Carrying in the Car

Effectively carrying your firearm in a vehicle can prove to be a tricky task—here are some tips to help you prepare.


We are a society that spends a lot of time in our cars. We know that bad things can happen to us while driving, such as carjacking and the like. However, most of us really don't spend much time considering how we will access and deploy our defensive handguns from inside the vehicle.

Most defensive shooters carry on their strong-side hip. This is a solid, proven technique that works very well for most situations. However, it really is less than adequate when you are belted in with your seat belt. Just go sit in your car and give it a try. I suspect that your cool, 1.5-second speed presentation will turn into a 4- to 6-second fumble. Obviously, carrying in your vehicle requires some serious thought and practice if you are going to be able to address a criminal attack with any speed.

One solution is to reconsider your carry location when spending time in the vehicle. I'm usually not a big fan of shoulder holsters or cross-draw rigs. However, both have some positive application for drivers. Using either carry method makes it a lot easier to access a defensive handgun while belted in. I find that the shoulder holster is a lot more comfortable than the hip carry in a car, especially on long road trips.

If you are simply stuck on strong-side hip carry, it is important to make releasing the seat belt a part of your firearms presentation. Right-handed shooters should use their support hand to release the belt. The support hand goes behind the seat belt, at chest level, with the palm out. Run the hand down to the buckle, maintaining contact with the belt all the way. As the buckle is released, the support hand sweeps the belt to the left and out of the way, as your right hand takes the shooting grip and draws the handgun.

Some folks simply unholster their defensive handgun when getting in their vehicle and place it close by. While this is not a bad idea, one should really be careful that the handgun is placed in a secure location and that this is legal in the region of travel. Simply sticking it under your thigh, as some folks do, can be a serious mistake.

One of the FBI agents that was involved in the Miami Massacre of the 1980s did that very thing. Later, when he rammed the bad guys' car, his gun went flying and he didn't find it until the resulting gunfight was over. The same thing can happen to you if your vehicle is rammed during a carjacking attempt.

If you choose to unholster your handgun, you should have a secure place to keep it. That secure location should also be out of sight for anyone who might look into the car. A holster located on the front face of the driver's seat would be a good location. A holster, especially one made of Kydex, fastened to the side of the console would also make sense. Just make sure that it is low enough to be concealed from view.

As with your regular firearms presentation, vehicle carry should be practiced too. Take the time to go sit in your car, buckle up and work on your presentation. Try it from various locations, on your person and secured in the vehicle. Based upon your personal situation and the physical aspects of your individual vehicle, you should be able to find a secure and relatively quick method for defensive carry. Once you've got an idea of how to carry, have someone give you the command and time your vehicle presentation. When you can present the handgun from a secure location in about 2 seconds, you know that you are on the right track.

Prior planning for vehicle carry might just save your life. Work on it!

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97 Responses to Carrying in the Car

Lhall wrote:
September 16, 2013

I'm driving from Texas to South Carolina. Can I put loaded gun on passenger seat during day? Then what about at night

T-Wayne wrote:
July 11, 2013

Fortunately I live in the great gin totin state of Louisiana, where here your vehicle is concidered as an extention of your home. So that mean no permit required to have a fully load to the gills, whatever kind of concealed weapon anywhere on your vehicle at any time. You can have an AR-15 with a bahzillion round mag fully charged anywhere in your vehicle. Totally legal. hanging from the rear view mirror, dosent matter. Loaded, concealed anywhere, anyway, anystyle, wherever in your vehicle at anytime with anyone, so long as your not a convicted felon or the guns are not illegal. Very proud to say that I love in a state with some of the most relaxed gun laws. And guess what, crime is rather low if u get outside of the inner-city thug infested areas. Peace yo!

Jim wrote:
December 21, 2012

Ralph, I do not know why you feel that way here in ca of course there are stores like Safeway that post no firearms but it is not illegal to carry you can be asked to leave and you just go but if you refuse it is a trespass violation there are really very few places where your ccw is invalid. Iam a lefty so Iam proficient with my right hand and I carry a 380 in my boot as a back up to my xd40

bob wrote:
September 06, 2012

During my law enforcement career, I almost always carried an ankle holster, Uncle Mike's, old style with a padded strap filled with a S&W Chief. I found it easily accessed from the seated position. I agree with the writer that the firearm should always be on your person or in a secured box so that a driving mishap does not make your handgun a UFO. And you cant hide it from the kids. You can only wear it or lock it up. Good Luck

Ralph wrote:
September 04, 2012

Having a conceal carry is an invitation to get into trouble. There are so many places restricting conceal carry and stiff fines that I find my self just leaving the gun at home. It is so easy to get in trouble that sometimes I feel that is not worth it to carry it. I mean you really have to plan your route before living your house every time. Is just too much.

