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Ruger SR40c Review

This compact, polymer framed .40 S&W pistol arrives ready to work.


If you get something right the first time, then usually the idea is to make it bigger. While this principle generally holds true for Fortune 500 companies, restaurant chains and Dagwood sandwiches, handguns tend to work in the other direction. They start big and then get smaller. Ruger's popular line of SR pistols started off with the full-sized SR9 in 9 mm, followed by the more concealable SR9c. Last year, the line grew with the addition of the full-sized SR40, chambered for .40 S&W. This year marks the release of the compact SR40c.

Ruger was late getting on board with the whole striker-fired handgun movement. However, by biding its time, the company has built a pistol series with a desirable set of features. The overall fit and finish of the pistol is excellent. The stainless-steel slide features satin rounds and polished flats, with front and rear serrations for easy operation. The three-dot sights are of a rugged, black, metallic construction with a dove-tailed rear sight featuring a click adjustment screw for height. The frame, trigger and magazine release are all made of high-performance glass-filled nylon.

The external safeties include a trigger safety, and an ambidextrous thumb safety that blocks both the slide and trigger from moving. The thumb safety is very sleek, but easy to disengage or engage. The SR40c has one of the largest and most visible loaded chamber indicators I have ever seen on a handgun. If you are having difficulty finding this bar-shaped indicator, it's located on the top of the slide, behind the chamber opening, it's painted bright red on both sides and it has the words “LOADED WHEN UP” boldly engraved across the top.

The size of the loaded chamber indicator seems like overkill until you follow Ruger's suggestion of running your fingers across the top of the slide in the dark. Now it makes sense. The indicator rides just high enough that you can feel there's a round in the chamber without opening the slide. When the SR40c is cocked, the rounded tip of the striker is visible via a port in the rear slide plate. This provides yet another way to check the status of the pistol.

On the Range
The SR40c proved to be a pleasure to shoot. Many of the striker-fired .40 S&W pistols in this class can feel snappy or uncomfortable to work with. This is not the case with the SR40c. The expected level of recoil is present, but the pistol design mitigates the punishment of it quite well. The grip feels terrific, even in smaller hands like mine. The frame is smooth and slightly curved to let the thumb and trigger finger slide right into place. The texturing on the front strap and side panels provide just the right amount of roughness for the other three fingers to grab on to. The reversible rubber back strap is a bit of genius because it grips the palm effectively without chewing it up in the course of fire.

The three configurations for the steel magazines were comfortable to work with. The 15-round magazine with the grip extension sleeve worked nicely to make the grip feel like a duty-sized pistol. The nine-round magazine fitted with the finger extension felt just as good without any pinching or nibbling of the ring finger that some extensions can cause. Since the grip frame provides plenty of room for a full two-finger grip, the gun still felt comfortable and controllable with the flat magazine base in place on the nine-round magazine, but I liked the extension better. The D-shaped ambidextrous magazine release buttons are checkered and accessible, but do not accidentally bump-eject like some configurations.

It did take a little practice to get used to the SR40c trigger, but not for the reasons you might think. Saying this can sometimes imply the trigger is heavy, rough or strange somehow. In the case of the SR40c, the trigger surprised me because it felt lighter and faster than most striker-fired pistols.

Curious to understand the differences, I examined the SR40c against a Glock 23 after the shooting tests were concluded. I found the Glock has a 5-pound 8-ounce trigger, with a travel stroke of 1/2 inch, and a little over-travel at the end of the stroke. The SR40c has a 6-pound 4-ounce trigger, but the travel stroke is only 3/8 inch with no perceptible over-travel. So even though the SR40c is just a little heavier in the trigger, its smooth feel and shorter stroke distance make it feel crisp and quick. In other words, it is an excellent trigger for an out-of-the-box striker-fired pistol.

When it came to feeding the SR40c, it was content with everything I stuffed in the magazine. I tried a variety of practice-grade and full-metal jacket rounds, and they all fired and functioned without any hiccups. This pistol ran just as happily when sustained on a diet of defense-grade hollow points. There was not a single malfunction in the entire course of testing.

Accuracy testing provided consistent and satisfying results with five-shot groups fired from the bench at 25 yards. The best group average, at 2.58 inches, was provided by Hornady 165-grain FTX hollow points. This was followed by Winchester 165-grain PDX1 hollow points at 2.66 inches and Federal 155-grain Hydro Shok hollow points at 2.83 inches. The two best individual groups were provided by Winchester and Hornady, each at 2.25 inches. Not bad at all.

