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Ruger Introduces The American Rimfire

Ruger's new American Rimfire combines its award winning American Rifle design with some of the innovations offered by the iconic 10/22.

With fall hunting seasons on the horizon, Ruger has announced its latest bolt-action rifle product: the Ruger American Rimfire. Combining the success of the center-fire Ruger American Rifle and the popularity of the .22 LR cartridge, the American Rimfire is meant to offer hunters and target shooters alike a "best of both worlds" firearm.

The rifle incorporates many of the features made standard to the American Rifle—recipient of American Rifleman's 2013 Golden Bullseye Award for rifle of the year—and combines them with the innovations that have long made Ruger's 10/22 platform an American icon. The rifle's .22 LR model features a detachable, flush mounted 10/22 BX-1 10-round rotary magazine, and can utilize the 10/22's popular BX-25 and BX-252 models as well.

We got an early look at the Ruger American Rimfire, and saw it in action at Gunsite Academy. You can get a closer look with the video embedded below.

Features New to the American Rimfire:

• Modular Stock System: Each Ruger American Rimfire rifle includes two, interchangeable stock modules that provide comb height options for scope or iron sight use. Standard models come with long length of pull modules, while compact models come with short length of pull modules.

• Models chambered in .22 LR feature the detachable, flush mounted 10/22 BX-1 10-round rotary magazines. Accepts all 10/22 magazines, including the BX-25 and BX-25x2. Models chambered in .22 Magnum use the detachable, flush-mounted JMX-1 9-round rotary magazine.

• Easy-to-use 10/22-style extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss magazine removal.

• Satin blued, target-crowned, hammer-forged barrel, results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning.

• A 3/8" rimfire scope base is machined into the receiver, which is also drilled and tapped for Weaver No. 12 bases (not included).

• 60-degree bolt provides ample scope clearance, while easy-to-use receiver-mounted bolt release allows the bolt to be readily removed without requiring a pull of the trigger, a unique safety feature among rimfire, bolt-action rifles.

• Also Includes: fiber optic front and 10/22-­style adjustable, "V" slot, folding-­leaf rear sight; sling swivel studs.

• The rifle will be available in both a full-sized (22" barrel, 13.75" LOP) and compact (18" barrel, 12.50" LOP) model. Each will be available in either .22 LR or .22 Mag.

For more information, go to Ruger.com or check out the video below.

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20 Responses to Ruger Introduces The American Rimfire

Mack Missiletoe wrote:
February 24, 2014

I noticed a guy shooting one of these at the range the other day. I was too busy trying to zero my (sliding) scope on my rimfire rail my Marlin .22WMR has... I need to degrease it. There are other brands of rings with a screw detent to prevent slippage... Nice that this Ruger's rail is drilled and tapped

Harry wrote:
February 20, 2014

I much enjoyed Richard Mann's article on the new Ruger rimfires. Nice story about a father and son and good evaluation of what sound like excellent new small game rifles. The value of such new firearms is, however, much diminished by the almost complete inability to find .22 ammunition. In my neck of the woods it is non existent.

handloading wrote:
September 09, 2013

Kenn e. did you even read the article. The last line states available in 22lr and 22MAG. The manual lists .17HMR as well. Great little gun, especially here in Australia where it is hard to register a 10/22 Semi-auto. Not impossible, just harder than Bolt action.

Kenn E. wrote:
September 09, 2013

that looks like a great gun but i would think it would be greater if it was made in a 22mag its a good all around gun

Jim Hall wrote:
September 09, 2013

Well! I haven't got a answer yet?

Steve R. wrote:
September 08, 2013

I'll stick with my 10/22 vleh, wouldn't shoot for squat with the factory 16' barrel. Put a 20' grn mtn. on it now puts all ten rnds. into a dime at 50yds. using Fed Auto Match ammo.

Stu wrote:
September 08, 2013

Will someone please make a LH model for the other 10[%] of us.

Michael wrote:
September 08, 2013

Now who would shoot 22 shorts in that rifle? Why don't you just make it into a BB gun

Dragonman wrote:
September 07, 2013

And the cost is?...

Jim hall wrote:
September 07, 2013

I have a ruger Mark 3 on order for 11 month now. I would to to know why I haven't get it yet...

Mike Lindsey wrote:
September 07, 2013

How much is MSRP?

caleb albright wrote:
September 07, 2013

Ya I want one in the .17HMR.make that two if there is a youth module for my daughter.

Fieldkorn wrote:
September 01, 2013

Is the first criteria that American firearms makers ask of prospective engineers 'Do you know how to design an ugly gun? If you do, you're hired.'

theburg wrote:
August 31, 2013

Mine shoots gr8! Loves Dynapoints & CCI Standard Velocity both shoot under 1' at 50 yards if I do my part. I shot two sub .5' groups with RWS Sub Sonic. Bolt is 1 piece (my 77/22 w/2 piece bolt was the worst shooting 22). Bolt was a little stiff for the first 250 rounds or so. Topped mine w/Leupold 2-7 x28 Rimfire Scope.

petru sov wrote:
August 30, 2013

I will stick with the original wood stocked m77 Ruger .22 bolt rifle. This new el-cheapo plasticky rifle makes me puke.

Dio wrote:
August 30, 2013

Nice. Now I'm gonna be waiting and waiting for my LGS to get it in... :o)

DHConner wrote:
August 29, 2013

Now how come you couldn't find time to get some Ely or other good match ammo, put a 10x Leupold on it and fire for effect--oops! I meant some 5 and 10 shot groups? Buying on just this information is like buying a pig in a poke--you don't know what you've got until you get nome, so to speak.

Bill Kauffman wrote:
August 29, 2013

Will they be chambering it for 17 HMR and/or 17Mach2 ? Would be nice to see those calibers also.

Dan Glidden wrote:
August 29, 2013

Will this rifle feed the 22 shorts also

Craig wrote:
August 29, 2013

Is this a Ruger two piece bolt? If so you can keep it. Two piece bolts suck big time. The most inacurate rifle I have ever own was a Ruger 77/44 a real POJ.