Dave wrote:
August 26, 2012

I have a Fanny Pack concealed carry and i just keep it on while driving so it is over my seatbelt and easy to get open.

Ed wrote:
August 22, 2012

Check out the video of a Safepacker Holster in use retained by a seatbelt: http://www.thewilderness.com/storepinnacle/index.php?p=catalog&parent=171&pg=1

Frank wrote:
July 20, 2012

as a Lefty I still am challenged when I am in my car as to how best to carry- but we lefties need to be proficiant with our right hand as well- we may be able to cross draw with our strong left hand but may not be able to present at the drivers window cleanly. so learning to use our right hand to present from the drivers seat might be a good skill to master.

Mack Missiletoe wrote:
June 28, 2012

+1 national carry permit

May 08, 2012


C Denison wrote:
April 24, 2012

Unfortunately, one can not carry in the most Dangerous places, ie. LA, not to mention getting ones weapon To ones destination of flying. I have a concealed carry permit, however when going CA it is not recognized. We. should Have a national carry permit.

Morgan wrote:
April 24, 2012

Kramer holsters at one time offered a holster that was IWB and you could draw from with a seat belt on. I believe it was called a Thomas Perfectionist and was designed by a writer who watched people fumble to draw and reholster at competitions where drawing while in a vehicle was involved. Not sure if he still offers it but I copied it for a couple guns I had (he didn't offer those models) and they work dandy. kramerholsters.com

Doug wrote:
April 24, 2012

I have read many of the comments and feel many of the suggestions are good. I think however some have missed the point. The point is to cause you to think through how you carry, where you carry and practice presenting the gun. There is no one good answer that fits all situations or person.

Bob wrote:
April 24, 2012

Those are all great comments, BUT how 'bout us south paws? Some of us carry weapons, too. I carry mine (Taurus 24/7 or an old S&W Mod 19,in the pocket in the driver's door. And/or stuck netween the seat and console in a standard holster. Bianchi/mod 19-El paso Saddelery/24/7.

Jim Haley wrote:
April 24, 2012

My solution - one in the center console. One on my hip. Advice to Illinois - MOVE!!!

Chuck wrote:
April 23, 2012

I use a DeSantis Leather "Kingston Rig" for car carry. It straps around the seat with the holster between your knees. Very discrete and access is very quick. I have two of them and once someone sees it they also buy it.

Ed wrote:
April 22, 2012

A comment about the law requiring the clip be put into the trunk, reminded me of my incident. Was stopped by the law in Fla & when he got thru checking me out, my gun was in pieces. Completely taken apart & laid on his hood. "For his protection ", he said.

brock wrote:
April 21, 2012

There is a car seat cover manufacturer named Wet Okole that makes a neoprene seat cover with a spot inside the front of the lower part of the seat cover for concealed carry. I haven't seen how well it is placed (just talked to a sales person) but they do make a good seat cover.

L Millard wrote:
April 09, 2012

Good article. Thanks for the suggestions. Step one was to go and practice a strong side draw (right side in my case). I've been in the habit of shifting my cover garment while buckling up. With that garment free, I found that a right hand draw was accomplished nearly as fast as a normal draw without having to release the seat belt. Holster that I use is OWB by Blade Tech in a forward (FBI)cant. Gun is a Springfield XD9, SC. Totally agree with the suggestions about situational awareness. Always the number one defense.

Jerry Lee wrote:
March 11, 2012

I live in the country but when my wife and I travel in the car we both carry in shoulder rigs. We have been practicing with airsoft replicas of our weapons. Try it it's worth the effort and expense.

RogerBonnell wrote:
March 01, 2012

I carry a .45 ACP on my right side, a .357 Magnum on the left and an AR-15 with 150 rounds in 5 magazines. Move to West Virginia. It is still a free country here.

TonyD wrote:
February 29, 2012

yes that is a Crossbreed I own one and it is a great holster the clips are made of metal not plastic. I like it better than the comp tac. Crossbreed can be found http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/

Will wrote:
February 28, 2012

As others had mention before, awareness of your surrounding is the #1 key to avoid a carjacking while driving. While there are many factors you have to be aware of when carrying conceal, I'll suggest to carry your weapon on your person all the time. The law for carrying in the cars changes every time we cross state borders, and in some states, even counties, that we'll be better of carrying on ourselves. Just choose the most comfortable way for your carrying style. Thanks.