Final Thoughts 
The SR40c arrives with the features and accessories needed to get right to work. The stainless steel slide and polymer frame are light and durable. The slim, contoured grip and overall ergonomics of the pistol are top notch and comfortable to work with. The trigger is excellent from the first shot forward. And the mix of magazines and magazine accessories are ready to go for concealed carry or for home defense. Best of all, the gun proved to be utterly reliable and accurate with all of the ammunition tested. The SR40 is another winning pistol in Ruger’s SR lineup.

Manufacturer: Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.; Ruger.com
Model: SR40c
Action: Striker-Fired Double-Action Only
Caliber: 40 S&W
Slide Finish: Stainless Steel or Nitridox Pro Black Alloy Steel
Frame: Black High Performance Glass-Filled Nylon
Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
Barrel Length: 3.50”
Overall Length: 6.85”
Height: 4.61”
Width: 1.27”
Weight: 23.40 Ozs., Unloaded
Capacity: 15+1 Rounds, 9+1 Rounds
Twist: 1:16” RH 
Rifle Grooves: 6
Accessories: One 15-Round Magazine with grip extension sleeve, one 9-round magzine with flat and extended base, magazine loader, lock
Suggested Retail Price: $525.00

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89 Responses to Ruger SR40c Review

Jeff wrote:
January 02, 2014

I got the SR40C for Christmas and noticed that the magazine boot for the 15 rounder, stopped me from being able to insert that magazine. I had to trim it to make if fit. But I took it to the range yesterday. The sights were about 3' high, but after only 2 rounds I took a screwdriver and it it dead on now. My son and I tried it with Fiocchi 170 truncated cone. There were FTF with every magazine. I guess about 6 FTF in 4 magazines. Then I switched to Federal JHP and did a quick function test with only 5 rounds in each magazine. It fed flawlessly with that ammo in that very short test. I was only at 7 yards, but produced nearly a one hole group of 1' with one flier taking it out to 1.5'. I am concerned about reliability though. There were stovepipe jams and just simple FTFs right and left. I am glad I had the box of Federal ammo or I would have been greatly disappointed.

Brian wrote:
December 01, 2013

So I recently picked up the SR40c and finally got a chance to get it out to the range. I was reading the comments in this review before actually firing it and was expecting to do a bunch of zeroing as it seems people have had some issues (low & left?). I could not have been happier with this pistol!!! It was smooth and accurate right from the get-go. I put a decent amount of rounds through it and experienced absolutely no problems at all (feeding, striking, etc). I shot it along with my buddy's M&P 9mm and his Shield as well and I definitely preferred my Ruger over both M&P's. I live in Mass so the trigger-pull on the M&P is 10 lbs due to the lack of an external safety. The SR40c's 7.5 lb trigger-pull was smooth and easy by comparison. The Shield also has a 7.5 lb TP but the Ruger's seemed way smoother than that as well. I find it also to be perfect for my concealed carry. After about 20 minutes I forget its even there. This is a great firearm for everyday carry purposes and I'd suggest it to anyone looking for one!!! Nice job Ruger!!!

Ron Donnelly wrote:
October 18, 2013

I have 2, sr-9 c and sr-40 c love them both, I have had no problems what so ever,I carry concealed and the size is just right .

Ron D. wrote:
August 15, 2013

My first was the ruger p85 MK 2, traded it in on the new sr-9c for cancel carry, this is a great gun I carry iwb and wear it all day and almost forget I am carrying it,I cannot think of one thing about this side arm I dislike. so yesterday I went back down and purchased a sr-40 c with the stainless slide,so now I have 2 . these are great guns love them both and why I have 2,? well just because..

Kyley wrote:
July 03, 2013

I fell in love with this gun reading and watching reviews on it. I drove around all day today to find a store that had one, and just got home from putting a down payment on one. I wanted the stainless model but they only had the back nitride. After holding it in my hand I begain to really like the look of that version. Just the feel of the gun is amazing. I can't wait to put some rounds through it. I am a die hard Ruger fan. I have a Ruger MKII my grandfather gave me when I turned 18 (the gun was made the same year I was born) and I put that thing through hell. Works just fine and astonishingly looks fairly new. I have a Ruger Blackhawk 357 bicentennial model (made in 1976) that looks and shoots brand new. Rugers durability is second to none.

charles wrote:
June 23, 2013

Glock 22 anyday!!!!!!

