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Hornady Releases Zombie-Max Ammo

Hornady is helping shooters prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse with its new Zombie-Max Ammunition.


Everyone is preparing for when the Zombies rise up and attack, and now Hornady has produced ammunition that is specifically designed for the Zombie Apocalypse.

The ammo is called Zombie-Max because it is loaded with Hornady’s Z-Max bullet that was created to put the dead to rest for good.

Zombie-Max ammunition is available in a variety of zombie-dropping calibers such as 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 Rem., 7.62x39 mm, .308 Win. and 12-gauge 00 Z-shot. Zombie-Max is the only ammunition available that is specifically made for taking out zombies and only zombies. Hornady notes that Zombie-Max is not a toy and should never be used on any plant, animal, vegetation or mineral that isn’t a zombie. 

Make sure a few boxes are in your bug-out bag, and be sure learn more at

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74 Responses to Hornady Releases Zombie-Max Ammo

rad wrote:
January 30, 2014

if u cant find these local use the web. chpr than, cabl's n such. i have found all of them using 3 online markets. if youre looking for specs, look no further than critical defense. the only load to 1 up these is the pdx1 line. but the packaging adds the extra whoolup for me. keeep on shootin

TheHardTruth wrote:
July 14, 2013

Uh oh, grammar police! Some people just have their panties in a twist. Keyboard warriors mostly. If you don't like it, don't buy it! Seems simple enough.

Boothill wrote:
July 01, 2013

Well, Just A Guy (not “Just a guy”), that should have been "English," not "english," and it should have been "talk properly," not "properly talk."

Just a guy wrote:
May 07, 2013

Brian, You really make yourself look uneducated and dumb by not knowing how to properly talk. Saying "Sale me a gun" or "Gots one for sell" etc.... Just says learn how to speak english and maybe you will get some respect.

jason A wrote:
March 03, 2013

Zombie ammo is great! The ammo is explosive as well as the vmax. Hornady does great job again.

cindy keranen wrote:
July 12, 2012

I received a box of these for my b-day and I must say; they are pretty awesome!!! NOTE: these are not toys, but they are neat!

nra member wrote:
June 23, 2012

Brian and all the others that don't believe guns should be fun are the reason that the government wants to take away this right with these kind of people making guns so serious the government also forgets that there is a fun sides to guns and if the government would be a little less serious about guns which they should be then we would not be in danger of losing this right so if you don't want the government to be so anal then maybe either should you?

Zombie Killer wrote:
June 23, 2012

I have bought several rounds and have ran them through my spikes tactical zombie gun has zombie stock with a bio hazard front grip at-15 very sweet gun I love the whole zombie thing do I believe in zombies no but it makes shooting that much more appealing to me and others I have got several non shooters intrested from my set up so if I can turn just one liberal into a gun lover I will by all things zombie stop being so up tight Brian shooting is fun so let it be .....

Frank Hefferen wrote:
June 07, 2012

Perhaps I'm being too serious but there is no technical information detailing why by design this bullet is superior at dropping a zombie. For home and personal defense I keep hollow points, so how is the Hornady round better at turning a brain into pudding?

RD wrote:
April 13, 2012

If Hornady took their business a bit more seriously, perhaps it wouldn't be necessary to mark it as 'Not A Toy'. If you don't it assumed to be a joke quit making it look like one.

Aaron Fogl wrote:
April 03, 2012

Hornady ZMAX is the same as TAP AMAX with a green polymer tip as opposed to a red one. It's the same brass,primer with a clever marketing scheme. As Hornady is one of the last companies that doesn't try and rob the end users for every dime I say props to them. It shoots well, and very clean as most Hornady does, and they back up their product. Let's call it civilian TAP, as that is what it is.

Jordan wrote:
March 29, 2012

These things are great! Makes my 45 cut down trees like a chainsaw. Fmj got nothing on these lol

Mickey wrote:
March 28, 2012

Hilarious marketing campaign! And good ammo, too. You can practice on burglars. Probably gives liberals fits of apoplexy, which makes it worth the purchase price on that basis alone.

