SRM Arms Model 1216

Billed as the first 16-round semi-automatic shotgun, the SRM Arms Model 1216 places itself firmly within the tactical home-defense shotgun discussion.

Featuring SRM's quad-tube revolving magazine (which the operator can manually rotate with the flip of a switch), the 1216 offers 16-rounds of easily reloadable power. The magazine can be dropped and replaced with a loaded one almost instantly, eliminating the reloading issues that plague some of the tactical shotguns on the market.

The magazine is suited for 2 ¾” or 3” inch shells and can handle game loads, trap loads, slugs and other specialty rounds. The 1216's tactical design also opens up to a whole world of accessories and add-ons.

Powerful and versatile, the 1216 is well worth considering if you're looking for a shotgun to defend your home—and it meets the high standards required of a Gun of the Week.

Technical Specifications:

Length: 32½"
7.25 lbs.
Magazine Type:
Detachable, Manually Indexing
16 rounds
Action Type:
12 Gauge, 2¾" and 3"
Round Types:
Game loads, Trap loads, Slug, #00 Buck, specialty rounds
MSRP: $2,400-$2,700 (prices vary)


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42 Responses to SRM Arms Model 1216

Mataro wrote:
May 04, 2014

Looking forward to seeing reviews on the Gen 2. Marvelous concept and can only be continuously improved

SMS wrote:
April 06, 2014

Just to be clear: Does this gun take 16 round mag + 1 in chamber? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere in the specs. I personally like to have an extra round in the chamber when I shoot.

SRM Arms - Jason wrote:
April 03, 2014

Danny, Sorry to hear about your troubles with your 1216. This is not a common occurrence with our shotguns. It would be helpful to know what type of ammunition you are using. We'd be happy to evaluate your gun and replace it. Please contact us and we will promptly take care of this for you. Thanks! Jason

ercillor wrote:
December 08, 2013

The manually operated rotary magazine sounds like a broken Mannlicher. The price is simply non-competitive. If the manufacturer MUST achieve that price point before coming to market, it may simply be that there IS no market for the product. I'm not a poor guy but bear in mind that we are talking about a shotgun and not -- as someone has suggested -- a Bentley.

Danny wrote:
November 08, 2013

I own a srm 1216. So far, it is a piece of crap. It wont run any type of ammunition. It constantly double feeds and about twice per mag it rips the brass off the shell. Which is a lengthy jam to fix. Its been sent back to srm twice now and nothing has changed. Very disappointing. It also is wearing a groove in the mags from being rotated. Not sure if it will wear out in time. All in all i wish i would of bought a high end AR or 1911. This gun will never be as reliable as my m4

Blowby wrote:
August 26, 2013

Straight up evaluation, problem areas. 1)Front Picatinny rail is plastic. and is not mounted securely. The rail is 30 thousands lower than the main Picatinny rail. 2) Front sling mount is mounted to the Plastic Picatinny Rail and hits the magazine, no clearance 3) Magazines become a problem to load after three or four boxes shot through them. Shell keeper on the magazines have a tendency make the reloading difficult not good. 4) Gas Block Picatinny rail is a 1/4 inch lower than the main Picatinny rail which makes for a difficult selection using battle sights on a plastic Picatinny rail. 5) sling mounts are 1 inch slots and difficult to use. 6) magazine appears to possibility wear from use, will take more time to confirm this. Biggest complaint is the Picatinny rails are not securely mounted and not machined to exact tolerance. AND SHOULD BE ALL METAL OR ALUMINUM. Over all machining and part assemblies need better tolerances. Design concept of the weapon is good but the machining and materials used in the construction of this weapon make it a novelty piece. I hate to use the description toy but that is the feel after evaluating.

david wrote:
August 02, 2013

price point way to high rob jobs will kill this shotgun gb 3700. they are crazy .will hurt company and sales