TyrusM wrote:
February 28, 2012

The holster is made by Comp-Tac, and they are located on the web. I believe the model in the photo runs about $90 and is designed for inside front-of-the-waistband carry. I recently purchased one of their IWB holsters for my 1911. Good product plus good service. As for the comments about carrying a gun in your car - if you decide you need a firearm for protection, know how to use it, be willing to use it, and always keep it loaded and ready. Zipper pouches and magazines in separate locations is a recipe for victim status period.

Reader wrote:
February 28, 2012

No TyrusM That is a CrossBreed Holster. Take another look at it.

Gary wrote:
February 27, 2012

Worrying about how to carry a weapon in your car and actually using it to save your life or your ride is just sooooo old fashioned and predictable. No wonder the world thinks of us as a bunch of trigger-happy gunslingers. Time for us to take a modern approach to this crime problem and follow the lead of South Africa, the carjacking capitol of the world. Taking on a gang of bad guys and solving the problem with dignity is so simple you are probably wondering why you didn't think of this. Follow these two links, the first for a description of this fabulous new product and the second for a video of it in action. http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/africa/9812/11/flame.thrower.car/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQbHnLSasfQ

F. J. Thomas wrote:
February 27, 2012

This article is excellent advice - however - any presentation practice should involve an UNLOADED handgun OR one loaded with SNAP-CAPS (essentially, "dummy" cartridges) or equivalent. Sorry, the NRA Certified Instructor in me ALWAYS EMPHASIZES THAT SAFETY IS IMPERATIVE!

Mike wrote:
February 26, 2012

Watched a youtube video about placing a holster between the passanger seat and center console, any suggestions/ comments? At any time I carry an XDM 4.5 or a full size 1911.

Tim wrote:
February 25, 2012

Dave in Illinois - Move to Texas or Indiana, any state that has concealed carry!!

Carjacker Tips wrote:
February 25, 2012

It is really not an easy task for someone who is foot mobile to approach your car without you noticing them; IF you're paying attention, vigilance is step one. Your pistol should be ready to go by the time someone behaving oddly in the street gets to your window; not afterward. Practice driving with your weak hand. Also practice driving without ever having to truly stop for longer than a few seconds if you commonly pass through dangerous areas. Some techniques: Approaching a light that is going to turn red, brake 500+ feet away, roll into the light under 10 mph. As long as you're still moving, few people are likely to want to mess with your vehicle. Never stop so close to a vehicle in front of you that you do not have the option to spin the wheel and slam on the gas to escape into another lane. Even if you can't get very far ( such as you go into on comming traffic in gridlock ), you can gain some preparation time, and this erratic action might ward off the attacker entirely. Also, this will make everyone around you pay attention to what is happening. You need those witnesses. Remember the vehicle itself is a more effective deadly weapon than your pistol. Be safe out there.

Jack York wrote:
February 25, 2012

I worked for an armored service and know that being very alert to what is around you will eliminate the need for a quick presentation most of the time

ccw florida wrote:
February 25, 2012

tammy, you commented on the law putting your friends clip in the trunk but letting them keep the gun. they do that becasue they are afraid a law abiding citizen will shoot them !!

Steve wrote:
February 25, 2012

I carry crossdraw -front left, shirt out-when driving I pull the shirt out of the seatbelt and have simple access very quickly - this is natural to me, but very effective for all situations & does not include that "tell move" of reaching to the right rear-in most cases there is no visible telegraph of a gun bulge either -another distinct advantage.

Ric James wrote:
February 25, 2012

larry, wouldn't you lefties have more trouble getting the gun on target out the driver's side window, tho? I realize that depends on the size of the gun, too.

David wrote:
February 25, 2012

Now you know why we British still drive on the left! Only one problem though; we haven't got any pistols left to carry in our cars 'cos our government stole them from us!

Tom wrote:
February 25, 2012

I mounted the cheap plastic holster that came with my XD under and to the right of my steering wheel. It makes for a smooth transfer.

Dale Williams wrote:
February 25, 2012

You guys need to check out grassbur.com. They have excellent concealed carry options for vehicles.

cliff wrote:
February 25, 2012

In Ca they took our open carry freedom, I always have a trusty knife in the back right pocket. Perfectly accessible while unbuckling the belt. Also try to leave the car in drive if possible. Remember the car can be replaced you can't. That being said I'll never go down without someone going with me.

tj wrote:
February 24, 2012

To Dave in Illinois who asked for suggestions, I would move out of a non carry state, I would rather drive around Illinois than go thru it at this time until that ban is changed

Kwgarry wrote:
February 24, 2012

Desantis makes a Kingston car holster. It's worth a look.

