Dead Ringer Glock Sights

Dead Ringer’s steel Snake Eyes sights incorporate several easy-to-see materials to improve target acquisition times in low-light conditions. The aperture-type rear sight, which is press-fit into the slide’s dovetail, encapsulates a circular, fluorescent orange optical Lexan insert and features two tritium dots, while the angled front sight has a single tritium-powered dot in a thick post. The front sight comes with a replacement screw. It is recommended that a gunsmith install the sights. Snake Eyes sights fit all Glock models and retail for $85 to $120.

Contact: Dead Ringer Hunting, 2100 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road, Rochester, NY 14623; (585) 355-4685

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3 Responses to Dead Ringer Glock Sights

CAR wrote:
September 15, 2014

I have used these on my Glock carry gun for exactly the reason they are designed. Very fast target acquisition. They do not interfere with my carry position and increase my confidence in hitting my target during times of stress.

B. Flores wrote:
March 18, 2014

Definitely sites for a range gun only or night stand. Not something you would want on a carry gun or ccw

GACKoolaidman wrote:
March 18, 2014

Now those just look silly get some Trijicon's or Metrolite's and still be able to have the factory fit and function. Unless your a pirate and you need to rack your slide with your hooked hand :)