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Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight

The Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight is an affordable 67 lumen flashlight with three hours of battery life.


Pelican’s new 1920 LED flashlight weighs only 2.2 ounces (with two AAA batteries installed), yet emits an ANSI FL-1 Standard 67 lumens for three hours.

Additionally, the $36 light has a CNC-machined aluminum body, removable metal clip and “non-slip” matte finish. It is also backed by the company’s guarantee.

For additional details visit www.pelican.com, or call (800) 473-5422.

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1 Response to Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight

SJ wrote:
February 13, 2012

Pelican ROCKS! I own several Pelican flashlights and water-tight cases of varying sizes. Their warranty is the best- lifetime replacement. I've had to use this twice over the past 30 years, which considering the number of gadgets I own is not very often. I confess to not having this particular model 1920, but I have yet to see anything not top notch quality & design among what I do own. I just really appreciate great products and equally great customer service. It is hard to not be stuck on Pelican Products once you are a customer! You get what you pay for. With Pelican, the value is there because it will be a lifetime purchase if you don't manage to lose it somehow. (No, I do not work for them, just a very happy customer!)