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The Smith & Wesson SD40

S&W performs polymer magic with its SD series.


Since the early 1990s, firearm manufacturers have been producing polymer semi-auto pistols in a variety of calibers for both law enforcement and self-defense markets. These “plastic” pistols have become highly popular over the years because of their simplicity and reliability.

Many law enforcement agencies are issuing some type of striker-fired polymer handgun because the guns are accurate, affordable and, most importantly, easy to use, which also translates well for the home-defense gun owner.

Smith & Wesson has been covering both the high and low ends of the polymer-gun price spectrum with its M&P and Sigma lines, respectively. Then, during the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Charlotte, S&W introduced a mid-range polymer pistol to meet the needs of the home and self-defense shooter.

“If you look at our polymer pistol line, we had the Sigma, which was a price-point polymer, and we had the full-featured M&P duty gun,” said Jim Unger, S&W product manager. “There was a $200 gap between the two and a huge difference in features. We wanted a gun that hit in the middle and provided the features needed for self-defense.”

Self-defense is the entire theme of the SD Series as it’s available in two effective self-defense calibers—9 mm and .40 S&W—along with multiple features popular with the self-defense crowd such as a 4-inch barrel, Trijicon front sight, white-dot rear sights, loaded chamber indicator and an accessory rail for attaching a light, laser or even a bayonet. The SD also comes with a black Melonite finish to reduce glare, which according to S&W provides a surface hardness of 68 on the Rockwell scale.

The grips are fairly slim and ergonomic with a good angle—18 degrees—for both point shooting and aimed fire with aggressive diamond-shaped checkering on the front and backstraps and rough texture on the sides. Serrations on the slide are deep and slightly angled toward the muzzle providing a good gripping surface for chambering a round. Just below the steel slide is a textured finger locator to help shooters keep their fingers off the trigger until the pistol is lined up on the target and ready to fire.

Both the SD9 and SD40 have an unloaded weight of 22.7 ounces and come with two high-capacity magazines—the 9 mm version holds 16+1 rounds while the 40 S&W contains 14+1 rounds—or two California-legal 10+1 round mags. Both versions come with S&W’s lifetime service policy.

While the night sight, checkering and rail are all good for both carry and home-defense guns, according to Unger, the most interesting feature is the Self Defense Trigger. The SDT was designed to provide a smooth, consistent trigger pull every time, which enhances confidence by improving accuracy for the user.

“The self-defense trigger is light enough to be accurate, but not too light,” said Unger. “The front sight is nice, but having a trigger designed for self-defense makes all the difference in the world to people fighting for their life.”

The SD series contains no manual safety. Instead, its only visible safety is on the bottom half of the trigger, which must be depressed before the striker can be engaged. A sear prevents the striker from hitting the primer unless the trigger is depressed. The striker is brought fully to the rear with each trigger pull before releasing and striking the primer. Because of the safety, the trigger has a slight amount of rearward play before engaging the striker, but once engaged, the trigger pull becomes very even, breaking at just over 8 pounds on the test model.

In accuracy testing, the SD40 performed OK. Since the gun is designed for self-defense, accuracy was checked using Cor Bon, Federal, Hornady and Winchester self-defense rounds applying the American Rifleman standard of five groups of five shots from a bench at 25 yards. In addition, I shot one 10-round group at 25 yards with each load. All shot well with the Federal 135-grain Hydro-Shok performing best by averaging just under 4 inches in the five 5-shot groups. The 10-shot groups obviously opened up, but easily stayed within the limits of a self-defense grouping.

In addition to accuracy testing, I decided a self-defense handgun needed to run through some self-defense drills to learn its true potential. To do so, I dimmed the range lights to perform low-light drills both with and without an attached light.

With a SureFire X300 Weapon Light, it was easy to see both the target and the sights, and the added weight on the front helped with muzzle rise providing for faster follow-up shots. Of course, since the SD40 comes with a Trijicon front sight, the real test was conducted without a light. In even the faintest light or pure darkness, the tritium front sight was clearly visible. At the same time, the white-dot rear sights stood out fairly well if there was some light, which provided a good sight picture for firing. However, as the room became darker, the rear sights were practically useless. Since I wouldn’t fire at an unknown target anyway, this wasn’t very concerning.

