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Alliant Black MZ

Black MZ is Alliant Powder’s entry into the blackpowder-substitute market, providing excellent consistency and easy cleaning.


Manufactured in the United States, Black MZ is Alliant Powder’s recent entry into the blackpowder-substitute market, and is suitable for muzzleloaders and cartridge loads. According to the company, the FFg-size substitute is formulated to ignite easily (by No. 11 percussion caps, musket caps and 209 shotshell primers), provide excellent shot-to-shot consistency with regard to velocity, offer high velocities at lower pressures, be moisture—and humidity—resistant, be cleaner-burning and “virtually non-corrosive.”

To test Alliant’s claims, I employed two .50-cal. Thompson/Center muzzleloaders: a 209-ignited Impact and the NorthWest Explorer, which uses No. 11 percussion caps as the ignition source. The Impact, using 300-grain Fusion Sabots and 90 grain/volume Black MZ, and the NorthWest Explorer with 348-grain PowerBelt Copper Aerotip bullets and 80-grain/volume, both exhibited easy loading, flawless ignition and noteworthy accuracy. Cleanup was simple, too; it required a single moist cotton patch—with both sides being used—followed by single dry one with two caps or primers being fired to clear the breechplug and dry the bore.

The “virtually non-corrosive” assertion was tested by firing several shots from both rifles, then relegating the uncleaned muzzleloaders to a gun safe for several months. After 90 days, cleaning the Impact revealed a pristine bore; however, the NorthWest Explorer, ignored a full month longer, exhibited ever-so-slight bore damage. So, provided a firearm is cleaned within a reasonable timeframe, Black MZ is indeed “virtually non-corrosive.” From what I’ve witnessed Black MZ lives up to Alliant’s claims, and is an excellent choice for muzzleloading and blackpowder enthusiasts. Alliant Black MZ is sold in 1-pound canisters for $24.

Contact: Alliant Powder; (800) 276-9337;

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2 Responses to Alliant Black MZ

Arnold Shirk wrote:
November 13, 2014

Black MZ works great in my cap-n-ball revolver. I use 40gn and a 200gn Lee conical in a STEEL FRAME 1858Remington

Dave Koenig wrote:
December 17, 2012

It would have been nice to explain how this replica powder is measured for loading cartridges, Cap and Ball revolves, and compare it with the relative velocities against some older replica powders, grain for grain. What's been lacking is the black powder bump up, in the replica powders. Each new replica seems to be a little hotter, but still not able to bump up a soft lead slug. Here in Idaho, sabots and 209 primers are illegal. So the bump up for Minie Balls becomes more important. The only way to legally use a big cap and ball revolver is to have a cartridge conversion which makes it a center fire number.