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The Kel-Tec PMR-30

The PMR-30 is a light, easy-to-shoot .22 Mag. semi-automatic pistol with a variety of applications.


I was introduced to the PMR-30 at the 2010 SHOT Show. I had heard rumors that Kel-Tec had something unusual in the works. When it comes to design and innovation, Kel-Tec rarely marches to the beat of anyone else’s drum. So if this new pistol had everyone talking, I knew it must be something interesting indeed.

The PMR-30 is a full-size polymer frame semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 Mag. If the chambering seems unusual, so does the magazine's 30-round capacity. A careful distribution of polymer and aluminum around key steel components has reduced the pistol's weight to a feathery 13.6 ounces when unloaded. A fully loaded magazine will only add 6 more ounces to the total weight.

The pistol has a narrow profile overall. The front-to-back distance in the grip is a bit longer than usual in order to accommodate .22 Mag. cartridges. The full-length grip also has a subtle pie-wedge shape, narrowing at the front under the trigger guard. The overall effect is a grip that is quite comfortable to work with, even for shooters with smaller hands. The PMR-30 has an ambidextrous safety that is easy to reach and operate. The slide arrives from the factory fitted with bright two-color, fiber-optic sites, and it's drilled and tapped to accommodate a scope base. The frame has an integrated Picatinny accessory rail to allow shooters to attach various lights and laser sights.

Kel-Tec chose to follow more of a European model for the magazine release by placing it at the heel of the grip, rather than up by the trigger guard. They also designed the magazines to stay in the grip until they are manually removed. These design choices are indicative of the pistol's intended use as a field and trail gun. Being able to quickly bump-and-dump a pistol's magazine using a thumb release is quite convenient on the range or during shooting competitions. It's not so helpful when the same bump of the thumb release dumps your magazine into the bushes during a three-day hike, never to be seen again. But even if you are not a fan of a heel release, Kel-Tec approached the design of the PMR-30 in a unique way.

Often a heel release is a metallic tab that rests under the grip against the base of the magazine. It has to be pressed back toward the shooting hand with the tip of a finger or thumb, which can be a bit awkward to do. The PMR-30 release is a rounded cut-out located in the heel of the frame. It's pressed forward, toward the pistol's muzzle, to release the magazine. It only requires a moderate amount of pressure to release the magazine with the tip of your thumb. I worked with this release to see if I could speed up the reloading process a bit, since the magazines do not fall free. I found that by pressing the heel of my non-shooting hand into the release tab, while hooking the front of the magazine base with my fingertips, it’s easy to quickly strip out a spent magazine and insert a new one.

At The Range
First and foremost I have to say that this is an exceptionally enjoyable pistol to shoot. The light weight makes it easy to hold at arm’s length for an extended period of time, and the recoil is mild. The .22 Mag. produces more noise and flash than .22 LR, but it's far from unpleasant. The grip shape, bright fiber-optic sights, light trigger pull and overall handling qualities of the pistol kept me reloading the magazines long after my required test shooting was over.

Though popular as a rifle and revolver round, few gunmakers have attempted to build a semi-auto pistol in .22 Mag. The case length, the case rim and variations in pressure levels of different brands of .22 Magnum ammunition are all features of the round that have caused reliability issues in the past. But Kel-Tec's engineers decided to put in the requisite elbow grease and solve these problems.

The pie-wedge shape of the magazine solves the problems of the cartridge rims, and allows the ammunition to be double-stacked and feed correctly. The hybrid action, blending features from blowback and locked-breach systems, successfully navigates the shifting pressure of different ammunition brands. It’s a commendable design that works well in the field.

The PMR-30 likes brass-cased, American-made, high-power .22 Mag. ammunition. The three listed by name in the owner's manual are CCI's 40-grain Maxi-Mag, Winchester’s Super-X 40 grain and Remington’s Premier 30-grain loads. All three of these brands of ammunition fired and functioned flawlessly. Firing 5-shot groups at 25 yards from a rest, I got the best accuracy with the CCI Maxi-Mag, with average groups of 4 1/2 inches. Winchester came in second with 4 3/4-inch groups, followed by Remington at 5 1/4 inches.