JAX NRA wrote:
July 13, 2013

Consider the expense of a small company not only bringing a new product, but a new design of it's own to market. It's true that some aspects are used on other guns, but the combination here is unique. The price point of this gun is completely reasonable. If you can't buy one because of the price, it doesn't mean the price is too high. Our country and industry needs more people bringing innovation like this to the market. IMO the complaints about price are pathetic because they underscore a persons complete lack of understanding of what it takes for a small company to bring this to the market. It takes a Turkish company to give us an AR 12ga? Then we have to cut it up to make it like we want it. There is a market, but they won't fill it here in the US. So I give SRM a big thumbs up. Now on the other hand the training video on SRM's website says you cannot gorilla grip the rotary magazine/forearm or you will cause a failure to feed due to the tubes warping. They need to reinforce the tubes for this to be a serious defense shotgun. It shouldn't hard, the processes is not rocket science, just add ribs on the outside. It isn't cheap to have new molds made, but I don't see that they have a choice. Until they fix that, it is a high priced fun gun and will never be a serious defense shotgun. Lastly, I would like to know how durable the magazine latch is since it holds the magazine in the gun, more plastic? If someone grabs the barrel, can I use the magazine/forearm to leverage the gun away from them without it falling apart? If this is just a fun gun my concerns are not valid and ignore them. I can't say I have seen any marketing for this weapon so I'm only going on its looks. The ambidextrous feature is a huge plus.

Aaron wrote:
July 04, 2013

On June 26th 2013 here in Colorado, I finally got to purchase a SRM 1216, I didn't pay any cash just traded in 2 guns. I traded in my brand new Benelli m4 and my used Titanium Gold plated Desert Eagle 50ae. I couldn't be happier with what I got, the SRM came with 4 magazines and out the door was 2,900$. Yes expensive but worth every penny, mine is a Gen 2 and not one problem with it after 400 shells of buck shot and target loads. I like unique guns and this is one I had to get especially since Colorado is trying to ban this 16rd magazine for this shotgun. The engineering behind the SRM 1216 is amazing, from rotating the magazine so easily to disassembling it. The parts are quality made and love how its made in America. I installed an EOtech 512 on it with back up Magpul flip up sights, green laser and a flashlight, not really overboard since it doesn't get in your way at all and each upgrade has its purpose. The recoil of the SRM is comparable to a Benelli m4. I don't see why people are bashing it because of its price tag, they say they'd buy a KSG over this because its 800$ compared to 2300$, I have not seen one KSG go for 800$, cheapest one I've ever seen sell was for 1375$ on gunbroker. Now days they are selling between 1500$-2500$ depending on what color you get. I have shot a KSG and I liked it but the SRM destroys it in many different ways and that was my opinion before buying my SRM 1216. Anyways just writing this on the fly since I wanted to see what some forums and websites were saying about this SRM, just my .2 cents.

Cdoc wrote:
June 23, 2013

Really?? Too expensive?? I guess you haven't looked at the price people are paying for a 1911 pistol from Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, or Ed Brown? If you can't afford it, don't buy it. No need to bash it just because you are poor.

Jess wrote:
May 04, 2013

This is a fine work of art, those that say it is too expensive, well it is the first of it's kind. if you fire it even once you will be in love, it eats anything you run through it. as far as rotating the cylinder simple, same as dropping and slamming home a fresh mag. Practice Practice. in the defense of freedom , the 2nd amendment. IN GOD WE TRUST.

Joel wrote:
April 14, 2013

This is the Cadillac of shotguns. If you think it's too expensive either get a better job, work harder or look for a shotgun you can afford at Wal-Mart. I think the price is well worth it. Considering the KSG is so hard to get and costing as much as $2000 I'd be happy to pay $2200 (Locally) for a 16rd semi-auto, who wouldn't?! Show me a better gun that cost less....

Dave wrote:
April 13, 2013

I just checked the price for this shotgun and it was $3000 and $225 per mag. Way too expensive!! I guess they will sell about 10 and go out of business.

