Ruger Mini-14

Decades old and still vastly popular, Ruger's Mini-14 has few limits. The company's miniaturized version of the legendary M14, the Mini-14 is ideal for use on the farm and ranch, in the woods, at the range or for personal defense.

Available in a variety of configurations—the Ranch Rifle version is featured here—the Mini-14 can be adapted to suit any gun owners' personal requirements, and it's that versatility that has made it one of the most recognized firearms in the industry.

Ruger's Mini-14 is a classic, and is without a doubt something that belongs in any gun owner's collection. If that doesn't make a firearm the Gun of the Week, what does?

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO/.223 Rem.
Front Site:
Rear Site:
Barrel Length:
16.12” to 22”
Overall Length:
34” to 43.25”
5 or 20
1:9" RH
6.75 to 9.5 lbs.
$881 to $1,099

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70 Responses to Ruger Mini-14

kenny wrote:
October 19, 2014

I have a 181 not accurate,shoots everywhere ,no matter what ammo you feed it ,jams during ejection.Fun to shoot although...

Lyle Adams wrote:
November 14, 2013

I have both the mini 14 and 30 love them both as for the AR sorry I wouldnt take a case for eather

Reno wrote:
May 22, 2013

i've fired thousands of the 5.56X45 nato rounds through my 181 mini14 and no problems!!!

hjs wrote:
April 29, 2013

I fell in love with this gun the first time I saw it. Just bought one and look forward to years of enjoyment out of it.

Don wrote:
March 21, 2013

I bought my mini used for $480. It is a stainless ranch model and came with a Leupold vari x 3 scope mounted. It had been used gently. I can take spots off playing cards all day long without jams or cleaning at 100 yds. It is a fantastic rifle. Definately going to pass this gun to my son when he is ready to step up from his 10/22.

Darren wrote:
March 10, 2013

Well I own a tricked out M4 a real $2k ar I also got my hands on a LEO mini 14 out of the two the mini wins for me the ar is plastic notchy feeling feels and looks like a airsoft gun, yes the ar with shoot a little better groups, but the ar will and has Jamed many times the mini? Never once 2000rounds the ar? 2000 rounds it will jam and the ar must be clean or the mini will out shoot the ar that mini doesn't care it just runs and runs, to me the feeling of the wood stock the look way it sounds way it feels if you never shot one you do not get it, for me and this is my 2 cents I love all my guns but that sweet Georga state police mini there is just something the others don't seem to have,

Vettewine wrote:
February 12, 2013

Ruger Mini-14/30 Barrel Twist Rates 180-00001--1974--1 in 10 180-05101--1975--1 in 10 180-28282--1976--1 in 10 180-59251--1977--1 in 10 181-07488--1978--1 in 10 181-48351--1979--1 in 10 181-84879--1980--1 in 10 182-45601--1981--1 in 10 183-03581--1982--1 in 10 183-40455--1983--1 in 10 184-17175--1984--1 in 10 184-26063--1985--1 in 10 184-95448--1986--1 in 10 and 1 in 7 185-14140--1987--1 in 7 185-50455--1988--1 in 7 185-56556--1989--1 in 7 185-81009--1990--1 in 7 186-05029--1991--1 in 7 186-18250--1992--1 in 7 186-20065--1993--1 in 7 186-31116--1994--1 in 7 186-42502--1995--1 in 7 186-58133--1996--1 in 7 186-66855--1997--1 in 7 and 1 in 9 186-81445--1998--1 in 9 186-87432--1999--1 in 9 196-06325-2000--1 in 9 196-44553-2001--1 in 9 196-80982-2002--1 in 9 196-99207-2003--1 in 9 197-12180-2004--1 in 9 187-00001--1982--1 in 10 187-02611--1983--1 in 10 187-13218--1984--1 in 10 187-27226--1985--1 in 10 187-50919--1986--1 in 10 and 1 in 7 187-59308--1987--1 in 7 187-70033--1988--1 in 7 187-84127--1989--1 in 7 188-01157--1990--1 in 7 188-30499--1991--1 in 7 188-50902--1992--1 in 7 188-66901--1993--1 in 7 188-71086--1994--1 in 7 188-85981--1995--1 in 7 195-06037--1996--1 in 7 195-27761--1997--1 in 7 and 1 in 9 195-44221--1998--1 in 9 195-63542--1999--1 in 9 196-06325--2000--1 in 9 196-44553--2001--1 in 9 196-80982--2002--1 in 9 196-99207--2003--1 in 9 197-12180--2004--1 in 9 580-00001--2005--1 in 9 580-15286--2006--1 in 9 580-32382--2007--1 in 9 580-50951--2008--1 in 9 580-76276 and 581-00000--2009--1 in 9 581-48753--2010--1 in 9 581-71056--2011--1 in 9 581-95645--2012--1 in 9