After using the recommended rounds, I chose to continue to test the pistol with every other variety of .22 Mag. ammunition I could find. Almost all of them ran without any problems, but some produced a few failures to feed. As I observed the behavior of the ammunition and the pistol during these malfunctions, it became clear that these rounds had an overall length that was just a little too long for the magazine.

This variation in overall cartridge length caused the magazine follower to jam, which kept the rounds from feeding properly. The malfunctions stopped when I reduced the number of rounds in the magazine to five or 10 rounds, instead of the full 30. These same rounds that occasionally failed to feed have always shot reliably in the other guns I use. My advice is this: If you choose to use unlisted ammunition in this pistol, I would recommend you test out a box or two before you buy a case.

On the Road
This is a pistol designed with foot travel in mind, and several features of the PMR-30 make it ideal for outdoor exercise. Since my wife and I enjoy hiking in the great outdoors, I took the PMR-30 for a few nature strolls. The pistol is the same shape as most duty-size pistols, so this has to be taken into consideration if the pistol is going to be used for legal concealed carry. I used both inside-the-waistband and belt holsters to carry the PMR-30, and I found that holsters designed for standard size 9 mm and .40 S&W pistols work nicely. At just under 20 ounces fully loaded, this pistol is a pleasure to carry on long walks. Most modern backpacks and utility bags have several pockets and pouches to fit a variety of gear. It was easy to find a place in my pack for the PMR-30, a spare magazine and a 50-round box of ammunition. Best of all, the change in the pack's weight went unnoticed.

The PMR-30 can also serve as an excellent self-defense option for those who are looking for a low-recoil defensive handgun. It does take practice and a bit more time to exchange the magazines, but with a 30+1 capacity, frequent reloads don't seem to be much of a concern, and the reduced recoil and less expensive ammunition encourages regular practice.

As a fan of the .22 Mag. cartridge, I am very pleased that Kel-Tec built a lightweight, high-capacity semi-auto that shows off what this neat little cartridge can do. The PMR-30’s design seems to offer a kind of universal appeal. Folks who have heard about it love the idea, and fellow shooters who took turns shooting the sample gun during my tests really enjoyed it. In fact, from the store, to the range and on my way home, I had three shooters offer to buy the PMR-30 right then and there. For hiking, camping, plinking, small game hunting and even self-defense, the PMR-30 is an excellent choice.

Manufacturer: Kel-Tec; Keltecweapons.com
Calibers: .22 Mag. (.22WMR)
Action Type: semi-auto, hybrid blowback/locked-breech system
Frame: 7075 aluminum covered by glass-reinforced Nylon
Barrel length: 4.3"
Rifling: 1:16" RH twist
Magazine: 30+1 rounds
Sights: Fiber Optic
Trigger pull: 3 lbs. 6 oz.
Overall Length: 7.9"
Weight: 13.6 oz.
Width: 1.3"
Height: 5.8"
Accessories: owner's manual, hard case, trigger lock, and two magazines
Suggested Retail Price: $415

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66 Responses to The Kel-Tec PMR-30

Elda wrote:
November 21, 2014

Does anyone know who has a barrel available for the SSE? I'm in dyer need of one the PMR30.

Don wrote:
September 08, 2014

Keltec told me on the phone it would take about a month,maybe less to update my pmr 30 . It has been that and I have nothing.

Don McDougle wrote:
August 07, 2014

I sent my PMR 30 back to Keltec for updating. They wanted the whole pistol since they are going to do complete update. I was told cost would be 40.00 and it would take about a month.

