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4 Responses to I Have This Old Gun: Reising SMG

Lance Cullen wrote:
August 22, 2013

I would like to make a correction to what was stated in the video about Reising sub machine gun magazines. The Reising was first issued with twenty round magazines. The twelve round magazine was not adopted until later in an attempt to correct feeding problems. The magazine housing was also changed to fit these smaller capacity magazines on late manufactered guns.

Bryce Mibeck wrote:
April 18, 2012

My father carried a Reising as a corpsman (not "corpseman") in the Pacific Theater in WWII. He never said much against it, but I got the impression it was not held in high regard.

Craig Shaffer wrote:
April 07, 2012

My friend from church has a Hopkins & Allen XL Double action 22 revolver, 7 shot 2 3/8 inch octigonal barrel. It has been in his family for so long nobody every remembers when it was bought. The odd thing is the butt plate has no serial number. Just the number 1 (one) stamped on the inside of the pistol grip. Could this actually be the first off and what would be a estimated value?

robert ratliff wrote:
March 05, 2012

hello, have never had one of these guns but it was interesting to hear about it because of the similarities between it and its cousin that i do have, the model 65 reising 22 cal, amazing how alike they are, mine has the same problems, have to constantly clean it for it to function right, other than that it is a great old accurate rifle, thank you very much