Vettewine wrote:
February 12, 2013

I paid $130 for my 1976 Mini 14 (Ser # 180-XXXXX) and I love this gun. Eats everything and never complains or misfires. I reload for mine and have tried just about all types of bullet-powder combos with no hiccups. By the way, Ruger has assured me that the Mini 14 is chambered for 5.56 military ammo so it won't have any trouble handling that or .223 ammol.

Waffleobill wrote:
February 06, 2013

AR vs. Mini you say? My Mini will eat and spit out the dirtiest cheapest ammo I can cram into it, no issues thus far (can't say the same for the AR). As far as accuracy goes Mini is on par with the AR (at least from the entry level stand point). Whatever you do don't drop your AR, and keep it well cleaned and oiled. The Mini can take a beating and put up with mucho neglecto without fail. Mini's were also designed to compete with the AR for the Military contracts and will accept the 5.56 NATO rounds per the manufacturer specs (with the exception of the Target models).

frankie wrote:
January 24, 2013

$650-$700 bucks what walmart? certainly not in illinois right?

Bryan wrote:
January 12, 2013

"I wish they would make it in 7.62x51" It exists. It's called an M14.

North Dakota wrote:
December 16, 2012

I have one old mini 14 I bought in 1980 for 180.00$ brand new I could probably find the receipts for the 18000 or so rounds that have gone down that barrel their is only about 3 inchs of rifling left in the end of the barrel but that damn rifle has never missed a beat

68gto wrote:
November 27, 2012

I bought mine in the late 80's and it is stamped as .223 on the barrel. Many have said you can shoot 5.56 or .223 in it but I'm not sure about these older ones.

light wrote:
November 25, 2012

I love it when I can buy the cheapest ammo out there .223 or 556 NATO and it shoots it flawlessly no jams. I wish I could say that about any AR. The Mini 14 is worth the money.

Allan wrote:
October 05, 2012

I have an Colt Ar and the mini 14, and the mini is more reliable. Accuracy is about the same and I paid about 500 less for the mini14. My only complaint is the cheap aftermarket clips

andy mcgee wrote:
September 07, 2012

I wish they would make it in 7.62x51

Christian wrote:
August 16, 2012

On my second Mini and love them both. I used to have the Mini 581 series scary looking black "TacticaI" with a 16" barrel and flash suppressor, and a guy thought it was cool looking so he offered me my purchase price on a gun I had already put almost 300 rounds through. I currently have the 581 series stainless ranch rifle 18" barrel that I picked up new in box for $720 in Denver in July 2012. (Yeah, I know, perhaps a little higher than usual, but they are becoming hard to find here in the wild west, where shootin' irons are welcome in the grocery store, so they are getting a bit pricey.) It's nothing fancy and doesn't have any gizmos like the AR that I am issued, but it shoots the same round and makes the same bang and hits the target where I need it to. Latest test was about a 4"-5" group with iron sights at 100 yards. Last I checked, zombies are more than 4" wide, and they don't care if you are pointing a fancy schmancy desert cammo AR or a plain ol' stainless steel Mini at them, so I'm just fine with the results. Most importantly, it is just plain reliable, and works every single shot, and makes me giddy when I shoot it.

