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Wildcat Cartridges That Went Legit

Hundreds of wildcat cartridges have come and gone through the years—some with ridiculous names and others with little ballistic benefit over factory offerings. But a few have offered real advantages and gone mainstream. Here, a veteran handloader reminisces about some of his favorites.


How Ammo is Made: A Four-Step Process

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ARTV 2010 Ep. 2: Hornady Innovation ARTV 2010 Ep. 6: Federal .410 Judge Loads Knob Creek Full Auto Shoot Part 2
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By Mark Keefe
October 01, 2014

Different day, same headline? Maybe so, but here's the most detailed explanation to date. It’s a question of simple economics. Supply, demand and profit—or lack thereof. Plus the kind of guns American buy.

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Brian Kullman wrote:
December 17, 2014

As for me, I refuse to buy any rimfire firearm until the current shortage of rimfire ammo ends. And I don't shoot much with the ones I now own. I do not hold out much hope. Too many ammo manufacturers (e.g. Remington) are no longer owned by business people with a passion for guns and shooting; they are owned by business people with a passion for profits who are indifferent to their customers. They would be happier to own rock quarries than ammo plants if the ROIC were higher than ammo plants. Concerns like 'what does the scarcity of rimfire ammo mean to the development of youth shooters' are meaningless to them.

Doc wrote:
December 15, 2014

There is something else happening. There must be other factors than the same old excuses of hoarding and speculating. This shortage has gone on for much too long for the manufacturers who are said to be running three shifts not to have caught up. Does anyone know the availability situation worldwide. If the shortage is just in the US, why? Why is there also a shortage of certain reloading components? If this were only a situation of supply and demand, the 'free' market should cause the price to rise until demand was met. That has NOT happened. Your answer is too simple.

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