Jim Stone wrote:
March 11, 2014

I have had my PMR-30 now for about 6 months and find it one of the most fun and accurate of all my weapons. I have a rail for the top and am looking to buy a good Micro Red Dot. I find that if I let my hand slide slightly down the grip and push on the Mag Release it falls right out and another can be inserted. Sometimes it takes two pushes on the release but they do fall out like the thumb releases on my other weapons. I have put about 500 rounds through it so far and only have had a couple of failure to loads. My primary cartridge is CCI with a few Hornady 30 grain soft tips at 2200 FPS and they worked fine. Time will tell.

Brian wrote:
January 05, 2014

I just picked up on NIB for $399 @ my local gunstore. I asked if they got any in, and they said occasionally, would I like to be put on the list. Yes please, how many on the list? Only you :) 3 weeks later he called and I went up and got it. Only problem, is now I cannot find 22wmr!!!

Jim C wrote:
July 07, 2013

I have had my PMR 30 for 3 years now got it when they first came out paid $350 for mine I bought 1000 rds. of CCI 40 grain. The best part is I have over 11 magizines for it that's a total of 330 rds this is a fun gun. I would like to build or buy a folding stock for it as is I put forward post hand grip looks like small Uozie. I have been offered over $700 for mine. I live in Cocoa,FL. Where they are manufactured and my answer was NO WAY MAN THIS ONES MINE.

Kyle F wrote:
June 15, 2013

Bought the PMR 30 a few weeks ago (I have plenty of 22mag ammo). Took it to the range and fired plenty of CCI 40 gr without a problem. Also have the self-defense ammo, 45 gr. Bought it from Praco in Waco for $499. So far so good for me. <><

charley wrote:
May 12, 2013

actually picked one up last week at my local gun store. i jokingly said while there i wanted to pick up a PMR 30 expecting to be laughed at. but the guy said he had 2 of them and it tookme about 3 seconds to say gimmee. well we shot it for the firtst time today and it is a dream. sights right on. very easy to pick up sight picture with the bright fiber optics. shoots forever with the 30 rounds. wief and i both love the little gun. of course it is hers,but what the heck. i live here too. i actually like the mag release after using it a couple of times. you do not drop the mag unless you want to. easy to get to with the non shooting hand as well. mags are a little hard to load completely until you get used to the feel of cartridge entry to the magazine. they load from the middle, not from nose end. other than that love the gund. as popular as they are i dont know how long before $400-$500 price range though. i paid $699 for ours and thought i got a steal.

Gordon wrote:
April 14, 2013

Of course the price is high in Gunbroker. People have been paying a high price for some time because the demand is so high. The prices are coming down. I think in a few months they will be in the $400 - $500 range. I didn't want to wait any longer and just paid $699 for mine.

Bill Casey wrote:
April 03, 2013

I have shot about 150 reds through mine. Love the gun. Only had 2-3 feeding issues until I loaded the mag exactly as directed. I carry it with me on my ranch for 'snakes and such'.

Dale Mathias wrote:
March 31, 2013

Tried mine today. Extremely fun firearm. Soi light and great for larger hands great accuracy as well. Highly recomended!!!

Dale Mathias wrote:
March 31, 2013

Shoot straigtComments...

Bad ;Bob wrote:
March 26, 2013

If $415 is MSRP on this gun then gunbroker.com is offering them from different sources for double and triple the price! Only In America!

Mark wrote:
February 26, 2013

Is it going to be sold in California

Pat wrote:
January 21, 2013

Check out the model # to ensure you have an updated gun. Gun broker is now selling these for $1200 and $1175, two auctions just ended. Crazy!

Brad wrote:
November 16, 2012

I was just wondering if I buy a new pmr 30 have they gotten all the bugs worked out of them? I have been patiently waiting to get one

Mike wrote:
November 11, 2012

Had mine for about six months. Paid normal retail. It functions 100[%] but doesn't like maxi mags for accuracy. 45gr seems to shoot best for me. It drives tacks with the CCI defense loads! No problem loading the mags for me.

