The Mossberg 500 Chainsaw

Certainly one of the most unusual-looking guns at SHOT Show 2011 came from Mossberg in the form of their Mossberg 500 Chainsaw. Built on the iconic Mossberg 500 action, the Chainsaw is a pistol-grip pump-action shotgun with no stock. While guns like this are desirable for home defense, they're notoriously hard to control while firing, a problem that Mossberg has solved by attaching a wrap-around chainsaw-style hand grip to the pump. Intended to be fired from the hip, this top handle allows the user to cycle the action while simultaneously maintaining leverage above the gun to help tame muzzle flip.

In addition to the chainsaw-style grip, the 500 Chainsaw has a stand-off barrel that can be used to breech doors and three rails that can mount accessories.

For additional information on the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw, please visit Mossberg's website.

Mossberg 500 Chainsaw

Mossberg 500 Chainsaw

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35 Responses to The Mossberg 500 Chainsaw

Greg wrote:
December 14, 2014

Hello Charlie28711 I am new here, I have a 500 I would like to add the chainsaw grip. Would you like to sell yours, if you still have it? Thank you Greg

Eugene j wrote:
June 11, 2013

Anyone know where I can get just the actual chainsaw attachment not the whole gun I don't need two shotguns....or maybe I do!!!

Mitch h wrote:
May 27, 2013

Awesome gun have had mine for a while once you get used to the grip you can generally hit anything up to 20 yards or so great for home defense who cares if it has zombie shit on the side I still wouldn't want it pointed at me

charlie28711 wrote:
April 29, 2013

I got mine at a ridiculously low price from a guy who thought it sucked as a practical weapon. As I looked at it I (to myself) agreed and got him to knock off another 50$. I got it home, removed the chainsaw handle and put on a vertical foregrip. a light and Veridian GLK green laser all of which I already had. BAM!! a very accurate slug gun and a great home defense one too.

Brian Coleman wrote:
March 24, 2013

If you are a shoter you would figure that a short barel shot gun would be for close range. And a long range with chokes would be used for different game. That is not hard to figure out. The mossberg 500 chain saw is great gun for short range home defense.

Carl wrote:
March 16, 2013

I personnally use the 500 Chainsaw for my job in security at the company I work for, that and a Springfield xdM 45.

jon wrote:
March 08, 2013

Looks like it's based on a 590 looking at the magazine cap and barrel, saw it on Top Gun on Military History (here in England) made short work of the door locks they used it on. I have an 835 limited to 2 in the magazine, We won't be getting our hands on the chainsaw here

BushMaster63 wrote:
March 03, 2013

I cannot believe all the off handed complaining going on here by useless "self proclaimed" experts....I'm an OIF veteran and this piece is made perfectly for breaching doorways and cq fighting. As far as the toothy's designed for slamming into a door for steadying the shot totake out the latch assembly, or great for just knockin the tar out of someone who desperately needs it. This jewel is not for "dove hunting"'s a well made, no nonsense defense tool...and for those knocking it's usefullness and accuracy...I could use some moving "Zombie" targets to see just how far this Zombie Max ammo will reach out and touch someone...any takers? I am a combat vet with over 20 yrs in the Infantry, and yes, I have everything else I figured I would need in any given situation...this bad boy just completed my personal and home defense arsenal, and can now sleep much sounder knowing that I have an easy to maneuver "area" weapon!!!

Jason wrote:
February 15, 2013

I just bought mine and feel safer then ever in my home. God bless the USA

pulchrum wrote:
February 04, 2013

Billy, what light/laser did you use? I am looking for one now and if you put 600 rounds through yours and it is working, I am interested in it. Thx

Steven wrote:
January 18, 2013

Looks like a nice HD weapon. I don't own one, YET, but looking to. Anyway, @ D.L. if you ever return, just what type of professional firearm to you consider ok for shooting an intruder threatening your family? Your post is ridiculous. @Gavin, you don't even own one but you know everything. Grow up, Mr Shoot Game Birds over 100 yards... LOL sure buddy. Just because you are unethical to try, doesn't mean you know anything. But to the rest of you guys, gals, thanks for the info.

billy wrote:
October 07, 2012

I have had one for around a half year and love it. I guess anyone who bashes it hasnt shot it or wife wont allow them to get one. I have probly 600rds through mine and it is awesome. I have a light/laser attatched and anywhere the light beam shines it is deadly and it not ever in way of my site while on prowl foe potential intruder. Try it, you will love it.