Larry Garrett wrote:
February 24, 2012

Crossdraw is a real option for those in wheelchairs also as the armrest if chair has one is in the way sometimes.

tim clay wrote:
February 24, 2012

I bought a cheap nylon holster from uncle mikes and mounted it under the steering coloumn with 2 zip ties. it easy to grab my weapon with either hand.

JimBob wrote:
February 24, 2012

I gave a perfect place in my car for ready access. To make sure I remember the gun is there I use a simple methid. I keep an old soft sunglass case in the stash spot when it is empty. If the sunglass case is in the passenger seat, i know the gun is still in the car. I call this my 'pickle' and as I get out of the car I always notice it, so it reminds me to take my gun every time.

Butch houser wrote:
February 24, 2012

Im left handed and in the car, I carry cross draw with the holster just a little forward of the normal position. Works perfect for me.

TA wrote:
February 24, 2012

Does anyone know what the law is in Maryland?

Rendall wrote:
February 24, 2012

Lefties don't have the problem of draw, but they have a much harder time getting the sights on someone directly on their left, or slightly behind on the left. Which is exactly where most carjackers or that type of person will be. Plus I believe it would be easier for someone to grab the gun from a lefty as they see it come up, because the lefty can't use their left arm to fend off an attack while pulling the sidearm.

txshotgun wrote:
February 24, 2012

When I travel, in vehicle or on m/c, I have a Galco shoulder rig with holster under each ARM , all carry weapons have crimson trace lazer, and I am proficient with left or right hand. It keeps weapon secure and you have ability draw weapon in direction of the threat.

AK47Man wrote:
February 24, 2012

I have a Glock 30 in my glovebox in my car...Custom mounted soft holster with velcro...I have pulled my gun out three times with people coming up to my car either begging or wanting something...Adios..!!!

Brian wrote:
February 24, 2012

My Lexus has the same map door, and our new carry law in Ky allows one to not have a permit,but keep it in any factory compartment in vehicle....sweet.

Matt wrote:
February 24, 2012

Respectively, I don't see the need for every states laws to be discussed in this article. To me, if you are a resident of that state or will be traveling through that state it is up to you to know and understand their conceal and carry laws. It's much easier doing your own homework than having to hire an attorney to represent you... or worse. Just saying, we don't need to be babysat. If you are responsible enough to take the course and get your license to carry, you're responsible enough to do your own research as well.

Tammy wrote:
February 24, 2012

I love the advice! Personally I like mine tucked between my seat and the console where I can easily grab it. I have practiced this over and over and it seems to be pretty effective. I am from Louisiana and wanted to let you guys know that a friend of mine was pulled over for her window tint being too dark. She told the officers that she had a hand gun, it was registered in her name. They took the pistol, took out the clip, made her open her trunk and put the clip in the trunk, closed it and gave her the empty pistol. Please tell me how is an empty pistol with the ammo in the trunk going to do any good if something were to happen and she needed it???? I'm in disbelief about that incident!

ken wrote:
February 24, 2012

The holster shown in the photo is a crossbreed super tuck very nice holsters

Cole wrote:
February 24, 2012

I carry daily in my car and I have a blackhawk serpa platform that is secured to the car its self on the drivers door. Out of sigh nicely. Jim above mentioned that in Wa. A loaded pistol in a car must be on the person. That is not correct. A loaded pistol 'may not' be in the car period if it is loaded without a CPL. However if the occupant has a valid CPL the gun can be in the car and not 'on his person' Wa. RCW allows possesion in a car on or off the person.

Your NameTim wrote:
February 24, 2012

The holster in the Photo is a Crossbreed Supertuck Delux. I have one for my Glock22 with the additional IWB dual mag holder. I also have one for my Sig Sauer p220. I was never a fan of IWB carry till I found this holster. Now I won't carry any other way. I highly reccommend this holster for consealed carry.

apvbguy wrote:
February 24, 2012

adrin 2/24/2012 7:06:24 AM In florida while having a weapon or fiream in your car it must be securly encased, with or with out a permit if not on your person. options can be a retention holster (snap)adhered to the lower console. this is not accurate, in FLA someone who possesses a CWFL, can carry a gun in his car unsecured as long as it is not in plain sight. In other words you could put it on the passenger seat (not a good idea) with a towel over it and that would be legal

Guy wrote:
February 24, 2012

I carry 2 .380's, in a dual shoulder rig, spare mags are pouched on my belt, if i cant get away in 16 rounds,I bet i'm out of the car reloading with a bad attitude !