Throughout it all, the SD40 never malfunctioned with more than 300 rounds fired in a variety of both speed and action drills. This bodes well, as the most important requirement of a self-defense handgun is reliability.

Overall, the SD40 performed well. Reliability, feel and function were terrific, while accuracy was just acceptable. I didn’t get great groups with and no matter how I shot—bench, standing or drills—or the type of ammunition used, the SD40 shot low. At 25 yards, the difference between aim and shot was about 3 to 4 inches. As I decreased the range, the difference obviously lessened, but regardless of range, the SD40 shot low enough in my hands to be apparent.

The SD has a solid feel to it with a good grip angle. It’s easy to use and has many features of the M&P along with a much better trigger than the Sigma. However, S&W claims the SD Series is not a combination of the two.

“There is not a lot of commonality between the two in reality,” said Unger. “When describing the polymer guns to dealers, we lay out the features of all three and compare them to one another. This was a fresh sheet of paper.”

Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson, www.smithandwesson.com
Caliber: 9 mm and .40 S&W (tested)
Action: striker-fired semi-auto pistol
Frame: polymer lower, steel upper
Finish: Black Melonite
Barrel: 4”
Rifling: 1:18.75” right-hand twist
Magazine: two high-capacity (16+1 9 mm, 14+1 .40 S&W) or two 10+1
Sights: Trijicon front, white-dot rear
Trigger Pull: 8 lbs., 2 oz.
Overall Length: 7.1”
Width: 1.29”
Weight: 22.79 oz.
Accessories: hardcase, two magazines, instruction manual and safety lock
Suggested Retail Price: $530

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75 Responses to The Smith & Wesson SD40

Dennis wrote:
August 28, 2014

I've had the SD40 for about two years now. I also have a Glock 22, one that I carried for six years and put 4000+ rounds through. Honestly, I prefer carrying, holding, and shooting the SD40. It's a great gun.

ron wrote:
February 16, 2014

I just bought the s&w sd40 and love it i had a ruger .45 for a weekend and took it back on monday it kept jamming wouldnt eject rounds so i looked at the sd fell inlove fits great in my hand shoots great took my ccwp test with it and handle perfect i might even pick up another one for my wife since i work nights to have just incase any funny business comes around my house while I'm gone

Phil mc wrote:
June 16, 2013

I just got mine over the weekend. I love it . Since I'm a left handed shooter it work out good for me I shoot a little high anyway . I'm just as a accurate with this as I'm with my sig 45. Good gun

Andy wrote:
June 14, 2013

I have a weapon-mounted light and I use this light like a handheld when I need. I use Armytek Predator for my AR. It is very convenient. It's not heavy and I don't have any problems with it. Also I prefer to pay much more money and have a good light and I think the price is not high, about $110. It's good for this well made and multifunctional light.

Tyler wrote:
May 31, 2013

I love my sd40

JAke wrote:
May 31, 2013

I've had my SD40 for a few months now, everything is great for the most part, I haven't had any ejection problems but feeding has been an issue lately, chambering the first round is not a problem but it basically every other round it will jam, no misfires though. I clean it regularly, but have been switching ammo around every time I shoot, I'm only having these problems with, Fiocchi 180 grn. fmj and "Lawman" by speer (they were cheap and plentiful) I gues I get what I pay for???

Michael Simpson wrote:
May 18, 2013

If your having jamming issues or feeding issues, it's probably because your riding the slide all the way when chambering the first round. Tilt the gun to the side and pull back rapidly and let go. This will solve your chambering/feeding issues. I shot mine for the first time last night and experienced the same problem at first. The range staff member showed me how to correct it. Was definitely user error. 100 rds and had one misfire, but coulda been the cheap reloads I was using?

chrisglock wrote:
April 22, 2013

mine is 2 years old and never misfire no problems

mini flashlights wrote:
April 17, 2013

I look forward to Armytek Partner C1 mini light.I think it will be good.

