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Coming Soon: New American Rifleman Digital Edition

NRA’s flagship magazines are being retooled in all-new digital editions designed especially for iPad and desktop computers.


NRA’s flagship magazines are being retooled in all-new digital editions designed especially for iPad and desktop computers. The easy-to-navigate format gives readers more efficient access to the same award-winning editorial coverage and graphic design found in the print versions of American Rifleman and American Hunter, and will make online reading quicker and more convenient than ever.

“NRA Publications is now using the very latest, high-tech tools to create digital magazines that equal anything on the market and are far ahead of other shooting and hunting journals,” announced Joe Graham, Executive Director.

“iPad users can now take our digital magazines anywhere and will appreciate the intuitive touch-screen control. The efficiency of being able to scroll both horizontally and vertically through pages makes for smarter and better reading. But desktop readers aren’t left out. They, too can log-on to all the expert articles and top-notch photography. Bonus text blocks, videos and photo galleries help to make the new digital editions the best NRA has ever produced.

“We know how much NRA members value their magazines, but we also know NRA members are busy. And so we are employing every means available to provide the information and features they want, with the most convenient access and reading experience technology can provide,” said Graham.

Initially, the new digital American Rifleman and American Hunter will be offered for free trial to all NRA members. 

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110 Responses to Coming Soon: New American Rifleman Digital Edition

Matt C wrote:
December 05, 2014

I just switched to a digital version, but there does not seem to be an app for my android tablet? When will it be released?

john dolan-heitlinger wrote:
November 22, 2014

Kindle fire version please.

Lyle J wrote:
July 31, 2014

Refund my membership and NO MORE RENEWALS; or get the Doid or pdf format, NOW.

Ron wrote:
June 02, 2014

Why only Apple apps? Ignoring the Android market is like trusting gun rights to the liberals!!!

Drew w wrote:
March 03, 2014

I would prefer a digital copy of my magazine but, since the NRA seems to snub it nose to android ill resume getting the hard copy.

Barry Brown wrote:
January 26, 2014

Looking for android app for American Rifleman, is there one?

Don Buntin wrote:
January 21, 2014

The digital editions should be made in android version as well as the ipad version.

Rob c. wrote:
December 16, 2013

Android, please.

John F Knott III wrote:
December 11, 2013

There are quite a lot of Android users who are also NRA members. I've been a life member since 1975 & this is the first time I have felt slighted......count Android users in on the techy stuff!

Bob waterfield wrote:
December 10, 2013

Will u let us know when it comes to the I pad Thank u

Kimberly Forbragd wrote:
December 08, 2013

No Android support after all this time? I don't own any 'i' products and I don't plan on buying any. Lack of Android support = NRA being out of touch with members' needs.

Bill Snyder wrote:
November 26, 2013

Once again, Android users get the short end of the stick. Come on, NRA! More of us Android users want our fair share!

Phil Atterbery wrote:
November 01, 2013

Are'nt there as many Andriod devices as there are 'I' devices? Please get the publications into the Andriod format ASAP

JHarris wrote:
October 24, 2013

Very unhappy that android is still not supported. Not donating more money until it is.

Kevin Cradic wrote:
October 20, 2013

Old way was better where I could just download a PDF to my computer. I'm using LINUX and REFUSE to use ANY 'I' device. I have an android phone but would STILL prefer the old way of downloading the digital PDF and reading it on my devices. I guess I will switch back to getting the print edition from now on. So much for saving the NRA any money.

Roy wrote:
September 19, 2013

I don't own an 'I' device nor do I intend to. The more widely used Android platform should be supported also!

Bob wrote:
August 27, 2013

Well, at the moments iPad dominates the tablet market and many other always starts with iPad first and Android later. Besides, I don't think reading it on a tablet in the porcelain reading room is safe.

Jim wrote:
August 19, 2013

Can you broadcast a email to us when the Android app will be available. Why didn't you release them together. Big mistake on your part, dissing such a large user group.

John wrote:
June 29, 2013

I received an e-mail notice this week that the July edition of American Rifleman is available. I go to the link and see a new view experience, different than last month. I usually download each issue in its entirety, but it looks like that option is no longer valid. I have terrible internet service and download overnight and view the issues on my Android tablet. I can't view the issues on Android anymore! When will this be addressed?

Robert K Phillips wrote:
June 21, 2013

Why can't I access digital Rifleman anymore?

Stewart wrote:
June 07, 2013

I have tried to open American Rifleman ion my iPad and cannot and the iPad the freezes up and I have to restart it. Is the American Rifleman Digital Edition operational if not I want my paper edition.

Richard Marsh wrote:
June 03, 2013

Sounds great will it eventually be made for the google play store for DROID phones?

