus of the little pop up on the Ruger that says "loaded". If you have to have a tiny 9mm with a terrible trigger pull at least save some money and buy Ruger. Me, I'd rather pack on a few extra ounces and just go with a Glock.

sigmund wrote:
January 15, 2011

the trigger is so small

Ed wrote:
January 07, 2011

Waiting to see the price. I almost don't care anymore since I saw the Ruger LC9. Ruger had the price the day they put it on their website. Probably be lucky to get either one before summer.

Stiofan wrote:
January 03, 2011

Price has been announced as $530-550

Dave Hensman wrote:
January 03, 2011

Looks like the Ruger LC9 just made this an obsolete pistol.

T gugs wrote:
December 28, 2010

High price..High bore axis, not + P rated? , p250 style trigger, have to wait and see......

Bill wrote:
December 27, 2010

Two words Robb, Spell Check

Robb wrote:
December 06, 2010

If they price in the area of $700+, Khar alone will out sell being the PM9 ranges from $550-$650, and the Kel-Tec PF9 is under $400. Lets wait and see. $750= a guarenteed loss

Thomas wrote:
November 23, 2010

Interesting. It looks like an small polymer version of the P239 DAK. If it's as good as the P239, SIG will have another winner.

Rick wrote:
November 21, 2010

Really $750???? They expect it to sell because it is a SIG at the price. for the kind of money I could buy Kel-tec, twice or a Kahr and have a fair chunk of change left over...Seriously?????

nick wrote:
November 19, 2010

apparantly it will be a modest 750.00 or more...really?

Billy wrote:
November 05, 2010

Let's hope it works better than the P238. This could be a winner if Sig did the R&D already and not depend on the public to do it for them, like the P238.

AVGGUY wrote:
November 05, 2010

A slightly larger, heavier version of a Kahr PM9

Robespierre wrote:
November 05, 2010

WOW ... I spoke with the customer service folks at Sig -- the P290 will make its debut at the 2011 Shot Show in February -- I WANT ONE!!!

gtrmansteve wrote:
November 04, 2010

I love it! I've been waiting for Sig to do something like this for awhile now. When will they be available?

alittlewhacked wrote:
November 02, 2010

I think I will trade in my LCP and Nighthawg for on of these. Nothing beats a Sig.

Uncle Rich wrote:
October 29, 2010

A laser sight on a 2.9 inch barrel? On a conceal carry pistol?