Big G wrote:
April 21, 2013

Upon firing, the firing pin/ striker protrudes from the slide. This does interfere with a round feeding when racking the slide slowly by hand. The striker retracts as the slide close the last 3/8 inch and the sear is caught by the "fire control unit". I imagine this is the case with all striker fired autos that don't have an inertial firing pin that automatically retract.

Travis wrote:
April 19, 2013

i have had my SR40c for about a year and have no trouble with it, i have put self loaded hollow points and purchased store rounds through it with no problem,

David wrote:
February 22, 2013

I bought my SR40c about 2 weeks ago and bought 1500 rounds (1000 practice, 500 personal defense) i put a total of 500 (400 remington 180 grain umc 100 federal premium 180 grain jhp) and never had a problem. My fiance had never shot a handgun before, or any gun for that matter, and loved it herself. I myself have shot and owned Glock and Baretta handguns, and just shot many others, and i wouldn't trade it for anything. I personally don't care too much for a 9mm but i do want to try it in the SR9c because of everyones reviews. This gun is my everyday carry and i have purchased the crimson trace light attatchment and love it too. I live on a farm and have barrel racing horses to watch out for and a couple nights ago there were coyotes around the stables and my fiance got one with a single shot. Lol. All-in-all this is an all around great gun and have talked many of my friends into purchasing it and they love it as well. Just one last thing.... Why in the world would you want to load a round into the chamber without the gun being cocked?? Its a double action firing system so unless the trigger system breaks you wouldnt have i mis-fire anyway. Lol i guess it's not meant for me to understand. But i do respect your opinion and if you truly want to sell it for that reason alone, then do it so someone else can be lucky enough to own this amazing firearm. This is my first ruger and it's impressed me enough to only buy a ruger from here on out.

Kimber wrote:
February 21, 2013

I just installed the heavy striker spring, polished indicator, a trigger job and ghost reset bar on a Ruger SR40c. I cannot believe the difference it's made! All the upgrades can be found at Galloway Precision's website. Highly recommend!!!

Larsch wrote:
February 02, 2013

Have heard complaints about the firing pin preventing chambering a round when the gun is not cocked. Why would you want to do that anyway. It's not like you can cock it after the round is chambered so how is that even relevant. The slide should be fully racked to chamber a round. This puts the striker in its semi cocked position before the round is stripped from the magazine eliminating the issue. Imho

lou wrote:
January 28, 2013

Have sr9c stainless slide no problems, Bought sr40c after cleaning I noted some unusual marks in slide resembling chip out from machine marks where muzzle exits slide and rear sight slot. I sent it to Ruger and they replaced it. I shot 50 rounds after return and cleaned. Noted the metal on the slide around the end of the spring rod underneath the muzzle broke out on 1/2 of the circumference of the hole surrounding the end of the rod. I am going to contact ruger. Did anybody have a problem with the black slide? It looks like the alloy is defective. Any comments?

Edison wrote:
January 12, 2013

I did have the same proble with light primer strikes but I fixed mine by removing the magazine disconnect. The disconnect seem to create drag on the firing pin as it moves forward to fire so by removing it I fixed the drag issue. Your second option is to by a stronger firing pin spring. The spring runs about twelve dollars. If you like the magazine disconnect feature then the spring would be the way to go.

joe wrote:
December 17, 2012

i have a sr40c that seems to have firing pin problems, it hits the primer but sounds weak and does not fire the round, i bought more expensive ammo and retest with the same results, i remove the pin to inspect for grease or anything slowing it down, nothing found. anyone else having this issue? is there a updated spring i can buy

steph wrote:
December 15, 2012

I just want to thank you all for the reviews. I have been lookin to buy my first pistol and was 'window shopping' at a gun show. When I saw the sr40c I instantly fell in love with it. While doing my research (wouldn't want to buy a crappy pistol) I found thi site. You all helped me to decide to DEFINATLY go with the 40c...Thank You!!!

Bruce wrote:
December 07, 2012

Jerry, the enclosed loading system is a wonder in itself. Other than that as I learned stronger hands. Not being sarcastic only thing I can think of

aaron wrote:
November 20, 2012

Any one have any issuse with shells not ejecting

jerry fisher wrote:
November 09, 2012

Been shooting many years own lots of pistols...never encountered magazine springs this stiff.Extremely difficult to load by hand .nee Uplola.any suggestions?

jerry fisher wrote:
November 09, 2012

Been shooting many years own lots of pistols...never encountered magazine springs this stiff.Extremely difficult to load by hand .nee Uplola.any suggestions?