Justin Bilderback wrote:
May 28, 2013

Became a life member this year and thought I save you guys some money and get the digital edition. But, I have a kindle hd so I need it on android platform. Please.

Steve Holton wrote:
May 23, 2013


Carlton Terrell wrote:
May 16, 2013

Please make it available for android devices besides the iPhone's. I used to receive the Hunter magazine on the internet.

Erik wrote:
May 16, 2013

Don't tell me that the NRA is full of apple fan boys...... Support Android!

Texan wrote:
May 11, 2013

Support the NUMBER 1 Tablet OS: Android.

Mike wrote:
May 08, 2013

I would rather have a digital copy. This would save NRA tons of money

Phil Dunton wrote:
May 05, 2013

As a Life member, asking for mercy on us 'Droid' users. I don't use 'I' anything...

Check Six wrote:
May 01, 2013

It is a fine publication. Please: Print AND Digital, both free for Lifers (Patron here). BTW, love the NRA-ILA updates online.

cooltraps wrote:
April 29, 2013

I joined the NRA and chose the premium digital version as my magazine of choice...only to find out that it doesn't look like I can even access it yet. Really?!?!?

Alan Cuteri wrote:
April 28, 2013

Looking forward to electronic version. Will we be able to download articles?

Kevin S. wrote:
April 26, 2013

I suggest a more common format as well. ePub is the standard format for devices other than Kindle and iPad. ePub will work with B&N Nook, Sony reader, Kobo and many other readers as well.

Nick wrote:
April 26, 2013

Would love to have something similar for the Kindle Fire too (and please make sure it's compatible with all generations of the KF not just the newest).

Bill Cash-R wrote:
April 25, 2013

As a life member any extra money I have I prefer to give to the NRA ILA or the NRA Education Foundation (that one is 501c3 tax deductible), where it can do some good. If the app version of my magazine will not be free, I'll stick with my hard copy so that I can pass it along and maybe win someone over to our side (you know, the common sense side!). By the way, you're already advertising the app in your magazine, so hurry up!

Robin Nicoloff wrote:
April 24, 2013

I agree with what so many are saying. You have definitely left out over half your members. Maybe next time you do something you should choose android/kindle fire first. How long must we wait for our turn?

John Maldaner wrote:
April 24, 2013

When this is available, I will gladly switch out my paper version for this version to save you a bit of money.

Ron Hawkins wrote:
April 23, 2013

Kindle format is a must!

Tomas Gonzales wrote:
April 23, 2013

Like many other people have said this need to have an android and kindle app. Apple is not the only market out there and putting an app out for only apple would be a loss for american rifleman.

Ron wrote:
April 23, 2013

Great idea seems like ipads always come first.

Willis wrote:
April 23, 2013

iPAd may be the highest number of tablets out there but the total of all tablets running Android passed iPad a couple of months ago. You left out over half your potential adience.

Edward wrote:
April 23, 2013

While this sounds like a great idea, what about the 75[%] of the population that either can't afford ipads, or as in my case don't want to pay for the Apple name and refuse to buy an IPad. If It's going to be offered digitally, it should be in all formats for all members.

Robert Welles wrote:
April 22, 2013

I can't wait. Science and American Scientist will then be the only magazines I get that still have no iPad version.

Eric wrote:
April 22, 2013

I add my voice to the many many folks who have said they want a kindle fire hd option. Come on guys, you know Kindle is the most used e-reader on the planet...Not having an edition for that is just not smart. Until one is made I will stick to paper!

Rob wrote:
April 22, 2013

It would really be great to access an archive of back issues. I have not found any archive option on the NRA website.

tom wrote:
April 22, 2013

What about android? Not everyone uses Iphone

Peter de KAM wrote:
April 22, 2013

As a life endowment member I would very much appreciate a form factor that fits the Kindle Fire. While IPad' s are great most of my reading material is done on the Kindle Fire. Additionally, I believe this service should be free to life members.

Dave Jones wrote:
April 21, 2013

Hopefully it will be available for kindle as well? The iPad has become the m1911 of the tech world[;] it's all anyone wants to talk about.

Doug wrote:
April 21, 2013

Kindle fire please

Brian wrote:
April 21, 2013

Add a QR code to your ad in the magazine.

Brandy Balting wrote:
April 20, 2013

Can't wait to get!

Richard Miller - NRA Member wrote:
April 20, 2013

I dare say there are more Android smartphone owners that are NRA members than there are iPhone owners. Where is the app for us Android smart phone owners? Or aren't we good enough to rate. Every time I see something made for the iPhone, I think...SNOB. And for Chris S who commented on 4/9/2013, I'm not looking for a knock-off version that is compatible. If the NRA and AR is going to produce a version for the iPhone "god-phone", then I would like to see an app from them and made for the Android line of phones.