Adam wrote:
March 17, 2012

Well i just need some that are colt .45 for my judge and then ill be ready for world war z

Jirkstore wrote:
March 04, 2012

I just picked up 12 boxes of .40 S&W Z-Max at a local gun show for $12.95 a box. I carry Hornady Critical Defense, but seeing how this is essentially the same thing I think got a steal! This stuff isn't nickel plated like the Critical Defense, but it still looks cool in my bob. ;-)

nick wrote:
March 04, 2012

This ammo is exactly the same as Hornady's Critical Defense for handgun, and TAP for rifle except a green tip, and toung in cheek marketing on the box.

Shawn wrote:
February 28, 2012

Hey Brian, Here is how it works: You don't like, don't buy. I doubt Hornady will miss your business.

sheb schebella wrote:
February 24, 2012

Hornady Zombie Max & Hornady Critical Defense ammunition are the same round except one tip is green and the other tip is red. However Zombie Max is $3.00 cheaper per box and the box looks pretty cool. Who doesn't love good marketing.

Keith wrote:
February 19, 2012

Cool idea....what a sales promo from a great bullet manufacturer. Only thing is that if it was used for itensions, not a single round would ever get fired. Dissatisfied with fact its not even rated for small game. At 20 bucks a box, thats a little pricey for paper punching. However if the day does come to need it, it will be on my shelf. Hopefully collecting collector value instead of dust.

SPC Monaco wrote:
February 08, 2012

why not... I'll be buying a few boxes for my zombie gun just for novelty. Like my box of Roosevelt's rough Rider edition 30-30 win. In the silver box. That was pretty cool and the box was unique too. I wonder how long they'll sell this stuff for.

Shtfzpocalipse wrote:
January 31, 2012

Shot several zombies with excellent results. Works far better than critical defense or dpx. Double tap not required!

cordez wrote:
January 29, 2012

I am big fan of hornady thats what I carry for all my weapons. But the zombie ammo is funny when I when seen it in the in stores. Zombie attack yeah right. We have a better chance of being invade by E.T and his crew which I will gladly greet with .223 to the.head

Jerry wrote:
January 28, 2012

I think it's a great idea from a marketing standpoint but I feel sorry for the first guy that shoots a intruder with this round the da will have a field day on top of the civil lawsuits to follow

kapinigaz wrote:
January 20, 2012

Hornady ammo rocks and i'm definately getting some of this. But cor-bon dpx is hands down the best. If they aint dead already they soon will be.

Wm.P Graham wrote:
January 18, 2012

What a great marketing tool. Already purchased .380,9m,.45 and 12ga. Wish they made 38sp. and 357mag. Good to see my favorite ammo company has a good sense of humor.

pat from indy wrote:
January 17, 2012

yeeeeaaaa, if there was a zombie problem id be using heavy fmjs....much more easier to find plus if everyone is a zombie i dont mind a little over penetration....fmjs are king in the world of shootin zombies...

ryan wrote:
January 14, 2012

Bring on the zombies... awsome i dont care what they say.

Typical Libtard wrote:
January 08, 2012

It's got electrolytes.

Justin wrote:
January 06, 2012

Some actual stats would be nice.

Kurt wrote:
January 06, 2012

This is some funny stuff. I purchased a box for my friends birthday just for the laughs. Great job hornady!!!!

Hillary Clinton wrote:
December 30, 2011

Yeah this is an awesome marketing strategy, and I bought some. Obviously the zombie thing is a metaphor for methheads,crackheads, and dusters who are out of their minds and are like zombie Breakin into ur house that need to be shot in the face. I'm super excited. Guy at the gun shop said that these thing s are nasty and mushroom like a mutha! Yea boy!