Brad wrote:
February 24, 2012

This is not legal in Illinois. Best option is to encase the unloaded firearm in your center console, inside a zipper case. Better to have an opportunity than none at all.

Greg wrote:
February 24, 2012

Just a couple things. I saw a comment about not having to worry because you're a lefty, what if you are in the passengers seat? I'm not sure about other states but car jackers here in SoCal usually have a gun. If they tell you to get out of the car and you go to reach under your arm they are likely to panic and start shooting. Obviously living in this socialist state I don't really have the option of carrying in a car so I have to consider other options. I agree with some of the others, #1 is situational awareness so that someone doesn't come up on me unexpected to begin with. Can I take off and get away from them? Are they close enough to where I can hit them with the door if I open it quickly enough? How many of them are there? There was a man here in Escondido that went to a pizza parlor with his family. While waiting for his pizza in the car a van rolled up with three hispanic males in it. Two got out and demanded his car. He argued and was assaulted. The wife and child were let go but he ended up in the hospital in critical condition and they found the car abandoned only about a mile away. Keep your priorities straight - some things just aren't worth your life.

Jim wrote:
February 24, 2012

What should a left handed shooter do in the car?

Leonard wrote:
February 24, 2012

I simply move my holster to the door side and use it as a cross-draw setup.

Jeff wrote:
February 24, 2012

In Mo. you can carry in your car without a CCW Permit and you can just lay it on the seat or throw it up on the dash board if you want.

Jim wrote:
February 24, 2012

That's why I love our GLOCKS. The case they come in preclude them having a round in the chamber. All it takes is pulling the slide back and you're 'locked and loaded'. Haven't had to use it thank GOD.

Chris wrote:
February 24, 2012

Fortunately for me, I have a place in my center console right next to the gearshift that fits my XDm perfectly. Then again, I am in the minority who does not favor IWB carry, and I prefer a shoulder holster whenever possible.

littlemike wrote:
February 24, 2012

"larry 2/23/2012 8:30:05 PM Us lefties don't really have that problem do we?" Actually, larry, if you've tried to draw from a strong-side hip holster, with your elbow wedged against the door and seat belt in place, you might rethink that. I might consider going crossdraw while driving.

adrin wrote:
February 24, 2012

In florida while having a weapon or fiream in your car it must be securly encased, with or with out a permit if not on your person. options can be a retention holster (snap)adhered to the lower console.

larry wrote:
February 23, 2012

Us lefties don't really have that problem do we?

Richard wrote:
February 23, 2012

I have a fabric pocket holster fastened to the inside of my center console with velcro. The lid to the console lifts up quickly to the rear.

RiverRat57 wrote:
February 23, 2012

To Glen & Dave, move is the best bet, or get te law changed.

Tigerbeetle wrote:
February 23, 2012

In Ga. your car is an extension of your house. You can carry where ever you like. With a CCP (Ga FL) you can carry on your body. I like the clip holster and stick it on the outside edge of the door pouch next to the driver's seat. Right at my finger tips with the left hand.

Wallace wrote:
February 23, 2012

Don B, it is a Crossbreed holster.

Dale wrote:
February 23, 2012

During big game hunting season I use a shoulder holster for my 6" S&W .44 that swivels when you unsnap it and its as good for defensive purposes or for that buck that runs out in front of you.

Steve Smith wrote:
February 23, 2012

Something I do in the car that I have yet to read about. I carry the gun in a fanny pack hanging from the passenger seat headrest facing the back seat. So all I have to do is a onehanded reach to release and grab. When I get out of the car I put it in the carry holster of the day.

prairiewolf wrote:
February 23, 2012

I find cross draw, inside the pants, under a Woolrich shirt gives easy access with seatbelt not a worry. I learned this from an older cop many years ago. I teach family to keep car doors locked and be prepared to accelerate if at all possible. Black Hawk has a nice holster for about anything you want to carry addjustible for cross draw carry. In cross draw you can protect your weapon with your elbow in a crowd.

Bob wrote:
February 23, 2012

Situational awareness! Remember...a 3000 lb. projectile beats a 185 gr. one if you have the advantage.

