Sig Sauer P290RS

Sub-compact pistols continue to be hot items at gun shop, especially those available in larger, more powerful calibers. SIG's P290RS, a sub-compact 9mm, was designed to meet all the demands of concealed-carry practitioners, and is an improvement on the company's P290 design.

The primary difference between the P290RS and SIG's original design is a redesigned trigger that offers a restrike capability. In the event of an ammo failure, the operator has the option to press the trigger a second time, or manually cycle the slide.

P290RS pistols ship with a standard 6-round magazine, as well as an extended 8-round magazine.

To find out more about the P290RS, check out the video below, which features American Rifleman Associate Editor Joseph Kurtenbach.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm
Action Type:
Double-Action Only
6 rounds (standard magazine), 8 rounds (extended)
Trigger Pull DAO: 9 lbs.
Overall Length: 5.5"
Overall Height: 3.9"
Overall Width: .9"
Barrel Length: 2.9"
Weight: 20.5 ozs.
Sights: SIGLITE Night Sights
Frame Finish: Black Polymer
MSRP: $570

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5 Responses to Sig Sauer P290RS

Daniel Ess wrote:
April 26, 2013

Restrike necessity is not a result of an ammo problem, it's a Sig gun problem. If it were an ammo problem, then I would have issues with the same ammo in other firearms and I have not ever had any failed ammo except in my Sig P290RS and my Sig P232; both restrike capable guns and apparently for a reason.

PT wrote:
April 10, 2013

Video keeps referring to the model as the p290 when it should note that it's the p290rs. Also, video says the laser option is somehow associated with the grips when the laser is actually afixed in from of the trigger guard. A bit sloppy for a review.

Martin B wrote:
February 28, 2013

Ummm, because the P232 is a blowback design, which is incompatible with 9mm, unless you go the Hi Point route with an enormously heavy slide. The P290 is a reasonable choice, but the price, as usual for Sig, is too high. A Sccy CXP2 would be as good, but half the price. A Bersa BP9CC is another excellent alternative. Money matters - we don't all have it!

Pete wrote:
February 28, 2013

Sig's real talent was never in gunmaking but always in marketing. They sold lots of police departments on the Sigs back when the big transition to automatics was taking place a quarter century ago, and that made their undeserved reputation. They were always oversized and overpriced.

steve wrote:
February 26, 2013

doesn't sig still make the p232. why a new gun when they could make a 9mm version of the great p232?