John wrote:
April 04, 2013

This is my 1st and only S&W 40 cal. I have had 50 % misfires and 2 ejection problem (Most with PMC ammo.) Changed to American eagle ammo fired 6 rounds and a misfire. Next firing attempt lead to a miss fire with NO firing pin striking ammo. Gun shipped back to S&W. PS. I also used 3 differ mang. Not sure what the out come will be. 3 calls t company.

Bob Crawford wrote:
March 31, 2013

I just bought my S&W Sd 40 about a month ago 339 brand-new fired 50 rounds through it worked flawlessly Great gun for the price shoots well feels well accuracy is awesome I love the 14 rounds plus one If you want an affordable gun that goes bang and not pop this would be an excellent gun of choice S&W got it rite with this one I am very happy I chose to buy this instead of a Glock at $500 Smith and Wesson's reputation proceeds and excels it with this weapon I love how there is no mechanical safety and I love the weight length and overall conceal ability of this weapon Very accurate at 100 feet all centermass Will shoot low if u jerk or anticipate the recoil The recoil is smooth but firm. Takes a little to get used to. It's not a 22 so don't expect it to fire like one. After my first 50 rounds didn't even notice the recoil it felt perfect. The shells fit tight and loft out the slide. Very happy with its performance. I love my SD40. Thank you S&W

Lee wrote:
March 30, 2013

I bought both 9mm and 40 last month. very good price but both guns had problems. 9mm was little better than the 40 only jams 8 times for 300 rounds but my 40 will jams on the 1st round load in chamber on both magazines all the times. i also not happy with trigger. sure not like Glock and not smooth like S&W double action revolver!!! both gun shoot about 5 to 6 inches low and 4 to 5 inches group( with Glock I can do 2 inches group at 25 yards)I will not buy any S&W semi auto again (S&W revolver still very good for me)

Busterty wrote:
March 20, 2013

Bought mine about a month ago from local gun shop, actually right across the street from my house, paid $329.00 new out the door. Thank you no sales tax Oregon and love it. Fits my hand perfectly and shoots straight with comfortable recoil. prefer shooting this to my Browning.380. Has a little rattle from the magazines but not bothersome. Would recommend this to any beginner or experienced gun owner.

Itsmytime wrote:
March 16, 2013

Bought my sd40 a few months ago when I turned 21. My first handgun and I love it. Looks nice, feels nice, and I open carry it everywhere I go. Shot about 250 rounds and only had 1 misfire due to the type of ammo I had. Does shoot low and to the left but I can get a nice grouping with an inch or less in between. Love this gun.

Dunkin wrote:
March 12, 2013

I just bought the sd40ve and its my first pistol I've ever fired. I've put less than 100 rds through it and have had 3 misfires. Once a round was stuck in cylinder and slide would not release and had to take to gunsmith per range marshal requests and have them disassemble safely. They oiled it up for me and I put 20 rounds through since and no problems. I plan to fire 100+ rds this weekend for assurance.

Fearless1978 wrote:
February 27, 2013

Bought mine from Academy Sports for $299.99 about a week ago. Took it to the range and I will say for the price I can't complain about anything. Spent some time in the range with it and I will say when it comes to hitting the target this gun was very good. Low, yes... accurate; pretty much... I did not have even one misfire so what more can I say?!?!

kyle wrote:
February 23, 2013

just picked up the sd40. ve for 369$ love it shoots like every one shoot a little low and to the left but still pretty accurate

mike wrote:
February 22, 2013

Adam have him try 180 grn ammo and see what happens.

tree wrote:
February 20, 2013

just got mine and i love it putting it right were i want at 50yards so it awsome by my standards

Adam wrote:
February 17, 2013

My friend just picked up the SD40 about two weeks ago for $475. He has only fired about 150 rounds through it and has had 6 rounds misfire. All seem to be feeding issues. He is using PMC 165grf ammunition. Has anyone expirenced similar issues? Any recommendations on ammunition that works well with this weapon?