Blue wrote:
October 31, 2012

I won one of these rascals at the Friends of NRA banquet. At first glance I thought it looked like a toy. NOT! Some serious fire power here and fun to shoot. Stick with the recommended ammo. I have been through probably 400 rounds of CCI Maxi-Mag and Winchester Super-X so far and have not had a single jam or malfunction. Very easy to field strip and clean. Light weight for carry. The gun is more accurate than I am, but I am getting better. Only thing I would change is the mag release. My friend, who has large hands kept hitting it with the heel of his palm when he gripped the gun.

Gordon Michaels wrote:
October 23, 2012

I own two of these pistols; one purchased new shortly after they became available, and one from a friend who was forced to liquidate his collection. Both have functioned reliably with the original fluted barrels as well as the replacements which Kel Tec sent at no charge. My friend, who purchased his after shooting mine, experienced keyholing from both the fluted barrel as well as the replacement barrel, but only with CCI 40grhp. My only negative experience in over 2000rds per gun was with a defective round of Winchester 40gr, which split just above the rim and blew powder and case fragments back into my shooting glasses; damaged the slide, which Kel Tec replaced at no cost. Also observed that these pistols are much more sensitive to residue buildup than my Ruger MKIII Hunters. But still satisfied with these pistols.

Jim wrote:
October 18, 2012

Bought a PMR30 6 weeks ago. Just got around to shooting it last week in front of some real gun pro's. I was so happy finding one I was showing it to many of guy's. I shot the first clip and had five jams in the first clip. I got so discusted with it I put it in the closet and left it. I would not use it for self defense.

Dano wrote:
October 07, 2012

I waited 5 weeks for mine. $335.00 Fired 300 rounds through it without a hicup. Dynapoints. I highly recommend this gun.

Scott Hines wrote:
September 28, 2012

If your one of the unlucky people that bought a PMR-30 then you know how much of a piece of junk they are. I don’t want to hear all the bla bla bla and excuses people are making for these things. Kel-Tec is really turning out to be a joke of a company and it doesn’t matter how good the customer service is if its junk they are selling. I bought a new PMR 30 2 days ago 9-25-2012 and right out of the box this thing is nothing but dangerous! There is no way to tell where the bullets are going to go when they come out of the barrel tumbling! I was shooting at a 2′ square box at 10′ and missing!! When i finally did hit they were keyholes!! I went thru 3 different good brands of shells with the same outcome!! This is suppose to be the updated version??? Come on Kel-tec get it together!! Also the PF9 i bought new wouldn’t chamber a round from the clip, had to order a replacement piece!! I have bought 3 Kel-Tec guns new and 2 of them didn’t work out of the box, 1 of them i repaired and the PMR-30 can’t be repaired cause KEL-TEC has been messing around with the design of the barrel for 3 years now and its clear they don’t know how to fix it but they keep shipping them!! If you give the PMR-30 a good review then its clear that you like making excuses to make something seem to work. I just hope that if someone uses this for home defense that a loved one is not close by cause who knows where this thing will shoot.

Terry S wrote:
September 09, 2012

FYI, my PMR 30 fired with a partially opened breech and caused damage to the firearm and sprayed powder all over my face. I was using Super X ammo at the time of the explosion. Kel-Tec repaired the gun at no charge, but I haven't had a chance to fire it since I got the gun back. Another issue is that the gun jams from time to time. Special attention must be taken while loading the box mag in order to keep the ammo from rim locking. However, I still have problems with jams. I like the idea of a readily available ammo for use in my firearms, but I have had much better luck with the FN Five Seven. Of coure, the Five Seven cost almost three times as much as the PMR 30. I'm hoping that my problems are not typical with this handgun because I really like the 22 mag format.

Will wrote:
August 27, 2012

My PMR30 jammed like crazy then blew up. I put in a new pin and it worked great...for a while. It is now with Kel Tec. Fingers Crossed.