Chris wrote:
March 25, 2013

18.5 inch barrel, 16 round capacity. Pricey yes.. But, one of the most versatile shotguns on the market next to possibly a KSG or UTS-15. Both of which have dual tubular magazines and are pump action. For any of you who think it's difficult to learn to rotate the mag or flip a switch on a gun like a KSG or UTS-15, then you clearly dont practice much with a firearm at all. I own a UTS-15, same rear selector switch as KSG, roughly the same price as the SRM(didn't know about it at the time of purchase) but my UTS holds 15 shots, manual pump, and flipping the switch to select a different tube takes 1 second at the most, and no effort. It's not like a Hollywood movie where you have to look at it to do it. Much like the portray the usage of Bolt Action or Lever Action guns.. The price is a bit steep, but look at the rising cost of all guns, and compare it to popular shotguns with simillar capacities or capabilities and it's not so bad. Beneli M4 Super 90s are about the same price and yet nobody is complaining about them? KSG is cheaper, holds less ammo, and is a pump action. This has a recoil delay system, holds 4 more rounds, detatchable magazine, quad tube for 4 different types of ammo! KSG only 2. When you add it all up, this is basicly if HK made a shotgun. And I've seen the quality of this gun in person, used it, loved it, and would have purchased it over my UTS-15 had I'd known about it at the time. If you just want a good, reliable, and cheap shotgun, go buy an 870 or M590, or even an M500. They will all do the job, but they don't have the features, versatility, or ability to match this gun at all. Just think about that when you review it for yourselves. Rotating the mag on this gun takes 1 second or less in skilled hands. I promise after about 8 rounds, you get the idea real quickly, and reloading a fresh mag is a breeze.

Cody wrote:
February 21, 2013

For those complaining about mag cost just print them. I made 2. If you actually shot one you would realize that the price isn't all that bad.PS 3D printers cost less than the gun. Mine cost $500.

Miguel wrote:
February 17, 2013

All of these comments about it being over-priced are absolutely ridiculous, and I'd bet were all written by highly under-qualified "critics." None of whom have any idea how much R&D, production, licensing, administration, advertising, and the whole laundry list of expenses accrued, just to produce one product in the gun business adds up to! And, on top of that, gun production isn't exactly the type of business that gets free governmental insurance, like "bail-outs"(unless you're making guns for them). You can easily buy a car, brand new, for $25,000 that's fast, reliable, the chics dig... Now, is that gonna be your argument to the Bentley dealer when the $250,000 car with a LOT more bells and whistles, faster, and gets more looks than the other, or are you gonna hang up your insecurity and realize this is America, where we aren't communists, and not everybody can afford the best? I can't afford to, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one right now if I could- instead I'm slowly saving for one... And really?! Is it THAT much money considering the innovation and all involved? If all you have to comment on is the price,it's probably because you want one and can't afford it... If you can't face this, or simply don't understand business, just keep telling yourself the grapes are sour, and eventually you'll believe it.

christopher wrote:
January 31, 2013

Way to expensive!...

Zulu wrote:
January 13, 2013

Yesterday I picked up a 1216 with recoil pad, aggressive door beacher muzzle break, SRM flip up sights, extra magazine and sling, and although the price is heavy I'm 100[%] pleased. After a few magazines, cycling to the next tube was becoming as natural as a pump shotgun. The engineering is truly impressive because even with a full mag the weight is easily distributed and quite managable. As a high capacity shotgun it's not clumsy or cumbersome like having a drum hanging below, and the speed and firepower is nothing short of awesome. The compact and light weight nature of the gun made me concerned about recoil, but with the brake and pad its remarkably pleasurable to shoot. Loading some defensive 'T' buckshot in one tube, slugs, T shot, then slugs and the old picknic table was scrap wood for the firepit in seconds! Lol. That versatility to load different ammo in each tube of the magazine is a really nice feature. This is just a special weapon, and unbelievable fun to shoot. Yeah, you can buy 3 or 4 mossbergs for the same price, and if that's what you want go right ahead. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can afford every firearm available on the market, but this shotgun is not designed to be something 'common' that every household can own, and it certainly shouldn't be someone's affordable first firearm purchase. I'm not rich but I've always preferred quality and unique features in a firearm overbuying something I already have basically, so I'd rather save and buy the 1216 personally. I have several shotguns for hunting and love them all. However, for a pure defense shotgun if you're looking for an extremely unique American made firearm with impressive capabilities, that frankly is a gem in anyone's collection, I'd save and buy this one.

mike wrote:
January 12, 2013

looks good, would look even better in gunsafe:P but so would a 50 cal and for the price ill go for the cal, good concept, speed loaders for the mags might come in handy if you have a case of shells to get rid of in a hurry, just saying :)

peatman27 wrote:
December 22, 2012

and don't forget the magazines cost $200 .......wayyyyyy too much!!!!!