Donovan wrote:
February 07, 2013

i have had my sd40 for a year, shot about 2000 rounds, no issues. i shoot left handed right eye. mine shot low and right till i learned the trigger from lots of dry firing. this gun does exactly as smith and wesson advertised it. it is a self defense weapon and i trust it to go bang every time i pull the trigger. i have shot much more accurate target pistols but i would not trust most of them with me or my families life.

Tunes wrote:
January 31, 2013

I personally put the SD 40 at top of the page and in my waistband. Looks great, feels great and like below if you have issues with shooting little low, may be in how you pull trigger, dont jerk. I have the rattle in magazines when fully loaded, but once in gun they don't rattle. Haven't had any feeding problems either. Sorry can't say nothing but good for this piece and praise the cost. S&W you out did yourself.

Cutch wrote:
January 26, 2013

I got mine for $319 at a local gun shop. After i bought it i was doing research on it and i read a few people having feeding issues and my buddy found problems with shooting 180 grain has anyone had any of these issues?

Brad wrote:
January 20, 2013

I didn't pay near that much!! S&W retail price is only 379.00. However, I got one for only 350.00 at a local gun store. For the price, I would tell others looking for a home defense hand gun that its a good buy.

Bgmcmichael wrote:
January 20, 2013

I love my SD40, no issues with it at all. I haven't noticed much drop. I want to point out to the many people who have commented about the gun firing low... And to the left that you might want to look up 'doinking' the trigger. A propper trigger pull will most likely fix the low and to the left issue. Now if it is shooting in line with your aim point and low that might just be the gun. Just remember it is rarely the gun's fault if you aren't hitting the target.

Rick wrote:
January 16, 2013

I say it wouldnt be bad at all for law enforcement.

jBIRD wrote:
January 04, 2013

I bought the SD40 after shooting the sr40 and tarus40. For the money you can't bet this gun,I'm very pleased with all aspects of this weapon.mine also shoot low and left,but after about 400 rounds it groups just fine.just took a while to figure. It out.the rattle in the spring can be fixed by buying a clip for a sigma,that and the M&P both will interchange with this weapon.great job Smith-Wesson

New to ccw wrote:
January 01, 2013

I purchased my Sd40 Ve for $328. After reading everyone's comments I have taken ?the time to look at ?the slide. Mine is pefect. On comparison to a Taurus 40 slim ?the SD fits perfect on my iwb,very light ..I have not been to the range yet with it...On ?the second note Glocks are for paper weighs just my opinion..

Mark wrote:
December 05, 2012

Can anyone tell me if this would be a gun of choice for Law Enforcement?

David wrote:
December 04, 2012

Bought one and like it as good or better than my glock...paid $340 plus tax brand new.. Very good deal!!!

JohnU wrote:
November 09, 2012

I had bought a SD 40 VE and it rattled too. Sold it and bought another one and have no problems with anything. I think?? S&W fixed a couple things and put new ones in circullation, not positive but my slide was machined different. S&W has a lifetime warrenty so send it back johnny and about the problem. S&W might send you two new clips and could solve your problem!! But for the price and the reputation of S&W, I'm sure they will make you happy. Well good luck with it all.

johnny wrote:
October 23, 2012

i just bought this gun today the clip is 14 rounds but when i fill the clip it makes all kinds of noise but if i put 8 in it the clip doesnt make any noise any one knows what maybe wrong

Jkwhite1007 wrote:
October 09, 2012

Leaving a mag loaded doesn't make the spring weak. It's the compression and decompression that weakens the spring. Now the feed lips may spread from leaving it loaded, but you won't hurt the spring. Sorry Josh. Wrong answer.

shwell wrote:
September 07, 2012

Got one for the wife for personal defense. Went to purchase 9mm version, but the dealer sent us the 40 by mistake. Got it for under $300 and I am happy she decided to keep it. Dealer ate the cost difference. She loves the fit of the gun, and after 300 rounds she is a better shot with it then I am.. it is her first gun, and quite frankly I think it was a brilliant choice. For the money, it is hard to beat. I previously owned a few sigmas in 40 and this is indeed a step in the right direction. S&W got this gun right. Accuracy is as stated, OK. But with familiarity, you can overcome this quite easily.

