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The Mauser M12

The M12 is a precise, but affordable, bolt-action rifle from the same group that created one of the most popular military and sporting rifles—Mauser.


Mauser Jagdwaffen is introducing a brand new Mauser rifle—the Mauser M12—that combines quality with an affordable price.

With a receiver contoured to the Mauser 98, the M12 features a classic straight stock, pistol grip, fine checkering and wood scalloping around the receiver. It also has a 60 degree bolt life and a non-slip bolt handle for fast and smooth action.

The receiver is made from steel with a smooth, 2-pound trigger pull and interlocking barrel, with the bolt securely locked via six locking lugs. It also has a three-position SRS (Smooth Roll Safety) that acts directly on the firing pin for precise and noiseless operation.

The M12 will be available in April 2013 in two versions in a variety of chamberings from .22-250 Rem. to .338 Win. Mag. The M12 comes with a wood stock, while the M12 Extreme features a gray synthetic stock with soft touch coating. Rounding out the package is a light beige M12 cap, a new version of the Mauser long rifle case and ear protection.

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6 Responses to The Mauser M12

Ann wrote:
March 08, 2014

Mauser offers a chambering in 9.3 x 62.

John Pownall wrote:
March 08, 2014

What is the M12 .308 twist?

Pettson wrote:
May 24, 2013

Yes, of course! Due to the large number of elephant and buffs roaming every continent on this planet, of course they should see to getting the 41# et al out there on the market first of all! Forget about the little fly swatters like the 30-06 and what not. I need a rifle for the great scandinavian grey flap-eared elephant. Now!

Cecil S wrote:
May 07, 2013

Beautiful rifle and I'm a huge Mauser fan, but the price will have to be where the common person can afford it. If the price is reasonable I would by it in a heartbeat! The name Mauser alone says it all, ( I have four....).

SJL wrote:
April 28, 2013

I agree, where are the likes of the .375 H&H, .416 Rem. Mag., .458 Lott and .404 Jeffery??

Sw wrote:
April 12, 2013

Why not in .375?