E. Moore wrote:
October 21, 2012

Purchased 2 SR40c pistols yesterday. 100 rds apiece straight out of the box. No issues. 1 gun dead on @ 25yds.! The other low3@ left. A simple sight adjustment and dead on. Field stripped. Cleaned. Good to go.

Todd wrote:
October 13, 2012

Matt, 40 S&W is a caliber too. It's a Ruger 40 S&W. Not picking on you, just saying....author of review was correct.

Pup wrote:
September 30, 2012

I bought two SR40c. Took them to the range today for the first time. Both shot about 4' left @20 feet. No matter what I did, how slowly I pulled, even using just one eye...still went way left. So yes, to those above, this is apparently a Ruger problem and not an isolated incident. Other guns I have bought brand new have always been zeroed in from the factory. Now I have to adjust the sights myself, which I have no experience doing on a pistol. Also, agree with the comment on the holdback release being much, much too hard to release with a thumb. I had one malfunction using 155gr HST. Slide held open with one round left in the magazine. Not sure why. I have been finding lots of metal shavings in the gun upon cleaning after shooting 24rds through each gun. And yes, I cleaned before shooting the first time. All in all, not Very satisfied...yet. This gun makes my 15year old sig 229 .40 seem super smooth and well refined in comparison. I'm hoping I get them broken in, sighted in, figured out, etc.

KBWstrike wrote:
September 29, 2012

I purchased a SR40c last spring and love it. It fits my hand well with recoil controlled well enough for my wife and kids to handle. Only issue - the reviews all claim DOUBLE action but the sear and striker do not reset without cycling the slide.

D jacobYour Name wrote:
September 29, 2012

Comments..why does ruger say not to leave loaded over 12 hrs before resting striker spring overnite.

Preston wrote:
September 24, 2012

I had the Ruger SR9c before I just had to have the RUger SR40c. The 9' was more snappy than the 40. The 40 is more powerful and has more recoil kick than snap which I prefer. It feels great in my hands I have medium to small type hands for a 5 9" man. I've shot springfields, sig's, kimbers, glocks, and ruger definitely has the rugged reliability on its name. Never once had a misfire, never once had a malfunctioning problem (other than my mini 14 which is older than I am and was due to the aftermarket magazine not the gun itself). I've owned 5 Ruger's now in a 7 year period and love them. Ruger die hard fan forever.

Bruce wrote:
September 23, 2012

I carry this firearm everywhere I go, I am extremely pleased with the reliability of this weapon and recommend it to anyone looking for a large caliber carry gun.

danny southerland wrote:
August 19, 2012

why did you make the slide so tight and theslide rekease so that you cant use your thumb to release the slide. you used to makr the slide release sorta thick so iti was easy to use . i am 65 years old lost a lotta strengh and dont want to lesrn new tricks? now i have to get some one de borr and buff up the slide groove areas and do the same thing to the slide release area then polish these same areas . then shoot 700/800 rounds to get wherei can use the slide reslease with onr thumb while putting a new clip. whats the deal.

Dave wrote:
August 17, 2012

Just bough my SR40C today and I am going to the range on Sunday. After looking dor years for a pistol i picked this uo in the store today and fell in love. This is my first (outside of my military issue) sidearm and probably be my only. After reading some reviews I noticed that mine if dry-fired won't chamber a round too. Also, the nine round mag is a little hard to get seated in properly when fully loaded I have to try several times before it will seat correctly. When empty it slides in every time no exceptions. The 15 round slides in no problems either.

David wrote:
August 12, 2012

I bought my SR40 about a year ago, I love this gun! I have fired over 2500 rounds through this gun and it still shoots as accurate as the day I bought it. Never had a misfire! The trigger is smooth and light, the recoil in way better than a Glock. If you want to wast your money on the name, buy a Glock! I'm going to complete my .40 series and but the SR.40 this week.

tom wrote:
August 12, 2012

i just shot my friends sr40c yesterday and its a great pistols. I'm used to using sigs and 1911's for carry, but i would definitely buy one of these pistols, for fun we set up a paper plate at 100yds and it hit 5 out of 7 shots no problem and the 2 fliers were my fault.