Tony Muniz wrote:
August 09, 2012

I bought mine two years ago,and shoot about 600 rounds feels perfect no issues except for the slide and frame alignment.shoot low but I just adjust my shooting mode.

George Schmunk wrote:
July 27, 2012

Just purchased a 40 SD. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet but I can hardly wait try it out (waiting for the ATF's approval). It fits my hand like a quality glove which is the very first step in effective marksmanship. It is also very concealable and light. I am always told how great Springfield's customer service is but I sure haven't seen it. I purchased a 40XD when they first came out and I experienced serious rusting problems with the spring and guide rod. I e mailed and left messages with customer service and not once did they return my calls. Come to find out it was a problem with their first models. No more Springfield for me!

josh wrote:
June 05, 2012

@curt. Its nothing. They all do it. Actually you shudnt keep the clip full any way. If its left like that over a period if time it will make the spring weak.

josh wrote:
June 05, 2012

@Chris. I have me brothers. It does seem to shoot low and to the left. Good grouping tho.

josh wrote:
May 28, 2012

Im getting ready to buy my brothers sd 40 and can't wait. I've. Shot it alot. At 15-21me feet it is right in it. I owned a berretta. 40 once and I like the sd 40 much better.

Chris h wrote:
May 18, 2012

Bought the SD 40 over a year and a half ago. It has been a very reliable gun with well over 2000 rounds put down range I have not had any jams or miss fires. I have noticed that I have been shooting low and to the left also and until I read these reviews I thought it was user error!! I made adjustments to my aim accordingly and I am getting great groupings at 10-15 yards. Great gun overall the more I shoot it the more I like it. Great price for the weapon.

Curt wrote:
April 25, 2012

I jusr bought the sd 40 it is my first gun and I love it I was going to get the glock 19 3 gen but the sd felt much better in my hand and the kit came with so great stuff im far from a pro butt three mouths free range time with my purchase with help make me one but when the pistal is fully loaded I hear movement in my.clip. Whats that about

Commo_Daddy25U wrote:
April 17, 2012

Purchased the S&W SD40 for our first "Home protection firearm" a few months ago. We've been to the range with it three times. No fail to fires, fail to chambers, etc. Shoots very well once you get used to the trigger. First 200 rounds or so I shot consistently low and to the left (well grouped shots, just not where I was sending them). From what I hear, this is a common problem amongst the SD40 shooters. I've heard either "shoot high/high-right, or just go through a couple hundred rounds to get used to the trigger". I cancelled out the option of this low left shooting as user error, as I brought along a glock 27 .40 and all shots were tightly grouped exactly where I was sending them. Overall, this pistol is extremely well made, and a fair weapon for the price. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys shooting .40's.

oscarthegrouch wrote:
February 29, 2012

I just got the SD40 and I have to say I was all over the paper with the first 10-15 rounds, but after that I was hitting the bulls eye at 25 and 35 ft. It is my first handgun so I wouldn't blame the gun for the first few rounds, but I don't think I did that bad, and for the price I think this is an awesome gun, only 100rd but no FTF or FTE

Para502 wrote:
January 30, 2012

Come on guys.just aim a little high and to the right.love my SD 40

GMan wrote:
January 21, 2012

@Mike: hey thank you for that tip. I Op-checked my SD-40 today and was very disappointed. I had a tight group it's just that it shot very low. I'll make the recommended adjust menus and see how she functions then.

Mike wrote:
January 09, 2012

I recently bought the SD40 and I also initially had the issue with the gun shooting low. That being said, I think that the reason that it shots low, for some users, is how your finger is placed on the trigger. The SDT trigger seems to naturally "force" your finger down instead of back (especially for military trained shooters). This causes the barrel to slightly lower during shooting. I found that by moving your finger further up the trigger will eliminate this issues and allow shots to hit their targets. I hope this helps....

