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Wildcat Cartridges That Went Legit

Hundreds of wildcat cartridges have come and gone through the years—some with ridiculous names and others with little ballistic benefit over factory offerings. But a few have offered real advantages and gone mainstream. Here, a veteran handloader reminisces about some of his favorites.


How Ammo is Made: A Four-Step Process

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ARTV 2010 Ep. 2: Hornady Innovation ARTV 2010 Ep. 6: Federal .410 Judge Loads Knob Creek Full Auto Shoot Part 2
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Throwback Thursday: The Impossible .22 Rimfire

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the American Rifleman archives. In this week's article, originally posted here in Sept. 2010 and now seemingly more timely than ever, we look at why the most popular round in the world is more difficult to manufacture than most realize.


By Mark Keefe
October 01, 2014

Different day, same headline? Maybe so, but here's the most detailed explanation to date. It’s a question of simple economics. Supply, demand and profit—or lack thereof. Plus the kind of guns American buy.

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Latest Comments

dk wrote:
November 23, 2014

Interesting analysis by Keefe. However, what is missing is the daily production rate fir .22 ammo. Assuming 25-30M for daily production (estimate from Sierra's VP of marketing), an addition requirement for 325M doesn't seem that bad. Unfortunately Keefe's article shed no light on supply - only demand.

Will wrote:
November 23, 2014

People buying and selling are exercising their right to do so, even though I do not agree with them. I have a little under 15,000 rounds, and this used to be a 1 year and 3 month supply. Since Sandy Hook, I have cut my shooting down to 5,000 rounds a year so I could double my shooting with the ammo I currently have. It all sucks. Sa-sa-sa-sa-sucks. Do wonder why I have two backorders at an internet retailer that is just over 10 months. Still think something is 'up'. Been way too long.

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