What-a-joke wrote:
December 30, 2011

It's got electrolytes

Tho outlaw wrote:
December 29, 2011

All of you haters can go to hell. All I shoot is hornady ammo it's the best on the market. And the z-max is some the best shooting ammo I ever had the pleasure of purchasing and's real ammo and is great for hunting

WeWontEscape wrote:
December 25, 2011

This is a great marketing tool. They make it clear that it is a LIVE ROUND. Some peope on the left & right will be offended douches about the joke. From a business why not cash in on this idea? Many reasons a gun owner will pay a little more for this ammo. I will site this in my college marketing class as an example of how to change an existing product to create a buzz and increase sales. I commend whoever proposed this idea. Great job!

ant mich wrote:
December 19, 2011

Cant even get it in Texas. I have found a few boxes of 9mm and 223. Everyone I talk to say that you have to be there when they open the box. Its gone as soon as it hits the shelf. I would really like some 7.62x39 and some of the buckshot. This is starting to remind me of the last 380 shortage.

Jeremy wrote:
December 19, 2011

Need it in 12ga 385gr 3' mag sabot slugs. Or how about some zombie Max hand grenades. That would be serious.

Bigbub wrote:
December 17, 2011

You all need a since of humor I'll be buying some I love the idea Hornady. I'm getting some 12ga never know when the Z-pocolypce will happen.

joel wrote:
December 16, 2011

Now they need to make it in .22lr!

Tom wrote:
December 15, 2011

Finally a company that can see into the future and protect the American people..I'll take all of that!!!!

deadmendontwalk wrote:
December 14, 2011

The handgun ammo is the same Critical Defence ammo just with a green tip.

deadmendontwalk wrote:
December 13, 2011

Please note that said Z-Max is the same TAP-FPD ammo just with a green tip.

ant mich wrote:
December 04, 2011

may turn in to a collectors deal. Allways support the ammo company. Is there still a need for cheap werewolf ammo in your bobs or does the z-max cover that too?

Men wrote:
December 03, 2011

I don't mind the gimmick name, but is this a serious round (I.e. critical defense) or just range ammo that costs more?

Silverstreak wrote:
December 03, 2011

It appears the handgun ammo is Critical Defense with the green radioactive polymer to be sure of a kill. Guessing the bottle neck ammo has the ballistic red tip replaced, too. Don't forget.....double tap zombies. Cabela's has some, as does Graf Reloading in St. Charles, MO.

Travis wrote:
November 28, 2011

Haha, wow creative. but i got over the fancy stuff a few months ago when i went on this awesome military trip. we used a lot of different guns, and ive learned that a variety of firearms provides much more pleasure than gimmick bullets. it really was a sweet trip though,

Drake Tilson wrote:
November 27, 2011

I hope to see a DETAILED article about the Hornady Zombie Max ammunition in next month's 'American Rifleman" magazine!! -Drake Tilson NRA Life Member

Zombie wrote:
November 24, 2011

Finally a bullet with My name on it ! I Love it ! And we should ALL appriciate a sence of humor, now a days. I just wish I could get a bow in .480 ruger.

Just say smith or jones wrote:
November 23, 2011

PA is a blue state and we have a Castle Doctrine. Do you honestly think a marketing gimmick is going to get you locked up? And they still make 'Black Talon' ammo, too. They changed the name, and don't coat it. They changed that because of the 'black rhino' hoax. I think its actually pretty cool Hornady would come out with something like this, and put so much faith in shooters' maturity that they'd be able to take a joke. Its like the Shamrock Shake of the shooting world. Its a joke, don't make it something bad.

RS wrote:
November 22, 2011

I can only imagine the trouble this joke will cause when a blue state homeowner finds himself in court after using these rounds to stop a home intruder threatening their family.

joel wrote:
November 13, 2011

Its great there's a specific zombie round now . Its fun. Not everything always has to be so serious and tactical all the time. Whatever happened to pluggin away at beer cans in the woods.