Emilio wrote:
September 06, 2012

Just purchased mine for about $550. Really light, very futuristic weapon.

john wrote:
August 25, 2012

since when do you need accruacy in close quarters with a shot gun. this gun is perfect for home defense

Gavin wrote:
August 23, 2012

This is a novelty gun, nothing more. it is just as easy, if not easier, to fire a traditional shotgun from the hip for quick closerange shots. i can also shoulder it and have accurate stopping power out to 80 yards(12 gauge - full choke- proper ammo). the only use this gun has is for a bedroom last line of defense gun, a replacement for that 9mm under your mattress that you or your wife barely know how to shoot. I have taken many a game bird and clay pigeon with my 870 wingmaster 12 gauge over 100 yards with full choke - lets see the chainsaw shoot half that far accuratly

Bgoody wrote:
June 15, 2012

Got the gun as an early fathers day present. I hunt archery for bear and this never leaves my side. It's a great equalizer and a blast to shoot. Those that say useless have never hunted bears in Idaho. Love it!

Dave wrote:
May 31, 2012

No use for this gun? how about in your bed room or hallway at 3 am and he's on speed looking for something to sell for more. yeah its got a use. Hurt somebody at close range with out hurting your self.

IP90 wrote:
April 20, 2012

Anyone know if the parts on these can interchange with other 500s?

Klark wrote:
April 20, 2012

This platform is intended to be used mostly by LEO on door breaches/ close quarters use. As you can imagine the mechanics of using the gap to action would be very uncomfortable if not dangerous from a shouldered position.

S.R.L wrote:
April 17, 2012

this weapon system is being featured on HISTORY CHANNELS Top shot, And H2's Top gun along side the FN FS2000 and the FN Five-seven pistol.Speaks for its self if you ask me.

jw wrote:
April 13, 2012

This gun is very usefull. If you have fired one you would know.

K.M. wrote:
April 01, 2012

I just purchased a chainsaw and read the comments here. I don't get it, 'unprofessional', 'fool tool' and 'serves no purpose'??? Let me start by saying you're entitled to your opinion, however, it's just an uneducated opinion. If you don't have one, need one, or want one your opinion does'nt mean anything. If you livr in or near an overpopulated city and want a controllable home defense weapon that has short range, it does serve a purpose. Yes my 1911, G17C, S&W 19-4 and all my other firearms work, but not as effectively when you take into account responding to a b&e at 3AM, which I Have experienced. When I thought about it, a short controllable weapon is the best choice, lead shot 00 buck, the ideal round. You shouldn't be so narrowminded.

Dennis wrote:
March 28, 2012

I just got one. I agree it is not for everyone. I put the laser/flashlight on it and learned that it can be shot from the hip pretty well. You can also take the chainsaw grip off it to shoot it like a regular pistol grip. It's pretty nice but again not for everyone.

Jas wrote:
March 27, 2012

I own a Mossberg 500 and honestly I think this gun would be a fun gun to go out and shoot from the hip. Practicality wise for home defense with a shotgun I would prefer the collapsable stock to the pistol grip hip shooters but that's just me. I think this would help with accuracy if paired with a laser while shooting from the hip. Sadly it's like the flash suppressor on thier Road Blocker model.. cool looking if you want that but no real practicality.

cj wrote:
March 18, 2012

D.L misspelled professional. can he spell irony correctly? if you don't like the gun don't buy it. unless you can't afford it.

Micky wrote:
February 21, 2012

I purchased this as a add on to my self Defense weapons. Stored in the trunk Of my car in my tool kit.

D.L. wrote:
February 10, 2012

Embarrasingly stupid, I can just see the same fool that purchases this liability stocking up on Hornaday's "zombie" killer ammo. No proffesional worthy of respect would ever touch a fool tool like this.

slobo wrote:
January 23, 2012

Comments...Is the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Crusader classified as a pistol or pistol grip shotgun?

brokeback wrote:
December 11, 2011

Like they sayaround these parts, that gun looks like its all hat, and no cowboy

E. Nicholson wrote:
November 23, 2011

This is a specialty item, not for a general-purpose weapon. Specifically, a door-breacher or for launching 12 ga flares. Hip-firing refers to point'n'shoot, just google a Louis Lamour book for more info.

Ken S wrote:
November 18, 2011

When does hip firing mean accuracy? The stupid handle makes it pretty much impossible to fire conventionally.

Mike T wrote:
November 18, 2011

Jerry, you said it looks useless, but I think you are dead wrong:) Did you field test this prior to your useless post? I own one and field tested it and for home protection it has a use. Also, law enforcement is adding this to their arsenal

Jerry wrote:
November 03, 2011

Looks like pretty useless to me. All tacticool no purpose

Steve wrote:
February 22, 2011

What? Why set up your current Mossberg like that...perfect excuse to ADD a Mossberg to the collection!

John wrote:
February 01, 2011

How do I set my Mossberg 500 up like that and how much will it cost?