Joe wrote:
August 12, 2012

Have a 186 series Mini-14, and a Mini-30, love both of them. These are good solid rifles, not competition quality, but definitely combat/hunting accurate. Carried an M-16 on active duty for 16 years, would rather have had the Mini-14.

jeremy wrote:
July 30, 2012

Bought one last week. Put 200 rounds threw it.the only things that need attention is trigger not as smooth as it could be from factory and different rear sight,or at least one that doesn't come loose. Other than that ,I love it $617 Walmart.

Gary Blanton wrote:
July 13, 2012

I've had my mini-14 for 15 yrs and I have no prob with it as a matter of fact it hits in a 12in circle at just over 300yds I'm good with that. I have friends with AR-15s and some are a little more accurate some aren't. I have no probs with jamming or all n all I will keep it for the reliablity and I'm also a big Ruger fan.

Joe Mercer WI wrote:
July 11, 2012

I've had my Mini 14 for about 10 years now, and its still my Favorite rifle. Not a single jam yet, with high quality and also "cheap" ammo.Besides being so much fun to shoot, its very accurate and very reliable. "From my cold dead hands."

Anthony wrote:
July 06, 2012

Bought mine in 1982 while on leave, paid $308 for it. Only had 2 FTF in the 2-3000 rounds I've run through it. It has decent accuracy. I've run M193, the SS109 rounds, civilian ammo (Norinco, Wolf, etc.) with no problems beyond what I mentioned earlier.

Kermitt wrote:
June 24, 2012

Why all the fuss. Bought my Mini 14 in June of 1979, S.N. 181-43240, new in the box with a 20 rnd clip thrown in for $174.00. The ammo was reasonable and shooting it has been a real hoot. A three blade front site and an aperture rear should tell all you need to know about accuracy. If you need that, a bolt action .300 Win Mag and a quality piece of glass should work fine. Until then just enjoy the mini for what it is and sleep better at night.

Fred Jones wrote:
June 24, 2012

Paid $699 for ATI enhanced model. Folding stock is a nice feature. Added broomstick fore end grip and green laser. Nice rig. Prefer it to AR.

Kacey wrote:
June 23, 2012

I trained with the M-14 (7.62 NATO)in Army basic. Loved it and it's accuracy, just a bit heavy to carry. Army still uses it for snipers. For open sights, I think the 3-blade front sight and peep rear are an unbeatable combo. Carried the mini in my patrol cars for more than 30 years. I still own one and probably always will. I prefer Lake City military ammo. Never had any jamming problems. I trust this rifle. just take care of it and it will take care of you...

Dog Soldier wrote:
June 23, 2012

It is a very reliable weapon. I have had many. Only one was accurate. The rest were trash for accuracy. I gave the last one to my nephew. No charge. GOD Bless

William Dayman wrote:
June 21, 2012

I have one made in 1976. A piece of junk (180 Series). Extractor finally broke and I bought a new rifle (Series 581) which I love and did something to restore my faith in Ruger.

Michael wrote:
June 17, 2012

I have owned the mini 14 for 6 years now ($485.00), I recently got rid of my para ordinance AR15 ($2,180.00)I have shot at least 3800 rounds through my mini and it has not jammed once. My AR even well lubricated jammed within the first 60, it's jammed atleast 12 times within the 800 rounds I have shot through it and not only that you have to keep the gun clean and it's pretty difficult and annoying to do. You do the math...

Great North Woods Chuck wrote:
June 17, 2012

Bought my s/s Mini 14 new in 1989 for $360. Although it functions flawlessly, it is not particularly accurate, even with my best match handloads. For absofreekinglutely stunning accuracy, I'll use a Rock River Arms Varmint barreled AR with heaver bullets when I want to reach out and touch something.