Slayer wrote:
November 13, 2011

"marketing tool", "laugh", "Joke" ??? Wow! America is in for a big surprise... in a not so good way. But for novelty, conversation, a good laugh or whatever reason you deem appropriate.. yes, by all means do stock up. Get all you can justify buying. If not Z-Max, do get something, and get a lot of it.

Miravox wrote:
November 04, 2011

+1 @Brian Lowery.

Tom wrote:
October 29, 2011

The person in marketing who thought this up should be commended. Brilliant! I will buy several boxes for most caibers listed. Just for conversational piece. Nice job hornady!!

Chris wrote:
October 26, 2011

Oh for the love of fuzzy, stop with this left-wing BS. You'll find us lefties are gun owners too. We need to protect ourselves from zombies just like everyone else. I'll get a box for novelty. Bad guys get the cheap crap shot at them instead.

Jack D wrote:
October 21, 2011

I retract my previous statement.

shawn wrote:
October 20, 2011

Ther just trying to make some money, you can buy zombie targets. Just cause we own guns don't mean we can't joke. Besides the leftwing already thinks we are all nuts. Can't live you life around what outhers think.

reader wrote:
October 20, 2011

Hey Jack I don't think this is what they call a review. It's news.

Jack D wrote:
October 19, 2011

This "article" is useless. Nothing more then an ad. Real information about the Z-MAX would have made this a interesting article (even if it hinted the "Z-MAX" is nothing more then A-MAX with a Zombie green tip). Checked out the website. At least they seem to take a humorous slant on it and not trying to cash in on the recent Zombie fad.

Steve wrote:
October 19, 2011

If you don't think a name will make a difference, look at what happened to Black Talon

Denver1776 wrote:
October 17, 2011

Don't worry Brian. Perhaps it's best to put our beloved guns in a more comical light so as to seem less threatening to the left. Who knows, maybe we can bring a few of them over to our side. God knows logic and rational thinking don't work.

david wrote:
October 16, 2011

We all need to have a sense of humor. I think this ammo will sell great. Like it says 'Just in case!'

Jonathan Stiefvater wrote:
October 16, 2011

Right on, Brian. Seriously? Who comes up with this stuff? But hey, if advertised to the right market, it should generate taxable revenue, giving our government more money to waste on things other than the sincere welfare of the American people, so that more unemployed civilians can sit at home with nothing to do but play zombie-killing video games!

Nick E. wrote:
October 16, 2011

I agree with bryan is this a joke or what?

Matt wrote:
October 15, 2011

Thank you Hornady for a good laugh.....i must say I would rather go to range with shooting and fishing buddies than play music with Stoops!!

Dave Hummel wrote:
October 15, 2011

It's a great marketing tool, they will make a fortune on this stuff. Just the novelty of having it just in case you need it.

johnny jerkwater wrote:
October 15, 2011

it's sell, not sale

Steve wrote:
October 14, 2011

People should lighten up. This is funny. Do not ever let the left wing froot loops take away your sense of humour.

koz wrote:
October 14, 2011

nice to see the folks at hornady have a sense of humor. may have to pick up a box or two just for collector's sake...

Joshua Prine wrote:
October 14, 2011

Comments...come on really, that just makes people who own guns look foolish

Blackhawkokla wrote:
October 14, 2011

I agree with Brian,they should call it, The MAX Load for home protection. "NOT ZOMBIE KILLER"

Dereck wrote:
October 14, 2011

Lighten up Brian. Z-Max sounds awesome and I'll be picking up a box of .45acp to check it out, if for nothing else to show them off to my friends.

R. P. S wrote:
October 14, 2011

Dear Brian Lowery Chill out.

Tom H. wrote:
October 14, 2011

Sweet!!! Tom H. Life Member Lamcaster, PA

Brian Lowery wrote:
October 14, 2011

Some relevant information on the particulars of the load would have been nice. I think the monikcer "zombie killer" puts responsible gun owners in an immature and poor light. This is serious business not a flipping video game. If you want to kill zombies sale me your gun and buy a PlayStation.