KJ wrote:
June 20, 2012

Got one from B&H Gunrack back in March. I am not a police officer. I am retired military though. Called them and had one in less than a week.

Valerie wrote:
May 22, 2012

Everyone talks about B&H Gun Rack, but it is wholesale to police officers only.... can a licensed dealer buy one if they are not police?

mrswhisk wrote:
March 20, 2012

My hubby ordered this AWESOME gun for me in August & I'm still waiting. I think I've been patient enough! What's the deal? Hire more people 2 build these if there in such demand..duh

john wrote:
March 03, 2012

just got my pmr30 29 feb 2012 shot about 500 rounds 1ftf gun was great its a lot of fun to shot love it

BADxKARMA wrote:
February 25, 2012

Oh, almost forgot, anyone have any recommendations for a good holster?

BADxKARMA wrote:
February 25, 2012

I hate to break hearts and balls, but I walked into a family-owned gunshop in Flagstaff yesterday, just on a whim, and picked up the pistol, an extra mag (3 mags total), and 3 boxes of CCI for LESS than $525, tax included. I've been wanting one forever, but the auction sights were the only place I saw them, & I'm not paying $550+ for a pistol with a $415 MSRP. I burned all 3 boxes of ammo, 3.5" groups, no feed or fire problems whatsoever. The first mag was hard to load, but after I actually read the manual (DUH, first things first), I was able to load the full 30 per all 5 times. If you can, get one, Period. ps Sticker on the weapon was $399. LoL, sorry guys, sometimes you just get lucky.

chuck wrote:
February 23, 2012

took 9 months to get, then a bad barrel, but after kel tec fixed it ...it is a great gun...love it!!!!

Bob Harper wrote:
February 17, 2012

I bought mine last year and I love it. It shoots great with little recoil and lots of flame and noise. I can load 30 rounds in each mag but the last 10 are not easy. Mine had the old barrel and Kel Tec sent me the updated version right away. I highly recommend it.

shadow52 wrote:
February 15, 2012

great gun could only load 25 rounds but used dynapoints ran great through 100 rounds no problems. slide release sucks. very accurate.got lucky walked in store as they were putting gun shelf bought it.fix slide release and il keep forever.LOVE IT

M.T. wrote:
January 23, 2012

Fired this weapon about three months ago. I have always loved the 22mag round. This weapon is well made, easy to fire, great sights, and seems like it took 10 minutes to fire all 30 rounds. One initial negative comment: because it is so light, it made the recoil feel worse than my 357mag. I do believe that if I got the chance to fire it numerous times, that negative comment might go away. If I had the funding I would buy it. I do have to repeat, if you have the time to spend firing one magazine after another, this is a excellent pistol.

Steve wrote:
December 17, 2011

I got the exact same answer as Zombie-tec but about 6 months earlier! It was exactly the same. 500 a week should be lowering the backlog.

Bill wrote:
November 11, 2011

What are you using to load the 30 rounds to it's max. I can get up to20 & 25 but it's very difficult.

Franco wrote:
November 04, 2011

I got one of the early ones. The first to mags jammed so bad I almost sent it back. I read the directions on how to load it and it worked much better but still had a few jams. Finally I did the fluff and buff like recommended on the p3at and not a jam since. 500 rounds of all kinds of ammo and it runs flawlessly. Shouldn't have to do this on a gun but it was totally worth it. I wouldn't take $500 for this gun now

Kirk wrote:
October 26, 2011

I've owned one of these for about aa year now. Fun to shoot, a pain to fully load.The slide release broke, but Kel Tec repaired it quickly and it's been fine since. I asked about a rail for a Burris Fastfire a year ago and KelTec said 'soon' which probably means 12th of Never. Amazing firepower for such a light pistol.