Joe wrote:
June 16, 2012

I've owned both a Mini-30 and a Mini-14 for about 20 years. Never had either jam with any type of ammo. I've smoothed the triggers on both of them and both of them have always had excellent field accuracy. And to the guy buying a $750 AR have fun cleaning that puppy carried the M-16 for 16 years in the US Army and still hate the gas impingement system. BTW also have an AKM-S still prefer the Mini!

neil wesley wrote:
June 15, 2012

I bought 3 mini ranch rifles in 98 and paid only 389.00 each, even here in nor cal we saw it coming, you ak guys r ok but, the mini was sold only to police n military first late 1971 to 76 then public ..i will take my 30 rnd clip over the california bullet button any day ,nuff said

Al wrote:
June 15, 2012

I must say the the mini 14 is not as picky of an eater as the AR-15 platform. I've had mine for nearly 25 years and have never had a FTF or FTE

Dirk wrote:
June 15, 2012

Sorry didn't mean to offend anyone about this rifle. But my personal opinion is that Ruger is VERY PROUD of it($$$). For those of you who said they have seen or bought them for 650-750 for a new one. I will choose a $750 AR15 everyday.

Armchair Rambo wrote:
June 14, 2012

I worked at gun store. Big difference between MSRP and retail for used. About half. I love 'em, they will chew up anything (5.56 or .223) and keep working after firing 200 rounds.

Garrett wrote:
June 13, 2012

I'm a proud owner of the Mini 14. They are fun, accurate, reliable, and have the awesome M1/M14 look. I don't understand how people are complaining about the price of these guns while yes I have seen the price go up but they still cost less than most AR's. I was gonna get an AR but got the Mini instead and I don't regret getting it.

Karl wrote:
June 13, 2012

I have confirmed with Ruger that Mini-14 (except new target rifle) is a 5.56 chamber. A lot of 5.56 through mine. NO issues.

Gman wrote:
June 12, 2012

Had one(Ranch Rifle)a few years back. Traded in for my first AR; a Ruger 556. The mini-14 was an OK rifle but as the specs suggest that is chambered for the 5.56 NATO is wrong. If the first calber on the barrel reads .223 Remington, then you really should not shoot the NATO round due to the higher pressures with the longer NATO round. I'd still take my M-1 .30 cabine before the mini-14. I think it's more fun to shoot.

Joe T. Pimpernel wrote:
June 12, 2012

I have two mid-80's models that never shot very accurately. I added homemade barrel struts ( and Ultimak rail mounts ( and I can get one inch groups at a hundred yards.

Lad wrote:
June 12, 2012

How did "us snipers" use the Mini-14 in Vietnam when Ruger released the rifle in 1976?

John R. Fonseca wrote:
June 12, 2012

I have one of the original ones with the full wood stock and upper. It's receiver is marked, "Made in the 200th year of our nation's liberty". It's a great rifle!

Anthony Cordasco wrote:
June 12, 2012

I love this rifle. I am so content with it, I haven't bought another rifle except for some antiques.

Victor wrote:
June 12, 2012

Nice rifle but ive built ARs for less. The barrels on these are fairly thin as well. I don't think you get your money's worth for what's offered.

Karl wrote:
June 12, 2012

Maybe my math is off but I calculated my Minin-14 front sight post to be about 10 MOA at at 100 yards. So the 'scattergun' 4 MOA pattern of even the older ones should be hitting where you aim. They key to loving this rifle is to get it off the bench and learning to shoot it from field positions at realistic size targets.

Mike Lufkin wrote:
June 11, 2012

I had one... it is an OK rifle.... but the price is STUPID.... Get an SKS for $300 and never look back... shoots 7.62 x 39 and it is a BATTLE RIFLE... Thousands of rounds thru mine and NEVER a misfire. CHEAP AMMO TOO

Steve wrote:
June 11, 2012

I paid $289.00 for mine 28 years ago. Best rifle I ever had. I have shot over 3000 rounds with no jams. It will also bring down a deer with one shot one kill. I just bought 3 more 30 round clips for it. I wouldn't take $1,200.00 for it. It's Awesome! By the way, us snipers used them in Vietnam because they Never Jam!

