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Winchester Announces New .17 Win. Super Mag. Ammo

The new rimfire cartridge is designed to offer the downrange performance of a center-fire cartridge at only a fraction of the cost.


Winchester Ammunition has announced a new rimfire cartridge that it's calling the most revolutionary in the company's history—the .17 Win. Super Mag.

The .17 Win. Super Mag. offers the downrange performance of a center-fire cartridge at only a fraction of the cost—allowing hunters to expect pinpoint accuracy and top-of-the-line performance from a rimfire cartridge at ranges past 200 yards.

The cartridge will initially be offered in three bullet types: 20-grain plastic tip in the Varmint HV (High Velocity) line, 25-grain plastic tip in the Varmint HE (High Energy) line and a 20-grain jacketed hollow point in the legendary Super-X line.

Winchester has said that each .17 Win. Super Mag. bullet will surpass the long-range wind drift and bullet drop limitations of popular rimfire calibers like .22 Win. Mag. and .17 HMR, while also depositing more than 150 percent more energy than either round.

Each of the brand-new .17 Win. Super Mag. symbols will be offered in a 50-round box and 500-round case. The ammunition will be available at Winchester dealers by April 2013.


.17 Win. Super Mag. Specifications:

For more information, check out the embedded video below or go to Winchester.com.

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7 Responses to Winchester Announces New .17 Win. Super Mag. Ammo

Racoon wrote:
April 10, 2014

No ammunition available anywhere at any price. What is up. We buy your rifle with the expectation that you will manufacture the ammunition. Lots of hype but not much ammo. What is up !! Seems like there must be technical problems because your business and manufacturing folks could not miss anything this bad.

leon wrote:
November 27, 2013

same here, great rifle from the looks,, would tell you how it shot,, but i can't find any ammo,, so what good is it then,, taking my back,, i'll stick the 17 hmr cuz i have lots of ammo for it,, this is crap, they bring out a new rifle and round and we can use it,, sounds like bs to me, thanks winchester for the ammo,, not

barbara wrote:
November 14, 2013

the rifle feels great good balance and light weight but how good is it if no ammo is available?

Dale wrote:
July 24, 2013

Look at your local Big 5. I work at one in So Cal. we carry ammo 20gr and 25gr

Steve N wrote:
July 03, 2013

looks like they'll be affordable.. not available yet, but $13.99/50 rounds sounds good.. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/124319/winchester-super-x-ammunition-17-winchester-super-magnum-20-grain-jacketed-hollow-point-box-of-50

jeff marlowe wrote:
July 03, 2013

I purchased a savage rifle in the 17 wsm caliber, but i cannot find any ammo for it

John Ciccone wrote:
January 08, 2013

The promotional spot is very interesting. I would like to know what the ammunition costs and who will make rifles for it. The performance of the 17 HMR is very impressive. I was in Colorado a few years ago shooting prairie dogs. I was able to get consistent hits at 180 yards in 0 wind conditions. If this new cartridge is as good in the wind as they suggest, it will be a very impressive cartridge indeed.