Zombie-tec1 wrote:
October 25, 2011

I don't understand why kel tec as a company can't sale there own product! This is an email I got from them on oct 24, 2011 Unfortunately, we only sell only to the wholesalers, then they to the dealers, so I don’t have any dealer listings. I can only suggest online or the phonebook and calling them to find out if they carry or can order what you’re looking for.   We are still shipping about 500 PMRs a week (with about 12,000 backordered still) and divide them evenly between our 30 wholesalers every month, but they have long backorder lists that need to be filled before they can fill newer orders. Since we ship to wholesalers, then they to dealers, there’s no way for us to know where or when they will ship the firearms. If you’ve placed an order or are looking to, it will depend on which wholesalers your dealer uses (or hopefully, multiple), if they still have backorders to fill before filling newer orders, as well as how many the wholesalers have on order with us.  However, we are shipping them weekly.

Zombie VooDoo wrote:
October 20, 2011

I loved the November artical on this. Hope you also do one on their new .22 mag CARBINE. Everyone says they can't find these in the gun shops.

tom harms wrote:
October 04, 2011

Iv'e had money down for one 7 months ago. nothing yet. This is the pitts.

ntrudr800 wrote:
July 20, 2011

I recently bought a Marlin .22WMR bolt rifle. It's really nice & affordable! The PMR 30 would make a great sidekick to my rifle, and would shoot the same ammo. I was surprised to see the MSRP set at US $415. I kept seeing people posting that they payed much more. Usually a firearm sells for $50-100 less than MSRP. I also like the Ruger Single Six. It's built like a tank and would be an exceptional plinking/outdoor carry/hunting pistol. It is more expensive at $550. To put things in perspective, I payed only $160 (not including tax) for my used Marlin 25MN .22WMR rifle. To pay $500 for a pistol in the same caliber is kind of ridiculous, not that the Single Six or PMR 30 are not worth their asking prices. I am usually a man of few guns, but see now that I am hooked! lol

Papa "Z" wrote:
May 07, 2011

Just purchased my PMR-30. On round 114 through the gun, the gun blew-up. It blew the slide release lever off, the barrel and spring are bad. The dealer couldn't belive it. He is sending the gun back to keltec monday. The dealer i purchased it from said more than 75% of the PMR that they have recieved have had problems. But never seen what happened to mine before. They are considering not to sell anymore of them due to the reliabilty of the weapon.

onedayer wrote:
March 29, 2011

Was able to get one from Gunbroker, and yes I paid the price ($550). As noted by others, I love the gun but the mags can be a problem when loading more than 20 rounds. I found the CCI Maxi Mag to be the most reliable. I have had feeding problems with other cartridges. I suggest taking your time in loading the mags making certain you follow the proper loading technique (YouTube has a good video on this). The gun is light weight and VERY accurate. It's a pleasure to shoot as well. If you stick with the CCI Maxi Mag and load the rounds appropriately I think you will be more than satisfied with this firearm. Take-down and cleaning is quite easy as well.

Rob wrote:
March 19, 2011

I got mine last week after a long wait. It is FUN! However, I'm puzzled by the reference to 'drilled and tapped for a scope base' in this article. The only d&t holes are for the slide cover. Is there a scope out there that can take the recoil of being mounted on the slide?

Mike Bezak wrote:
March 16, 2011

My 30 auto didn't have a safety on in and now thanks to www.knowload.com we all know it is still loaded

Gary G. wrote:
March 14, 2011

I have one and enjoy shooting this gun. It handles well. The mag is a little hard to load if you want the full 30 rounds.

David Hedden wrote:
March 10, 2011

I am a gun dealer and have been trying for a year to aquire the PMR-30 handgun. I have not been able to get this gun and I would like to know why?? Please advise on when and how I can receive this gun. I have people everyday coming in wanting it...

Dick Fiester wrote:
March 07, 2011

I live in Cedar Rapids Iowa Where do I buy this gun?

David wrote:
March 07, 2011

Are you guys going to make a 22LR version of this, or at least a conversion kit? I want the 30 round capacity without the 22mag price.