Nick wrote:
December 21, 2012

Good defense there Mark. Got a chance to fire one at a buddies skeet range. Shot a few time to get a kind of feel for it then went after some launched skeets. Did some double/doubles, you fire two off then 5 seconds later fire two more skeets off. Took me about a full magazine and a half to get my timing down. We let the gun cool down while we discussed the next wave of skeet launching I wanted to try. Full mag load (16 rounds) the guys loading three double launchers as fast as they could. Launch two skeets five seconds later second launcher fired off next two skeets, five seconds later third launcher fired its doubles off. 10 out of 16 and with less than an hour of practice with this gun. By the way I shoot skeet at best twice a year and have not been hunting with a shotgun in 21 years, more of a bow hunter. This gun is pricey for sure and if there was thing I would like to change or be able to modify on it, then it would be for a collapsible or foldable stock. This gun is just so much damn fun its freaky. I will have to save for a bit to get this but OH GOD YEAH I will do exactly that.

Mark wrote:
November 19, 2012

I am disappointed with some of the shortsighted comments below. This is a very specialized piece of equipment! I own a Benelli M3. Awesome semiautomatic shot gun. Works great and paid a premium for it. 8+1 if you know how to load it correctly. The SRM 1216 has impressive features. It is obviously a great piece of engineering. I don't know firsthand about its reliability so I won't speak to it. But if it is as reliable as my M3 then it is worth every penny. The comments about its operation with the rotating cylinders are very short sighted. "They don't automatically rotate.” Of course not. How could you hold on to it? The cylinders are the fore grip. If there was something designed for a stationary fore grip then there would be some added bulk to the gun, and weight and it would probably complicate magazine swaps too. You would go bang, bang, bang, bang, and click!?!?!?!? Ever heard of practice? If you own something for defense you shoot it, you practice with it, you learn it. Look at people who shoot revolvers in competition. They know exactly what they are doing and the speed loader is coming out of their belt right as round #6 leaves the barrel and off they are to the next target. Look at the inexperienced guy at the range with an autoloading pistol. Bang X 16, then click, and then they give that confused look and shortly realize the slide is locked back and they are empty. If you know your weapon you don’t fumble your weapon. It is an extension of your body. Is it expensive, yes, very. But you get what you pay for too. Compare it to a KSG. LOL! Good luck buying one for the MSRP of $800. They seem to be selling for 1100-1200 right now. BTW, I think for a pump gun it is probably a darn good piece! So, think a little deeper, look at the big picture before you make the comments. I now relinquish my sopabox!

Tim wrote:
November 19, 2012

Price point is too high for the common man. Good luck trying to sell these to all the rich folk.

ProfesjonalnyPolak wrote:
November 15, 2012

KSG 15 rounds pump $800 VS this thing +$2000 is no brainer for me. I can't find KSG then I will stay with my Mossberg 590A1 3in 7+1 never let me down. In this thing You have to rotate when is cold and you don't feel your fingers... under stress when you scared becose somebody want you up - good luck to you. Yes is nice toy - very expensive toy. I can blow up watermelons with my 590A1 just fine. If I hear 4 guys is kicking my door at 3am and I have this rotateing thing under my bed and 590A1 I will reach for proven pump action Mossberg 7+1 will take care this 4 guys with no problem. If zombie is coming for me I will raach for my AK47 and few drums. 16 rounds is not enough. (sorry for my broken english but you get my point.