JAKE wrote:
December 18, 2011


Chip wrote:
December 06, 2011

bought this 40 new added laser and put over 500 rounds no problems dont buy tulammo makes a dirty cleanup but overall nice weapon

RiteOn wrote:
October 16, 2011

Just purchased the SD40. No issues, love the trigger safety. Did shoot to the lower right of target (standing), however I adjusted my grip and all was good. All over center mass with 4" grouping with open sight at 15 yards. Sighted in new laser and improved to 2" at both 15 and 25 yards. Love the way the guns feels, with mininal recoil keeping sights on target during rapid firing. No jams and fun to shoot. Range 185 grain FMJ and personnal protection CorBon 135grain JHP.

RoninDante wrote:
October 14, 2011

My first round grazed the bullseye and the next four were tight grouped with it. The next five rapid shots were all over the paper. I've decided the last five were user error.

Ed1965 wrote:
October 02, 2011

After reading a number of reviews (some right here in this forum) I purchased an SD40. Went to the range and put 100rds of Winchester 165 gr.Was shooting @ approx. 5-7yds. I was all over the target. It was shooting extremely low and to the left. I also was shooting a Glock 36, and was puting those rounds were I aimed. So it wasn't me. I'm looking for any advice. Obviously different ammo would be a good place to start. Any suggestions, or recommendations, will be appreciated.

Shane90 wrote:
August 30, 2011

I bought this gun last year in Oct. Great gun, weighs next to nothings but packs a heavy punch. 1000+ rounds fmj hp 185 165 155 not a problem. have done laying, standing, side running, high and low drills, full clips. shoot stationary skeet at 25 yards. blindfold field strip compatible. Has more rounds than a .45acp so you can disperse more freely without that reload silence. no safety is awesome i can't stand them. theres no need if you know what your doing. has a great angle. the back sights are 90 degrees for tactical reloads or injury reloads. great price, fires amazing. love the heavy but not so heavy trigger pull. Just a great all around firearm. it gets a 7/10 from me. wish it had a larger clip attachment i would be happy. anyone know of that or what would be interchangeable. oh and i have been rougher than usual with it because it will not scratch. i thought i did a few times but you put some #9 and its gone... run wd40 as you are firing large amounts of rounds it keeps smooth and makes breakdown cleaning easier

LARRY wrote:
June 26, 2011

Just bought a new, in the box SD40 for $399.00 before tax. It shoots right on, dead center out of the box. I love the "hold" grip, easy aim and shoot. My SD40 does not shoot low. I love the SD40. Great job S & W...!

wayne wrote:
June 14, 2011

bought the sd9 a few weeks ago and have shot about 200rds at an indoor range. I use 8.5x11 target sheets and can usually put a nice grouping in the circle at 25 -30 ft. but had to change to a larger body silhoutte at 50ft due to the large drop. Aimed at the chest and hit groin, aimed above the head and hit the chest. i've notice previous comments about this gun shoting low but nothing about it dropping at that distance. PLS NOTE, I realize that I will not be shooting at 50ft inside the house and hopefully will not need to shot at that range outside the house. It just seems like a large drop in velocity between 20ft and 50ft.

TJ wrote:
April 10, 2011

i just got the sd 40 I have shot 1000 rounds with it I got to say I love it from the first round to the last S&W got it right with this one

brian wrote:
March 30, 2011

I picked up an SD.40 about a month ago. I have fired 1000 rounds or more and have not had one problem, no jams, no miss fires, all cases ejected perfectly. Although I was not 'thrilled' with my purchase after shooting my first 50 rounds. I felt it shot very low and sights where off. Now at 15 yards 5 bulls eyes out of 14 rounds and just continue to shoot better every time out. My only change would be a lighter trigger pull and maybe a better slide lock. Now I'm hooked I sold my Springfield XD.40 and retired an older S&W . but I read these comments about all these safetys and I'm sorry but when that split second decision happens and there is a gun to your kid and you draw your weapon pull the trigger and you hear 'click'my safety. and if your truly worried about shooting yourself. Keep your finger off the trigger. why are you carrying? Haven't you taken basic gun safety? but anyhow all in all a few minor changes I would make to the SD.40 I love the gun. Love the feel. And I think it takes just a little time to get used to and my Targets are not getting anything outside the 7 (on a 14"x14" bullseye target) at 15 yds. OH and it doesn't pull your pants down!

