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Getting Started in Handloading

It's easier than you think.


How Ammo is Made: A Four-Step Process

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The Enduring .35 Remington

Once a staple of “woods” whitetail deer hunters, today there are few new rifles being chambered in .35 Rem. John Haviland takes a look back, and a glace forward, at this iconic rifle chambering.

The .25-45 Sharps: A New “Old” Cartridge

The .25-45 Sharps was designed to provide a larger caliber for hunters wanting to use an AR-platform rifle.

SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

The ammunition that SIG Sauer announced earlier this year is now available in most popular semi-auto pistol calibers.

Flambeau Outdoors Ammo Can

The Ammo Can provides water-resistant storage for ammunition, or any other gear needed to be kept dry and safe.

Wildcat Cartridges That Went Legit

Hundreds of wildcat cartridges have come and gone through the years—some with ridiculous names and others with little ballistic benefit over factory offerings. But a few have offered real advantages and gone mainstream. Here, a veteran handloader reminisces about some of his favorites.

Winchester Expands Blind Side Waterfowl Lineup

Winchester is expanding its Blind Side waterfowl ammunition lineup in both 12 and 20 gauge.


By B. Gil Horman
July 02, 2013

Reading an ammunition label can seem like an exercise in code breaking. Here are a few tips to help you wade through what you see on the dealer's shelf.

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john wrote:
October 08, 2013

too basic, though good for beginer

mark t wrote:
August 27, 2013

Very helpful article. I've been a handgun owner for about 5 yrs. I bought a book called 'cartridges of the world' , here I learned most of what I needed to know. That and talking with friends and other shooters. good article to get you started and pique your interest for more info.

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