Morgan FRF2 Thumb

The French FR F2 Sniper Rifle

Conceived during the Cold War and after thirty years of service, the French are beginning to phase out the FR F2 bolt-action sniper rifle, with the surplus rifles available for sale from Navy Arms.

The Keefe Report: Remembering The Heroes Of 9/11

Twenty years after the Sept. 11 attacks, NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe reflects on those who've been lost and have sacrificed in the global war on terror.

The Keefe Report: 9/11 in the Rearview Mirror

American Rifleman's Mark Keefe was hunting out west when news of the attack on America broke. Here he reflects on the long journey home.

The Keefe Report: Freedom Matters—It's My Second Amendment

Thanks to the Second Amendment, we can choose to be ready. We can choose to defend our own lives and those of our fellow Americans.

Keefe Report: Ruger on the Frontline Against Terror

One of America’s most popular rifles is once again on the frontline in the war against terror.


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