Dennis wrote:
August 08, 2012

I owned a SR9c until it was stolen...ran over 1000 rounds through it and never had one problem except one time when I failed to pull slide back all the way on first round. I have weak wrist due to car accident but the more I used it the easier it became. I taught my two sons ages 21 and 30 with same weapon and they never had any issues. I have a SR40c coming from Gander Mtn. for $429.00 that is coming in on rain check. I shot the 40c at range along side my 9c and except for a slight more recoil the groupings and patterns were the same.......absolutely loved it and can't wait for it to show up. It will my new dailey carry.

Chuck wrote:
July 28, 2012

Chad Have your FFl dealer send it back to Ruger. I understand they had a frame issue on a very few items. They will fix it free.

Chad wrote:
July 17, 2012

After months of reading reviews and deciding that I wanted to buy the SR40c for CCW I was stoked to get one. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed so far. I have taken it out to shoot twice and it misfired several times and left a very weak dent on the primer. Like the firing pin spring just wasn't very strong. I took it to the dealer and they said they had it fixed, took it out to test again today and it's still a no go! It fired no rounds out of a full clip. I got on the phone with the dealer again and they are going to get me a new one. Hopefully I don't run into the same thing again. If I do then I will look at other options, but even then I'll be out money due to they fact the dealer has to buy it back at a much lesser amount than what I paid for it since it's considered a "used gun". Fingers crossed!

corrections officer wrote:
June 27, 2012

It did not make a mistake the writer was saying this .40 s&w pistol comes ready to use. It is a ruger but it fires a .40 smith and wesson. That is the name of the round .40 s&w

Jared Smith wrote:
June 21, 2012

I own a full frame sr40 and my wife the sr40c. What an awesome gun. Reliable and accurate. Thanks Ruger

Bill wrote:
June 12, 2012

On 5/2012 I purchased a Ruger SR40C. I have read that there were some items on the firearm that were plastic. After checking in to it a little more, I found a co. that works on Rugers SR's and LC9. Before I ven shot the firearm, I sent it to Galloway Precision and for $180 I now have a weapon that is smooth, 5 lb tigger pull and no plastic parts and shoots like my HKP2000.

snowman wrote:
May 09, 2012

Sr40c I love this gun its my daily best friend I shot over 1500 rounds and still no issues.only problem I had was my fault last time I clean it I put to much oil in it rushing to leave out to go to the range wit friends it would not shoot do to to much oil I clean it out and let her go ....DO NOT OVER OIL YOUR GUN..........

Dave Mack wrote:
May 03, 2012

I bought the SR40c back in Feb.16,12. In Mass. 2, 9 round mags came with it. Nice piece, however, I also had the problem with a sticky trigger & gun shoots low n left. No problem loading any rounds feeding. After 50 Rounds, I Field stripped it, too much grease in striker area. I cleaned it up a bit & added some oil to the slide area. I'm use to a Colt 1911 as my regular CCW. A heavy gun. I thought that it might be my grip? A lighter gun? My finger going too far onto trigger? But, after putting 300 rounds through it I had to strip it & give it a cleaning. I even went to clean up the Striker section, there was some metal shavings & plastic & or rubber that came out of the tube of the striker area. I cleaned it all up. Gave it a mild oil job, checking the trigger linkage & any areas of rubbing. A small amount of lube then buttoned it back up. I cycled it through a few20 to 30 or so times to make it work in& I'll check it out tomorrow at the club.I'm going to keep an eye on my trigger finger & also recheck my sights. There was times that, I had to use Kentucky Wind-age to make some shots on target. Happy Shooting

Matt wrote:
April 23, 2012

i have own a p89 for over 18 years i just bought an sr40c like most people you need to clean the gun first before you can shoot it my p89 10000 + rounds no problems sr40c 400 rds no problems just to let you know that it comes from the factory pack in grease

Ken wrote:
April 16, 2012

I have the sr40 not the c version . And I have no complaints. No jam or loading problem. The slide must be pulled back all the way to avoid feading issues. The spring is stiff but not a problem for me .500+ rounds no jams . Sr40c I cant coment on. But if its anything like my sr40 . It cant be bad. Again if you dont have strong hands you will probably have feeding issues . And should use the slide lock to assist you.

andy wrote:
April 16, 2012

well i have had mine about 3 weeks,and at first i was impressed only ran 10 rounds ,nxt outing was about 25 rnds no issues.then this sr40c wont chamber correctly,misfires on several different ammo-light strikes on the primer.went home completly tore down and doa went back out and same issues !!! im furious and sending it back!!!