Charlie wrote:
April 20, 2013

What about iPhone?

spencer conner wrote:
April 20, 2013

what about an app for the android system?

Aaron McCoy wrote:
April 19, 2013

Is there going to be an app for the android also?

Emile Borriello wrote:
April 19, 2013

I downloaded the NRA magazine app. entered the information required at least 8 times ,however i am unable to access my magazine.i called the digital customer service and they were not able to help me.They claimed there is a glich in the app that must me resolved.

Luis Figueredo, #144704347 wrote:
April 15, 2013

How can i receive the PDF version of the American Rifleman. Although i prefer the Kindle or Android versions. Thanks

ChrisS wrote:
April 09, 2013

I an going to respond to several posts regarding the digital version of the American Rifleman. First, there is already a digital version that is compatible with all tablets (Android, iOS X, Windows Mobile, Blackberry play book) and that is the .pdf version that you can get in your email and then sync over to your tablet irregardless of the Operating System. What they are talking about is direct push notification directly to the newsstand app on the iPad. Android, blackberry or Windows does not have the news stand functionality. However, you can always get the PDF version. It actually costs more to make the digital version as they normally don't have the advertising to offset the price of mailing and publication.

Ken wrote:
April 08, 2013

Please make sure the Ipad will allow the magazine to be read off line. Looking forward to it.

Mikey wrote:
April 08, 2013

There's already a PDF version. There you go Kindlers... Not everyone is an iHater. Can't wait for it!

Thomas H Idema Sr wrote:
April 02, 2013

Great idea. Definitely FREE to life members!

tom wrote:
March 30, 2013

do not forget a app for Kindle

Tony wrote:
March 30, 2013

Digital will be nice, hopefully the quality of the British Target Shooter ezine. However, I would expect it to be free of charge for NRA members, as the NRA will save printing and mailing costs.

Vince wrote:
March 30, 2013

I can't wait!!!!

Bryan wrote:
March 29, 2013

Haha windows phone version? That stuff is washed up.

Jim Shivers wrote:
March 29, 2013

App has to allow magazine to be downloaded and not have to be connected to the Internet if it is to be a success. I hate the current system of getting a link via my email and then clicking it to see American Rifleman. If you don't fix this I will be switching back to the paper edition. All other magazines on my iPad are delivered as a publication not a link.

Don wrote:
March 29, 2013

Please make a Windows Phone app too. Thanks

Bob wrote:
March 29, 2013

We need an android version. There are millions of android users. Don't forget about us...

Paul Bowling wrote:
March 28, 2013


RD wrote:
March 28, 2013

I am so sick of everything coming out for the IPAD's... Will they also be for Android tablets as well?. Just like everyone does not own the same type of rifle or hand gun, everyone does not own an IPAD.

M Mc...... wrote:
March 28, 2013

Great news! However I'm not happy to hear it will 'initially' be offered to NRA members free of charge. Virtually every magazine I subscribe to includes the digital edition along with the paper one at no extra charge. The digital edition is a bonus for me as it means I can have all the previous editions of a particular magazine available to me when I take a trip. One iPad is a lot easier to carry than two or three years of magazines! However, I much prefer to read the printed magazine, and I wouldn't pay more than a nominal dollar or two for something that's included with my other magazine subscriptions.

Rick C wrote:
March 28, 2013

Holding in my hand the latestissue of AR, P37, full page ad showing an IPAD with an AR cover. Nowhere does it say ' coming soon'. It teels you to come here and now I see a forum promising an on-line edition that might cost me more later?? NRA member since 1963 NRA life member since 1989

Jackson P wrote:
March 27, 2013

About time!

Adam Frye wrote:
March 27, 2013

Can't wait!!! Fantastic.

FredN wrote:
March 27, 2013

Fantastic, looking forward to the electronic edition.

Paul L wrote:
March 27, 2013

It would be terrific if members had digital access to all magazines....even that would save funds....

Gevorg wrote:
March 27, 2013

android version please

Rev. Steven Taylor wrote:
March 27, 2013

Sounds great! I have a Samsung tablet. Will there be an app for us?

Ronald C Lozito wrote:
March 27, 2013

I looking for the app. Where is it? My very best to the NRA. Thank you

ron bolton wrote:
March 27, 2013

Will there be a Kindle version?

Brian meyette wrote:
March 27, 2013

Mainly, I hope the new digital format will address a problem i have frequently complained about regarding the print magazines[;] the 'continued' articles. In the mid 20th century, magazines interupted every article and continued them to the back of the magazine. Now, AR is the only magazine continuing to use this outdated practice, and I hope it will end with this new mobile app.

M.W. Adams wrote:
March 27, 2013

Android would be a big plus as many of us are not into brand name over function.

John McQuay wrote:
March 26, 2013

I would much prefer a digital edition over print media. For magazines, its so much more environmentally friendly, but also more convenient for me to read. Looking forward to being able to access all the NRA publications this way!

