A Look Back At The 1917 Enfield

The author takes a look back at one of the great guns of history.

Fear & Loading: .303 British Walls

When a contractor began demolition of an addition to a garage on a home originally constructed in 1926, he discovered the outside wall was built out of World War II-era .303 British cartridge boxes.

I Have This Old Gun: Hotchkiss Portative Model 1914 MK1

Though it didn’t produce lasting success, the Hotchkiss Portative Model 1914 MK1 is the firearm that brought the American military into the 20th century in terms of a portable, light machine gun.

The Ross Rifle In U.S. Service

While the Ross rifles did not see overseas combat duty in the hands of the American Doughboys, the rifles did make available a number of badly needed M1903s and M1917s for combat units rather than training duty.

Something About The U.S. Enfield

This article corrected many of the inaccuracies published on the Enfield rifle.

The U.S. Model Of 1917: An 'American Enfield'

With millions of “Doughboys” heading for France during World War I, the United States needed rifles. Thankfully the Pattern 1914 Enfield was ready for mass production and was adopted by the U.S. as the Model of 1917.

Garand Vs. Pedersen

The M1 Garand’s adoption was far from a sure thing.


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