Nick M. wrote:
February 23, 2012

Start with keeping the vehicle doors locked. Even if the windows are down, it will slow the bad guys. Also, I use my thumb to hook the seat belt and follow it down to the buckle. Finally, before belting in, I make sure any jacket or coat is unzipped and pushed back out of the way from my right hip carry position.

Wayne wrote:
February 23, 2012

A second gun is my answer. A full size Taurus Judge in a fabric holster wedged firmly between my seat and the console.

David D. wrote:
February 23, 2012

I mounted a leather holster to the seat adjustment bar . The draw is very fuid as the the pistol grip is always between my knees .

RT Moore wrote:
February 23, 2012

Maybe yall should have made some points on different states have different views and laws on carry in a car. In NC it is okay to carry pistol in car in open, but in SC it is a felony. In NC you can have in glove box if locked but in SC it is okay as long as it latches.

reader wrote:
February 23, 2012

That's a CrossBreed holster.

reelhooker wrote:
February 23, 2012

ankle holster works well in car

Stan wrote:
February 23, 2012

Comments... I find right pocket carry to be effective for me. Easy access and it does not get left behind

Raymond wrote:
February 23, 2012

As an instructor, I am against 'off-body' carry because it is so easy to just leave your handgun in the car when you have to dash into some place or when you get gas etc. with the right holsters, even IWBs, you can efficiently present your handgun while seated in a vehicle. I DO agree with the Sheriff's method of dealing with the seat belt. It is important to practice this maneuver (make sure your handgun is unloaded) so you will have some idea of what you are going to do if the time comes.

Trigger wrote:
February 22, 2012

As in the old movies, if someone has the drop on you, which is possible in a car jacking, it may not be a good idea to go for a gun. You are at a disadvantage sitting in a vehicle.

gregory wrote:
February 22, 2012

In the old west no one had a carry permit and they were familiar with the weapon. Access & Familiarity is the key. If you are surprized then kiss 'it' goodbye...

Don B wrote:
February 22, 2012

Who makes the holster setup shown in the photo? I can't find any info on it. ??

madderhatter wrote:
February 22, 2012

I have a dedicated pistol for my truck, besides my carry gun. It's held in place with a gun magnet, below the steering wheel, on the metal frame under the dash. Virtually out of sight for any nosey eyes but 1/2 second away when I need it. Sure, it "could" come lose if I was in a wreck but would not discharge. Then again, I drive a 6,000+ pound truck, so it works for me.

GLen wrote:
February 22, 2012

Of course trying to carry a gun in your car, that not unloaded and locked in the trunk with the ammo in a separate container, will get you arrested big time in California. As in taken to jail and paying $20,000 in legal fees, big time. Happened to a friend a few years back.

Phil Coley wrote:
February 22, 2012

I'm thinking of mounting a retention holster on my transmission hub for a secondary handgun while traveling. It's legal here in Wisconsin since 1NOV2011.

Bill wrote:
February 22, 2012

Good article. Be sure that the gun is unloaded before any attempts are made to practice presentation in your car or any other place for that matter. I would be interested in carry and presentation suggestions while on a motorcycle.

Ragan wrote:
February 22, 2012

Are there any secure storage products that outperform the Tuffy Security Products #289-01 for locking up my pistol under the seat or in the trunk for when the gun cannot be carried?

Jim wrote:
February 22, 2012

"While this is not a bad idea, one should really be careful that the handgun is placed in a secure location and that this is legal in the region of travel." In WA, (loaded) gun must be on your person, period, even when riding in a vehicle.

MitchN60 wrote:
February 22, 2012

I'm left-handed and my seat belt is no hindrance to drawing if I need to. I have practiced a lot.

Cecil wrote:
February 22, 2012

IWB is my only carry method. It is very good for carrying in the car as well. You just have to practice grabbing and pulling the seatbelt up with your shirt at the same time. I have found IWB is the most comfortable, and the easiest access to my full sized Ruger P90 .45ACP handgun.

Dave wrote:
February 22, 2012

Any suggestions for Illinois? We can't carry here.

Vince wrote:
February 22, 2012

I leave the hip holstered gun alone in the vehicle and reach for the one on my ankle. Ankle carry was tailor made for sitting down and drawing discreetly. By using the ankle gun I eliminate the possibility of fumbling the hip holstered gun and having a negligent/accidental discharge.

Jordy wrote:
February 22, 2012

I have a Saab that the front of the Seat has a map pocket perfect for carry. Just don't leave it in your car on accident.

Don wrote:
February 22, 2012

This is very good advice for anyone who is serious about personal protection.