JohnW wrote:
March 26, 2013

I just renewed my membership of 5 years and requested the digital edition of AR. I fully expected that I would be able to transfer it to my iPad at that time, so I'm very glad to hear that you are working on it but I am surprised that in this computer age that you have not already done it. All the magazines that I subscribe to right now are digital and all of them can be carried on my iPad. I'm not a tree hugger but no sense waisting trees either. Good for you guys, and I can't wait. Regards, John

Stephen Bennett wrote:
March 26, 2013

Digital should be free to all subscribers/members

Michael wrote:
March 26, 2013

When will it be available for Android?

PaulA wrote:
March 19, 2013

Sounds like the digital edition I signed up for is only gonna be available on crapples thanks alot wish would have known that when I signed up to receive with my NRA membership which I signed up for in the middle of Feb

Bill V wrote:
March 18, 2013

I'm reading this article on my Kindle Fire HD. Would love to read the magazine on the same device.

Lawrence Kurtz wrote:
March 15, 2013

I became a life member in 1964. I was to get the AR magazine for life... Where is it??? Thought we had a contract.

Chris wrote:
March 09, 2013

I am a new member. When I subscribed, I signed up for digital editions. If they aren't published until May, will I receive print copies until then?

Rick Stevens wrote:
March 05, 2013

Love the idea! I hope you'll have archive access to all the previous editions. Smart move, putting on the iPad, which is the best platform.

Gene Graffham wrote:
March 05, 2013

Glad to see this move by AR, I have enjoyed the hard copy for more than 40 years and look forward to seeing it on my desk top for easy reading

Steve Catania wrote:
March 05, 2013

Please ensure the font sizes are scalable. That's what killed The Daily for me, I couldn't adjust the font size.

Steve Buttram wrote:
March 04, 2013

Glad to see that NRA and American Rifleman are finally stepping into the 21st century. A digital edition will be nice, but don't limit it to just the iPad. There are many other platforms out there. Just make it PDF and it can be read on all platforms. I own an iPad, but I also use a Kindle Fire and a Nexus 7 Android tablet.

Alan S wrote:
March 04, 2013

I don't have an iPad, will NEVER have an iAnything, so please make sure we can read this on other platforms, yes Windows 8 is out there and great. I love the current copy of AR in PDF works great off line for me.

Thomas J.Bedsole wrote:
March 04, 2013

Thanks.....As a Endowment Member I appreciate your efforts for the membership.......

Al wrote:
March 04, 2013

Let me expand on jurjen's question, What about making it for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9", which should do everything an Ipad can?

Bill Kauffman wrote:
March 04, 2013

I hope it works, most every other magazine that I have signed up for digital, will not come up and/or work as it should. Not worth the money, if there is a charge.

David Ryan wrote:
March 04, 2013

I prefer all my magazines digital and am looking forward to this!

Robert Szydlo wrote:
March 04, 2013

The American Rifleman is an authoritative reference journal. How about an archive back to the Arms and the Man era?

Wilford wrote:
March 04, 2013

I'll stick with my hold in the hand real paper edition, thank you very much.

Billy Blackmon wrote:
March 04, 2013

Once this rolls out, will the electronic version be an option in place of the printed version, or will we get both?

Tom Breitweiser wrote:
March 04, 2013

I agree with Kevin that this new offering should not cost us Life Members anything extra. Looking forward to the new digital offering.

Michael wrote:
March 04, 2013

I don't currently pay for American Rifleman anyway - I pay dues to support the NRA and they send me a magazine. I will enjoy the electronic version, too. The one drawback is that I can't give the issues to friends after I've read them.

Bill wrote:
March 04, 2013

That's nice, but a version that plays well in the Kindle app would work on everything, as there isn't a commonly used platform on which the Kindle app doesn't run. This is not much use if you don't use Apple. I think your efforts would be better spent porting to a more universal platform.

jurjen wrote:
March 04, 2013

how about for kindlle

Keven wrote:
March 02, 2013

Most mags that go digital are free to subscribers. As a life member I must assume the digital will not cost extra since it will save the NRA money. And I'm speaking beyond the 'free' trial period

Kyle wrote:
February 28, 2013

Looking forward to this and to better navigation controls on the magazine.

John Zent, Editorial Director wrote:
February 27, 2013

Thanks for your interest, George. I know Rifleman readers are going to love it. We're still in development now and there's a lot of work ahead. Our goal is to have the May issues available for download on or around May 1, but please understand that is tentative. Of course we update information here as the work proceeds, and as soon as possible, will provide complete details on how NRA members can obtain the app from the App Store.

George Griffin wrote:
February 26, 2013

Great idea. I'll be a player. When can we expect the change?