Mossberg 500 FLEX

The Mossberg 500 has always been an iconic shotgun, both for hunting and home defense. The release of Mossberg's innovative FLEX system has given new life to a time-tested design—one gun can serve multiple roles, from tactical defense platform to turkey shotgun.

Featuring Mossberg's Tool-less Locking System (TLS), the 500 FLEX can be configured to handle a variety of shooting tasks in mere moments. Barrels, stocks, forends and recoil pads can be swapped out with little effort, allowing one shotgun to do the duties two, three or even more. And if you're going to pick one shotgun to do it all with, why not one of the most reliable models on the market?

Technical Specifications:

Gauge: 12
Finish: Matte
Stock: Black Synthetic
Barrel: 28" VR*
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Chamber Length: 3"
Overall Length: 48 1/4"*
Weight: 7 lbs., 8 oz.*

MSRP: $399.99

*Can vary, depending on FLEX options selected.

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9 Responses to Mossberg 500 FLEX

Alex wrote:
November 12, 2012

Does anyone knows if you can shot the Mossberg 500 without a choke. Is the tred for the choke in barrel can be damaged if shot with one?

steve wrote:
November 02, 2012

does anyone no where to get 18and half inch matte finish barrel for mossberg 500

D. R. Dodson wrote:
September 30, 2012

Very useful information. Great sense of humor without diminishing the importance of a potentially lethal tool.

nathan wrote:
September 28, 2012

i purchased my new mossberg 500 flex in realtree advantage max-4 camo at the same price you would pay for the standard model 500 in camo. if you can find it for the same price its totally worth having the flex options available for those just incase moments.

H.R. wrote:
July 24, 2012

I've owned a 500 since 1989 and have no other for shotgun home defense

Kyle wrote:
July 17, 2012

Of course! I buy my mossberg 500 with 7+1 capacity a month ago nd I just now hear about the flex!!

Zach wrote:
July 16, 2012

Does it accept older model Mossberg 500 barrels? Been wanting to get a new one, but I dont want to have to buy all new barrels for it if I dont have to.

Jeremy wrote:
July 16, 2012

I have a mossberg 500 pistol grip pump that Ive had since '99. A great, reliable gun and a fun shoot as well.

Dave wrote:
July 16, 2012

This is a great gun and every American should have one in their house. Learn how to use it and how to safely keep it. Defend you home and our freedoms.