Robin wrote:
April 02, 2012

Im a newbie to pistols. But been around long guns long time. Just got the SR40c and have put about 100 rnds through. As a new pistol shooter, my wrists are not as strong as they would be if I had more time on the range. I found after the first box unused muscles were beginning to cause what the instructor called 'limp wrist jams'. But I worry about the tendency of this pistol to jam on average. Should I be concerned and have the gun(off the shelf) and mags checked over more carefully at this point, or just keep it up and try to strengthen my wrists?

Chris wrote:
March 25, 2012

Just bought a LC9 and was wondering if he 40c was small enough to use comfortably as a concealed weapon. The long trigger on the LC has been very tough to get dialed in

Bill wrote:
March 05, 2012

Put 100 Win 165 rounds out of the box and I'm very pleased. Used first 10 rounds to zero the sights in. I didn't feel any kick pain in my wrist. I should have gone .40 long ago. Almost feels like a .22 Ruger my last 7 shots were grouped 1.83 " anround the 1/4" center at 25 yards. Sweet ride.

Steve wrote:
March 04, 2012

I love the feel of the gun, and the look. However it shoots way, way left and low. The sight is so bad that i'm going to have to have a gunsmith adjust it before I can do anything with it because I've wasted 100 rounds of ammo due to terrible sight setting from factory.

johnny wrote:
March 01, 2012

I put about 800 rounds in it eat up the only problem I had was out the box it was shooting left so I looked and my sights was over all the way to the left in the dove tall did any body have that problem to

josh wrote:
February 27, 2012

bought the sr40c as my first handgun about a week ago i love it no problems yet its my everyday carry no complaints

Airborne173x wrote:
February 27, 2012

.40 S&W refers to the ammo, not the make of the pistol. Come on maaaaaaaaan (Keyshawn Johnson voice)

Gary wrote:
February 26, 2012

I just purchased the SR40C this yesterday and put 50 rounds of blazer 165gr FMJ thought it. It will not feed the first round unless you have the slide open and release the slide lock. It also jammed on the 3rd shot due to the oil bath they soaked it in before packing it up. Other then that it is a dream to shoot and very accurate.

Don wrote:
February 23, 2012

Pissed about wasting money on SR40c. Jams every 3-5 rounds regardless of ammo. Metal shavings in slide. Quality control must have been on vacation.

jay wrote:
February 11, 2012

Update.. put 300 rounds of tulammo 180 grain fmj and about 100 rounds of federal 180 grain fmj ... No feeding issues that I had with the Winchester rounds. Gun is extremely accurate after playing with sights. Very nice grouping. I love this gun. May take it from my wife. Lol. Jk. I would suggest this gun to anyone.

jay wrote:
February 10, 2012

Bought the Sr40c for my wife, put 100 rounds of Winchester 180g jhp through it today. Overall its a sweet shooting gun. Her first shot on face drawn on a piece of drywall hit above right eye at 15ish yards... My only complaint is... And I'm hoping it was just the ammo, was the feed during initial cock. 2 rounds failed to feed.on 2 separate occasions

Muel wrote:
February 10, 2012

Its my everyday carry, I love it. accurate, smooth and not one issue do this day. I have run over 2000 rounds through it not one issue.

Josh wrote:
February 10, 2012

Bought my sr40c 3 days ago and took it directly to the range. I am used to a full sized weapon (my other is a 1911). I was VERY impressed with my ruger! the kick is to be expected with a short barrel. and it feels like a dream. Waiting on more ammo (buying in bulk) to go work some paper over. Very good weapon!

Corey wrote:
February 07, 2012

This past weekend I bought the sr9c and the sr40c... Both are just phenomenal firearms! The 40 has a very light kick and shoots much like the 9mm. This article is extremely accurate of the 40. I love both guns and recommend them to anyone looking for a nice shooting and concealable pistol.

Dave wrote:
February 06, 2012

My issues with this gun is that if not cocked the firing pin actually extends out and blocks the chamber and the gun will not chamber the first round - a potentially very dangerous problem Ruger is well aware of. Ruger has been very unresponsive to a request for documentation of this problem in the owners manual. I intend to sell mine...

Kevin wrote:
January 29, 2012

I bought this gun about a month ago, have put nearly 200 rounds through it without a hitch. It's my first handgun and I am VERY pleased! The only issue I have is that the safety lever slams against my thumb knuckle when I shoot causing a nasty sore. I'm playing with different ways of gripping it to avoid that, so it's a simple fix in my opinion. Otherwise, I've had no jamming or chambering issues as some commenters have mentioned. Those may have been isolated flukes rather than major general design flaws, because based on the mass of the feedback in this forum, it's not a real common problem. I live in Wyoming, so I can carry almost anywhere I go without a permit and it conceals well. In my opinion it's a great gun!