Steve willoughby wrote:
November 04, 2012

The saga 12 has 12 round box magazines, and a 20 round drum, and now they come fully converted for around a thousand dollars. I have one and they work great, the only problem I have found is they can be hard to do a magazine change under stress.

john smith wrote:
September 22, 2012

$2,400???? greedy greedy greedy

Jason_SRM wrote:
September 13, 2012

@Northern-Lighs 1. The safety can easily be switched from right to left. All the controls on the weapon are ambidextrous. 2. Rotating the barrels is a piece of cake. You can unload 16 rounds in 5 seconds. 3. The price is right for this weapon. There's nothing else like it. Visit our website and take a close look at all the features this weapon offers. As I said, there is no other semi-auto, high capacity shotgun in the world that has features that our line of shotguns do. Thanks for your feedback!

Northern-Lighs wrote:
August 31, 2012

Three problems. First, the safety is on the wrong side from most guns and even the shooter in the video fumbles with it. Second....rotating the barrels and reloading a new cylinder seems to be a bit messy. In a high stress environment....this is deadly. Third...who's doing drugs when they priced this thing?

Mack [plastic] Missiletoe wrote:
August 29, 2012

Looks like the price of Plastic is going up...

Kboxvegas wrote:
August 28, 2012

I dont see a point to this if you have to rotate the tubes by hand. Bang Bang Bang Bang Click... Huh? ooh crap hold still. Ok were good. Bang Bang Bang... Same thing with the KSG, IF you can find one and IF they are not asking way over MSRP. I will take my Saiga 12ga with a 20rnd drum any day of the week over these.

noodles wrote:
August 28, 2012

What is the cost, and availability of extra magazines?

WMH wrote:
August 28, 2012

Perhaps SRM will take notice if enough people comment. The price is ridiculous. If you want to sell some shotguns you're going to have to come off that price. I won't consider it for anything above $1000. I also noted the difficulty the test shooter exhibited when rotating that mag-tube. Add a home defensive situation into that mix and you have a potentially deadly problem. This shotgun requires time on the trigger to gain proficiency so expect to spend lots of money on shells and range time.

JW wrote:
August 28, 2012

If a homeowner, while protecting himself and his family from an intruder, is unable to neutralize the threat with 7 rounds from his Mossberg 590, the additional nine rounds from the 1216 will not likely be of much value....against zombies, maybe.....against a single intruder, I think not.

Rick S. wrote:
August 28, 2012

I agree... Nice concept for a shotgun, but WAY overpriced! There is nothing unique enough about that shotgun that makes it worth $2K!! I *might* consider $1200. But that's still pushing it. Especially when you consider you can get a Kel-Tek KSG 12 for $799. Matt was spot on about that.

Nate wrote:
August 28, 2012

Price a little high. Maybe around $1000.00 would work

Ben wrote:
August 28, 2012

Agree it's a bit high priced. What's loaded weight? 20 gauge may be more practical from a handling standpoint. I much like the concept. Too expensive.

James Dulin wrote:
August 27, 2012

Ray said, "I was ready to go buy one until I saw the price tag." my thoughts exactly. imagine how many mossberg 500s i could buy with that money. anyone with that much money to spend on a home defense shotgun is probably not going to buy a home defense shotgun.

Doug wrote:
August 27, 2012

1) How long is the barrel? 2) How much is a spare magazine cost? 3) Does anyone have a video of this at a trap or skeet/clays range?

Ray wrote:
August 27, 2012

I was ready to go buy one until I saw the price tag.

larry c wrote:
August 27, 2012

divide that price about 5.... WAY TOO Pricey

Matthew Becker wrote:
August 27, 2012

the only thing that would make this better would be if the cyclenders rotated by them selfs, without the shooter have to turn them. I would buy this but the KSG 12 has just as many rounds, and is only $800 compared to $2000 so overview SMR 1216 + cool tactical look + 16 round capacity +simi-auto - $2000+ price tag - cylenders must be manually rotated - no room for underbarrel attachments suck as forgrip

Ben wrote:
August 27, 2012

I'll take one with a red dot.