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Update on the DoubleTap Pistol

A major development regarding the DoubleTap pistol.


Below is an announcement from DoubleTap's Raymond B. Kohout, printed in its entirety:

To our valued customers:

As the inventor of the DoubleTap™ pistol and owner of the design and utility patents, along with other intellectual property including the DoubleTap™ name, I am issuing this press release to inform our loyal customers of the current status of the production of this new innovative pistol.

Since we introduced the DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol in November of last year, we have been overwhelmed by the industry reception; the popularity confirmed by literally tens of thousands of orders placed by consumers to their dealers, through our distributor partners.

Unfortunately, with the deepest regret, today I announce that we have terminated our relationship with HEIZER DEFENSE, our manufacturing partner, due to their inability to manufacture the DoubleTap™ pistol.  I cannot comment further on this subject at this time, under advice from legal counsel, due to pending litigation.

It is our intention to immediately license the design to a leading firearms manufacturer or to align with another manufacturing source to produce the DoubleTap™. We intend to accomplish this as quickly as possible to satisfy the huge demand for the DoubleTap™ pistol.  I will make a further announcement as soon as we have established a new manufacturing agreement.

Please visit our new website www.doubletapfirearmsllc.com for news updates.


Raymond B. Kohout
Inventor, DoubleTap™

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7 Responses to Update on the DoubleTap Pistol

g. m. york wrote:
October 25, 2012

Almost a year ago I heard, but did not believe, that the gun would not be produced due to safety. I wrote to the company and said I thought untrue stories were going around, and suggested they address the issue. The result -- I got a nasty reply aimed at me. It did not address the issue at all. ..... Are they splitting from Heizer to reduce the legal liability against the aerospace company. What is really going on ? A year of changed stories and changed dates. I think it is time to say forget it until this firearm has been on the market for a year and we see if it is a safe reliable firearm. ..... What next -- legal threats for asking questions ?

HECTOR IRIBE.?? wrote:
October 18, 2012

Well on my own opinion this two tap gun looks really interested then yet I've never hold before but I will love to use one in the range and play with it see how it works by the way it's a really nice gun..

Mack Missiletoe wrote:
October 12, 2012

Hey Vaughan Pederson, So what is the point of all this? Does it have to do with the economy, or... ?

Pete wrote:
October 12, 2012

I always thought this looked a lot like the two-shot take-apart pistol that Jon Voight smuggled onto the train in "Mission Impossible." I hope Mr. Kohout finds it possible to get his pistol made.

tom wrote:
October 11, 2012

I never got a chance to hold one, but wanted one since I saw the first ad. It was used by a "bad girl" on a recent episode of "Person of Interest". I hope Ruger,S&W or Khar pick it up.

James wrote:
October 11, 2012

I would love to buy one of these DoublTap pistols

Vaughan Pederson wrote:
October 11, 2012

Oh boy, here we go. I read a post on another forum months ago from a gent who predicted this very thing....v