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Glock Announces Voluntary Recall

Glock recalls recoil spring assemblies on Gen4 handguns.


Glock is voluntarily recalling and exchanging the recoil spring assembly on its Gen4 handguns shipped since August 2009. With several variations of the RSA in the market today, GLOCK's goal with this voluntary exchange is to standardize the RSA to gain the best possible performance in each pistol.

GLOCK's product development team has modified various elements of the RSA. The new RSA compensates for all design modifications made to the Gen4 and allows the pistols to function up to GLOCK's rigid quality standards and reliability goals.

Consumers should note that Gen4 G26 and G27 models will not require a modified recoil spring.

"We are moving proactively and quickly to standardize this part of the pistol. This is a voluntary exchange specifically for the new Gen4 models," said Gary Fletcher vice president GLOCK Inc. "We have developed a program for consumers to send in their existing recoil spring assemblies and receive new ones at no cost."

The replacement of the Gen4 pistol RSA can be performed as part of the regular field-strip process; consumers do not need to take the Gen4 pistol to an armorer. Consumer's wishing to participate in the exchange program are urged to call (877) 745-8523 to order their new recoil spring.

For more infomation, please visit the Team Glock website.

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2 Responses to Glock Announces Voluntary Recall

ArizoanMike wrote:
May 14, 2014

Mine works OK. But I cannot send the assembly back for exchnage as this is my duty gun and I can't manage without it. I wish Glock would just send a new spring assembly if requested by the owner. It makes no sense to put your pistol out of service while waiting on Glock to get their sh_t together. IMHO

M.Weller wrote:
September 19, 2011

Personally I don't know why Glock is changing rsa's for gen 4. I've had mine for a year and had 1200 rounds through it with no problems...