Mike wrote:
June 11, 2012

Great little rifle. Never seen even remotely close to MSRP for sale. Always far cheaper. Newer rifles have better accuracy than older ones and a side by side look at barrels starts to tell the story why. As for ammo, mine eats everthing I put in it.

hotlead wrote:
June 11, 2012

I've owned for 10+ years it's a classic

John E. Kerr wrote:
June 11, 2012

I am the proud owner of a Mini-14. It shoots great and ammo is reasonable. I have five or six friends hounding me to sell it to them... Not today.

Stan wrote:
June 11, 2012

Love this gun but for the price i will get a A R 15

Bunnyshooter1719 wrote:
June 11, 2012

These Rugers usually sell or much less than their MSRP. My Ruger GSR was MSRP US $999 yet it only cost about $750 before tax. I would call around before I dis it. It's a decent rifle & if you can get it for around $700 it'd be worth it. Watch some maintenance videos before buying--it's complex compared to a bolt action so learning more about it's system may help you decide if it's for you. I have a feeling it jams less than an AR15... though the new versions are know to be about 3moa. The old versions were reported to be around 4-5moa. This Ranch Rifle in the vid has a premium stock it looks like. I prefer Bolt Actions lol

Paul wrote:
June 11, 2012

I have one. Shoots like a scattergun.

Toney thibodeaux wrote:
June 11, 2012

Comments... I love my mini 14 from Cabelas!!!

D. Chappell wrote:
June 11, 2012

Amazed at the MSRP also. I have always perceived the Mini-14 to be a good basic rifle in this caliber that was affordable. Why is Ruger pricing it comparable to the more popular AR class of rifles?

Dean wrote:
June 11, 2012

Dirk: I'm thinking the same thing. I was first looking at these things about 10 years ago, and they seemed to have almost doubled in price. If very little has changed since then, and at the quantity this is being produced, why is it so expensive now?

Adam wrote:
June 11, 2012

I don't know. I can pick a stainless synthetic model from my local gun shop for about $550. I imagind a blue/wood combo would run less.

Jasen wrote:
June 11, 2012

I own one . The factory needs to smooth out the feed into the chamber to prevent jamming. This is common with hollow points.

Annie wrote:
June 11, 2012

Get the AR15!

Danny wrote:
June 11, 2012

I have one. Would not give it up. My 12 year old daughter loves it.

Samurai wrote:
June 11, 2012

Hopefully the new ones are more accurate than my old 1995 model. It made a better spray gun than anything.

Karl Spencer wrote:
June 11, 2012

I love my mini 14. I can shoot nickels from 75 yards, iron sights. So much for these not being tack drivers. Btw, I own an AR-15 and an AK74.

Mini Dude wrote:
June 11, 2012

That price is market price for brand new. I see them regularly for under $700, and can find nice used minis sometimes for as little as $400 if they are "stock", and not modified. Great gun!

Steve wrote:
June 11, 2012

Bought mine from a little old man who took it to church on sunday, if you know what I mean.400 bucks

Kim wrote:
June 11, 2012

Cute, but I agree, way to expensive for what you are getting. I'll take my AR any day, and it's way more versatile and expandable.

Dale wrote:
June 11, 2012

Yes, I agree! It was a nice little rifle BUT is now so expensive like so many other items. Ruger was always one of the least expensive and YET one of the more reliable of American arms to my thinking. Possibly a Sig 556 instead.

Shawn wrote:
June 11, 2012

I'll take that stock with a stainless barreled action.

John wrote:
June 11, 2012

They go for just a little over $600 at Wal Mart man. I got mine a few years ago for about $570 if i remember right.

Brandon wrote:
June 11, 2012

not sure where he got his prices, quick search shows mid 600's for them, not 700-1k.

Mike wrote:
June 11, 2012

Nah, you find them cheaper than that at walmart for about $650-700.00

Dirk wrote:
June 11, 2012

Is it just me but when did these become so expensive? I would rather have a nice AR15 for this kind of money.

Tom wrote:
June 11, 2012

I wish I could afford one, to much money even for a .223.