Tom F. wrote:
March 05, 2011

When are they going to have one for California ?

Dan wrote:
March 04, 2011

I bought one & love it. Showed it to several friends they rushed out & each bought one. The gun shop I deal with carry them but they do sale out fast. Order one Today.

Andrews wrote:
March 02, 2011

@Gary-Topmounted optics rail and threaded barrel are planned accessories. At Shot Show it was announced that both will be available as soon as this summer direct from Keltec.

Wally wrote:
March 01, 2011

Living in the same town they are made is an big advantage. I shot one of the proto types back in Nov it was great. if your a FL resident check the local guns shops near and around Titusville FL. I've had mine for a month and still haven't fired it. I paid $375 for mine

Doyle wrote:
February 23, 2011

I got mine about 2 mos. ago. I tried it out, had a few feed snafus, (30 gr. ammo), took it to the bench and did some SERIOUS Debur on many metal parts. Now, Gun works flawlesly.Lotta FUN! Fairly accurate. After some Debur & proper Ammo, it is definately a keeper.

Gary wrote:
February 21, 2011

I ordered my PMR-30 back in April. I'm coming up on my first anniversary. I wonder if I'll get it before then. Has anyone heard when they'll have a rail to mount optics?

Glen wrote:
February 19, 2011

I went to Gunroker and they are gouging with their prices. "Buy now" for $575? I can wait... I love the concept though.

John wrote:
February 19, 2011

Yeah, Jeff there are some there, for twice the MSRP, being sold by "scalpers" who buy them up and resell them for a big profit.

Bob wrote:
February 19, 2011

I contacted a gun shop that has always been able to get me something new that I liked the looks of and wanted. They told me up front that back orders for it are hugh and will it will be at least 18 months if I placed an order now. Kel Tec needs to do something about that.

Paul wrote:
February 18, 2011

I have read once that 22 Mag has a 48% one stop shot capability. It would be interesting where this statistic came from, and how it was determined. As a carry round 22 Mag is much better than 22 LR, because it has internal lubrication and doesn't collect abrasive debris as readily. 30 Rounds? Must be driving the gun-ban crowd nuts.

John wrote:
February 18, 2011

Sure wish I could find one, been looking for months. Like Teryl said, I hate being told about new guns I can't get for years.

jeff wrote:
February 18, 2011

Cant find one?? Look on Gunbroker. Im sure I saw several there.

John wrote:
February 17, 2011

Me, too; got one in October and it is just plain fun to shoot. Quite accurate also. I could sell it tomorrow for at least 50% more than what I paid for it.

Teryl Detweiler wrote:
February 17, 2011

As a firearms dealer, I have been waiting for one of these from four different distributors for over 8 months. It is really annoying when a company hypes a new firearm, all my customers want one, and I cannot get any from my distributors. Then guess what? When these firearms finally become available, my customers no longer want one. Gun manufactures, please produce your guns in sufficient quantities before creating a huge demand. Gun writers, you are not helping either. I know it's your job, but you are just creating more frustration for me. And Kel-Tec, you just introduced a new bull-pup shotgun for this year. Why another model that we dealers cannot get? Concentrate on producing the PMR-30 and RFB rifles, then you can put out new models.

Randall wrote:
February 17, 2011

I recently bought the predecessor of the PMR30. A Grendel 30 rd 22 Mag. Shoots great. All the guys at the range wanted to take a look at it. Had 1 jam in 50 rounds. Could have been the Fiocchi ammo. all I could find at the time. Will try the Winchester which I understand the gun was designed for. Sweet.

Andrews wrote:
February 16, 2011

I'm one of the lucky ones who has been able to purchase a PMR-30. This is an extremely fun firearm at the range and on the trail. The trigger is exceptional and the fiber optic sights are ideal as a standard item from the factory. Can't wait to affix a small red dot to this flat shooting lightweight pistol.