Magnum Research BFR

A big, fine revolver if there ever was one, the Magnum Research BFR provides power and versatility in a 100 percent made in the United States package.

Based in Minnesota, Magnum Research is known for making the popular Desert Eagle available to American shooters, and has imported the IMI/IWI brand of pistols under the Baby Desert Eagle name.

Sporting a massive, all-stainless frame, the BFR is an impressively powerful single-action. The BFR is perfect for hunting—or even outright protection, if you're a regular backwoods adventurer. If .30/30 Win. isn't your style, don't fret: There are nearly a dozen other options available.

Technical Specifications:

Model: BFR30/30
Action: Single-Action Only
.30/30 Win.
Stainless Steel
Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel Construction
Sights: Factory Black Fixed Front/Rear Adjustable
Barrel Length:
Total Length:
84.8 ozs., Unloaded
5 Rounds
MSRP: $1,050 (prices may vary)

*Note: The BFR line is available in an array of calibers. For more information, visit the home of Magnum Research.


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8 Responses to Magnum Research BFR

C wrote:
September 04, 2012

Looks like the old colt .44, except... BIGGER

RRR wrote:
August 15, 2012

Comments about the bottleneck cartridge vs. revolver issue may date to the .256 Winchester and the Ruger Hawkeye, about 50 years back. Not that the Hawkeye was a revolver--it only looked that way. But at the time there were some comments about the .256 round requiring a really tight and well-supported lock-up, which, perhaps, the Ruger single-shot did not provide as well as necessary. Maybe the .256, a .357 Mag necked to .25, was the first bottlenecked, factory handgun cartridge offered in a mass-produced handgun. So its behavior drew much attention then.

Dave Cohen wrote:
August 14, 2012

prefer S&W 500 magnum- single/double action, also has tranfer bar, also weighs about 5 lbs (empty), a slightly shorter barrel and grip, and 500 mag M.E. maxes out at ~ 1.5x that of a 30-30

Dan wrote:
August 14, 2012

What a beautiful piece, would make a nice back up to my 30/30 lever gun, and no bottlenecks would give no issue in a revolver, why would it? a 30/30 revolver has been around for some years..

Doug Ruegg wrote:
August 14, 2012

I was under the impression that bottlenecked cartridges were notoriously problematic in revolvers. That and 5.3lb?

John wrote:
August 14, 2012

Jerry, what's the issue with a transfer bar?

Fred wrote:
August 14, 2012

This revolver in .30-30 is very cool to shoot. It has plenty of pep, but not the bone crunching recoil of some monster revolvers. This gun is nice and accurate too.

Jerry Bassett wrote:
August 13, 2012

It looked very interesting until "Transfer bar" was mentioned. Not Interested.