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Galco M6X Auto Locking Holster

Galco's M6X design offers a simple and ergonomically advanced operation that makes it one of the best ideas on the retention holster market.


In the past few years, Galco has quietly added a locking holster to its thermoplastic Matrix series: the “auto locking” M4X and M6X design. Its simple and ergonomically advanced operation makes it one of the best ideas out there. The wearer’s thumb falls directly onto a rocking release lever on the inboard side of the holster—its movement matching that of the thumb as the shooting grip is acquired. Therefore, the user either rests his thumb on it or rotates it to the rear as his grip is finalized and the upward drawstroke is begun. It’s about as “natural” as you can get. Galco offers two separate models (the M4X is a paddle and the M6X uses a belt loop) to best meet its customers’ needs.

I use one of these holsters in my Methods of Concealed Carry lectures at the Annual Meetings of the NRA and people are always amazed at its simplicity and ease of operation; especially when they see how solidly its patented design holds onto the gun.

For more information, go to USGalco.com.

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3 Responses to Galco M6X Auto Locking Holster

Paul wrote:
July 12, 2014

I just bought one for my Kimber 1911, and the locking mechanism won't release my weapon..there's a rough edge inside that prevents removal when release button is pushed. I suppose I could file it down to get it working but that would void warranty. Suggestions?

John Wallace wrote:
March 18, 2013

If you want to corner the market on a holster make one for a Springfield 1911 A-1 with a stack magazine in .45 cal. because I don't think anyone else does. John

steve wrote:
January 06, 2013

wow. the holster of the year is made for a total of 3 pistols. Different models make the list longer but still only 3 pistols.