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Crimson Trace Green Lasergrips

Crimson Trace is introducing five new Lasergrips featuring green laser diodes.


Crimson Trace has developed a green laser diode that is small enough to fit in Lasergrips. As such, Crimson Trace is launching five new Lasergrip models featuring the green diodes.

The green laser Lasergrips utilize the company’s Instinctive Activation, and will be available for full size and compact 1911s, full size and compact Glocks and the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers in December for $299.

"We have been anticipating and perfecting this line of green Lasergrips over this past year," explained Kent Thomas, director of marketing for Crimson Trace. "Our goal was to deliver the most visible and consistent green laser available on the market in our flagship platform and we're proud to have accomplished everything we set out to do."

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2 Responses to Crimson Trace Green Lasergrips

chris main wrote:
November 25, 2012

I have two green laser. One on a 10/22 and one on a 870 both used for coyote. Green is bright enough to see good in daylight, problem is you can see the green beam unlike the red.the green beam will show your exact location in the dark making you a target. Maybe crimson trace green laser aren't as bright as mine, but im going to keep my red trace on my mp 45.

shothat wrote:
November 15, 2012

Should call it "Emerald Trace".