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Get Your Home-Based FFL

Obtaining an FFL can be intimidating for the average shooter, but the FFL123 Guide uses easy-to-follow instructions to guarantee success.


The paperwork and regulations for acquiring a Federal Firearms License (FFL) can seem overwhelming, especially for those who lack storefronts. The FFL123 Guide takes users from start-to-finish in the FFL application procedure and guarantees an FFL, offering 150 percent refund if the customer who is legally able to acquire a license is denied. The guide covers all nine FFL licenses. Founder Brandon Maddox helps applicants through the process of obtaining home-based FFLs for personal firearm and ammunition purchases or to start their own retail firearm business.

Using clear and easy-to-follow instructions and examples, Maddox demonstrates in detail his five-step process to get an FFL approved. The FFL123 Guide provides information on how to follow through with the application process and which type of FFL is right for the applicant. After building a foundation, he addresses the key reasons and expands on how to overcome home-based FFL denial. Every form needed to complete the application is included, and example forms instruct the applicant on what to fill out and where. The guide covers local, state and Federal requirements including ATF pre-work requirements. Maddox gives practical advice for the ATF meeting and official interview processes. Maddox also helps customers build on the new FFL by explaining different types of licenses such as a Class 3 or SOT Dealer license. For more information, visit www.ffl123.com.

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3 Responses to Get Your Home-Based FFL

Carl L Puckett wrote:
December 01, 2012

I ordered the FFL License Guide for 39.95 and received no confirmation Number. please check this order. Thank You Carl Puckett

Gerardo Perez wrote:
April 15, 2012

Yes, very good information, but...If Barak Huseisn Obama, become President again, the Goverment will have ALL your information, Obama Declare Marcial Law, and/or National Security and..Some police branch be at your door, take your arms away, and probably put you in JAIL. Same thing if you buy GOLD, it will take away from you. HOPE NO. we got to wait after the next elections. Gerry.

Suzan Maddox wrote:
January 24, 2012

Your site looks wonderful. You have done a great job on this! Congratulations!!!