Dano wrote:
January 24, 2012

I purchased the SR40c and love it. Light and smooth. The only problem I have with mine is it will not fire and eject Herters ammo. Also waiting for a better hand grip. Overall a honey of a little ccw weapon. Will continue to buy Ruger products!

Gene H. wrote:
January 23, 2012

Love the SR40 fullsize I got last year about this time and am now looking at either adding the 40c or a 9c or an LC9 to my stable

Tim wrote:
January 22, 2012

The gun cocks with the first slide rake so what is the problem exactly? I have an SR40c and am able to clear the chamber, dry fire, and then immediately insert a fully loaded magazine and chamber right away.

Jeff wrote:
January 21, 2012

Learn how to use a pistol before buying one..YIKES.... purchased the SR40c a month ago with 500 rounds and not a single problem what-so-ever. First pistol I have owned, and as a rookie this pistol is very easy to use out of the box. 376.00 +tax @ High Caliber Gun Show Thanks Ruger!!!!

Dave wrote:
January 19, 2012

Warning! I just got off the phone with Ruger after the first round continually refused to feed - this gun MUST be cocked before racking the first round or the firing pin will protrude and block the first round from feeding - it is a design issue they are aware of and have done nothing about. This will be my last Ruger!

John wrote:
January 16, 2012

True blue junk I have ran @ 150 rounds through it and have to stop every 3rd round to clear a jam. I have tried MAGTECH and Winchester ammo to no avail. The only reason I bought the SR 40 C is because I have a p97 .45 that shoots like a dream. It's a very poor selection in my opinion, awaiting a reply from Ruger. I bought it new less than a week ago. Not happy.

Efrain v wrote:
January 15, 2012

Ive never own a gun I'm goin to buy the The sr40c as my first and only gun. I just love the way it shoots

craigr wrote:
December 28, 2011

Just purchased the SR40c this week and it is one smooth-soft shooting piece. I can see it will become my favorite one.

Chris wrote:
December 27, 2011

I just bought tge s40c and I am truly in love with this gun. I have fired many 40 cals and this is, in my opinion, this best bang for the buck

Mike K wrote:
December 25, 2011

I own an SR40c and it has become my favorite carry. It is comfortable, accurate and the recoil is more like a 9 than a 40. I am a Flock fan, it shoots better than my G23,

Doug T wrote:
December 17, 2011

I have the SR40c on layaway at Gander Mountain and found that they would price match any reputable FFL. Gander had it priced at $499, but, matched another dealer's price of $415. I'm really looking forward to taking this gun to the range.

Cecil B wrote:
December 03, 2011

I have only one major gripe about this handgun. I carry IWB at my appendix. If I bend a certain way, the ambi mag release disengages the mag. This gun will not fire without the mag fully engaged. Once it even fell out on the ground. I am now trying to sell it for this reason. I have gone back to carrying my Ruger P90, which is my favorite handgun of all time. Ruger makes great guns, but this is a major flaw that needs addressed.

Chris C wrote:
November 29, 2011

The SR40c is my EDC weapon and thus far I'm a big fan...I like its overall design & features, more so than I did w/my Baretta Px4 subC, or my Hk P2000 subC. Although the SRC40c isn't the smallest or lightest option out there, given its thin profile it conceals as good as anything out there that I've seen...overall an excellent carry option.

dj wrote:
November 29, 2011

Matt, that's not a typo. It is a ruger, but it takes 40 s&w rounds....

Rickey Freeman wrote:
November 24, 2011

I bought a SR40c for my wife as a conceal carry pistol. We both love it and she handles it well. I like it so much that I purchased a SR40 for myself.

Doug wrote:
November 18, 2011

I have the SR9c. I love the SR9c but I have found the slide to be very stiff. Is the slide on the sr40c just as stiff or easier to pull back?

Rick wrote:
November 07, 2011

Reader is right. Just like a 30.06 Springfield can be fired from a Remington or 9MM Luger can be fired from a Glock.

Reader wrote:
October 24, 2011

Hey Matt .40 S&W is the name of the caliber, not the gun.

Jon Boy wrote:
October 24, 2011

There is no such thing as +p or +P+ in .40 it is a modern high Presure round and while some loads are snappier than others they are all essentially +p by 9m Specs

mikerowesoft wrote:
October 23, 2011

.40sw are higher pressure rounds. There is no desgination for +p or +p+ in .40sw.