S&M FREAK wrote:
March 02, 2011

Just got the SD40 New 379 great deal fits btter in my hand than the Glock 23 and has the night sights. Saved 0ver a hundred buck in comparison to the GLOCK ....Im sold! Shoot well!

Eastwood wrote:
January 31, 2011

TD Tornado if you need all those safeties you shouldnt be around a pistol..

LILDUDE659 wrote:
January 18, 2011

i just bought my sd40 yesterday and i also noticed that the frame and slide/barrel didn't line up properly.. shoots well tho i just dont lyk that about it

Vintage wrote:
January 17, 2011

I bought the SD40 about 2 weeks ago, this is the best compact version of the MP out there, I knew it shot low and to the left, fortunately it comes with adjustable sights, that was cured quickly ,it shoots great 500 rds no jams, and no safety needed,this gun rocks practice makes perfect , theres no recoil ,then again Im a .45ACP man, thisnk about the purpose , to shoot in defense and kill if need be, use only targets that man silowets aim center mass , adjust sights as needed , if you arent hitting great groups , you cant shoot anyway, dont waste your time at 25 yards, gun fights are much less , if your in your house are you gonna fight at 25 yards? No, train in regards to your surroundings, think 15 feet or less , it will be over quick, if your shooting 25 yards defense fights then you have time to get your shotgun out and end the fight!

Dale Pierce wrote:
January 06, 2011

I bought one in 9mm. Feels good, shoots great, no feed problems, hits point of aim every time. It also uses 9mm Sigma mags. I'd buy it again.

Willie300s wrote:
December 01, 2010

I bought an SD40 about a month ago. It seemed perfect until I noticed that the frame and slide/barrel didn't line up properly. I called S&W and they said send it in but after 2+ weeks they returned it saying it was within specs. I suspect that all of the frames were molded with the metal inserts a little off and there is nothing they can presently do about it. Academy want take it back so I'm going to wait until the get the problem worked out and then send it back in. It's otherwise a great pistol, perfect size, angle and I like the looks a lot.

October 20, 2010

it sounds to me that the sd40 people don't want it because it shoots low. i was thinking of getting one but after all these reviews i don't know now .

shark wrote:
September 25, 2010

I bought the SD40 for $436 after tax. New in box at a gun show. The $530 is a suggested retail price. 400 rounds no jams. kick isn't that bad. It does shoot a little low. All around good gun.

JerryC wrote:
September 23, 2010

The best "safety" for a gun is to get proper training. A 1911 is perfectly safe if you know how to handle it. If you don't have the proper training, no gun (and no one for that matter) is safe.

JohnN wrote:
September 18, 2010

I have an SD40. 750rnds and 0 failures. Accuracy is very good (2.5" group @ 7yds) but just below a Glock, XD, Sig. $500 w/tax new.

scooter wrote:
August 31, 2010

TD Tornado, you need the FN 45 auto for those requirements.

Devin wrote:
August 29, 2010

i have a sd40 and i like it over 500 rounds still no jams alaround good gun

T D VARNADO wrote:
August 23, 2010


Bernie wrote:
August 18, 2010

I like my M&Ps, 9 and .40. I had a Sigma and what a bear.The trigger was awful. I will stay with the M&Ps but will trade the .40 for a compact for CC.

Derrick wrote:
August 18, 2010

For a polymer I'll stick with the XD 40 (M), but I prefer to carry a 1911A1, yes I'm one of those people!!!

Mick wrote:
August 18, 2010

Have you guys even picked one up? Try the trigger...it is very smooth for a stock trigger. Very thin for a gun that holds 15 rounds of .40. Thinner than my Glock 32 ( or 23 comparatively). I would consider one, if I hadn't already bought the Glock. If you are stuck on one brand only, why bother to read these articles? Glock is an awesome and reliable gun, but not for 'everyone.'

Derek wrote:
August 18, 2010

Steve...if you want this over a G19, you're nuts. ;)

Steve wrote:
August 17, 2010

8 lb trigger. $530. Shoots low. Why do I want this instead of a Glock 19?

John wrote:
August 17, 2010

I shoot the M&P .40 at work. I'll stick with it.