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Getting Started: AR 101

Chances are you may be the owner of a new AR—after all, one in five rifles sold last year was chambered in .223 Rem. If so, or if you are considering owning an AR-style rifle, read this introduction to the platform, written by one of the nation’s most respected trainers.


American Rifleman TV: UZI .22 Rimfire Carbine by Walther

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Firearm Ideas That Failed

For every firearm design that flourished and went on to fame and fortune, several others arrived with great fanfare only to fizzle out at a very young age. Here are a few examples of underachievers.

Kimber's Mountain Ascent

Kimber designers and engineers shaved weight from the bolt-action Model 84 to produce the Mountain Ascent—a rifle hunters will joyfully carry uphill. But the good news is that the gun has everything that counts when it comes to performance.

Manta Picatinny Rail Switch & Wire Covers

Wires and pressure switches on rifles can become damaged or get in the way on a rifle, unless you orient and protect them with something like Manta rails.

Throwback Thursday: Short Stories About Long Shots

In this week's article taken from the July 1944 issue, War Correspondent Bill Shadel shares stories gleaned in Italy by GI correspondents.

Galati Gear Combat Ready Shooters Mat

The Combat Ready Shooters Mat easily transports a rifle and gear to the range before transforming into a comfortable mat for long-range shooting.

Remington Issues Voluntary Recall

Remington is recalling Model 700 and Model Seven rifles due to a potentially dangerous issue with X-Mark Pro triggers.


By NRA Staff
September 14, 2012

If you had to choose one gun—and only one gun—to get you through a disaster (be it traditional or zombie-related), what would it be? If you could have one firearm (that’s realistically available) to protect yourself, your family and your assets, what would it be and why? Here are 10 choices made by some of the editors and contributors in NRA Publications. What would you choose? Let us know.

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Latest Comments

John Call wrote:
April 21, 2014

The recent ammo and component shortage has reinforced the lesson that using 'ammo availability' as a basis for selecting a disaster gun to use in a crisis is to rely on a myth. All the .308/.223/9mm/.45acp/22lr will be just as hard to come by as 6.8 or 357SIG. So, I guess I'll go with the gun that reliably works with what I have stored at the time.

Stanley Guyer wrote:
April 20, 2014

I would say most of what you show to be good rifle wise mini14 55.6/223 or the 7.62x39 version easy to break down and clean and the ammo is available or more easily to get both military and civilian access. you have no pistols S30s Glock 45acp Glock 19 9mm and heritage arms Rough Rider 22LR with 22 Magnum Cylinder changeable Gives a good weapon for small game and even able to take down larger game in a pinch or self defense with out wasteing 45 acp for anti personel and close range fighting and the 9mm G19 for high volume back up and also easy access for ammo availability from civil and military sources. so for me weight is an issue so mini14 or M4 to me would be the best weapons to pick from because of ammo weight ,ammo availability and ease of maint on weapons with minimum tools,accuracy on both weopons with the right shooter is great. I would love to have a M4 as my final choice to parts replacement from scrounging would be better for the M4.

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