Joe wrote:
October 23, 2011

I own the same pistol in 9mm, and again it is just an excellent sidearm. Reliabilty, feel, and comfort when carrying are all top notch. I would never even contemplate buying a P series pistol but the SRc series is phenominal ecspecially for the price. Ruger hit a home run with this firearm!

Noah wrote:
October 23, 2011

Wow. Suggested retail price is that much?? Other day I checked them out at a local store and they were selling for $419. Oddly enough the store was selling them for the same price as a full sized SR40, SR9, and SR9c

Eric wrote:
October 23, 2011

I own an all black model of the Ruger sr40c and i love it. Defiantly a better buy than XD. I now own 3 Rugers and will certainly be coming back, Ruger make the best firearms

sean wrote:
October 22, 2011

I have the SR9C and my defensive ammo is Federal HST +p+. It loves it. Shoots extremely accurate out of the box, and eats everything I feed her. I would imagine the 40 being the exact same.

Steven wrote:
October 22, 2011

I traded my Glock 26 for the Sr9c and will never go back to Glock. It is my all-the-time carry gun now. Smoothest trigger and accurate. Love it. Anxious to shoot the new 40.

RK wrote:
October 22, 2011

The review is great, as is the SR40c itself. All I can do is expand on what has already been said after my first hundred rounds of break-in. First, the design is 95% Glock, with the other 5% probably done by Ruger's lawyers. That's what gives the SR40c the magazine safety (always a source of danger in a defensive weapon, IMHO) and the manual safety. If you know how to disassemble a Glock slide, you'll find disassembly of the Ruger's slide even easier, and removal or installation of the magazine safety simple. Standard disclaimer: I know this voids the warranty, although it represents no added dangers. If I screw up something so badly, I'll PAY the manufacturer to fix it, regardless of a warranty. The trigger pull on my SR40c is down to about 5 lbs, 6 oz, although a variation of +/- 8 oz indicates it still needs a bit more working in to become more consistent. I fired off one unintended double tap when I experienced a tiny tic in my index finger. I felt the twitch in my finger, and when I brought the target back, saw there was an extra hole in the target. Until I get more experience with the Ruger, I'm making it a point to completely remove my finger from the trigger after each shot. Still, for new-out-of-the-box, the trigger pull is almost as refined as my well-tuned old Glock 21. The trigger pull could be improved if the firing pin lock plunger had the same 10-16 oz release pressure Glocks and other clones have, rather than the 32 oz pressure needed now. A lighter spring or a titanium plunger would be a great idea. The SR40c compares very favorably to my Sig P239, which is a very nice, concealable carry piece. Various dimensions on both are either fatter or slimmer compared to the other, but only about .020" max. Empty weight is 24 oz for the Ruger, and 31 oz for the Sig. The main difference is getting nine rounds in a double-stack mag, versus seven in a single stack, but all in the same sized package. My SR40c will only get better with further brea

Kent wrote:
October 22, 2011

Well, I don't know about .40 +p ammo, my SR9C loves the Remington Golden Saber 124 grain +p ammo. In fact, it keeps that good grouping,maybe even improves it's accuracy. Love it, love it, love it. Probably the best handgun I have ever owned.

Cecil wrote:
October 22, 2011

I have the SR40c. It is a great gun in every aspect. I have shot every different kind of ammo you can imagine through it without one malfunction, even with reloads using Hornady hollow points. However, I like my Ruger P90 .45 ACP. mostly because of better trigger feel.

Mike wrote:
October 22, 2011

If this Ruger SR40c handles, shoots and feels anything like the SR40, it's big brother. that I have.. I'll take two! guess I'll have to hit the range and see how it feels

Matt wrote:
October 22, 2011

BIG ERROR - Sub-title "This compact, polymer framed .40 S&W pistol arrives ready to work. " It's a RUGER, not a S&W

KC wrote:
October 12, 2011

How does the SR40c handle +P or +P+ rounds?

daniel wrote:
October 07, 2011

i own the full size sr40 and i love it...in my opinion its way better than the glock 22...i agree fully with this article with all its points...i am a big guy and for a full size the sr conceals well and its like im not carrying at all...i cant wait to buy the compact...i suggest this gun to anyone especially if u want a amazing gun right out of the box...oh and i too can feed anything thru it and have never had a jam...GREAT ARTICLE AND ITS AN AMAZING FIREARM!!