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Tips For Teaching Family To Shoot

The “A+” answer to a loved one wanting to learn to shoot is to get them professional instruction from a reputable trainer who specializes in beginners; however, the reality is that many friends and family will strongly resist that ideal approach and prefer to just gain exposure from a trusted family member.

5 Great Pistol Drills For New Shooters

For new shooters, gaining familiarity with a firearm is priority No. 1. Here are five great drills that beginners can try out at the range to build their skills and get to know their handgun.

Arming My Daughter: A Defensive Handgun Trainer’s Personal Tale

Experiencing the reality that “a daughter is a treasure and a cause for sleeplessness,” the author determined to equip one of his own with the firearm skills necessary to survive in a harsh, unforgiving world.

75 Years Ago: School For Juniors

In a unique shooting school, a Michigan sporting goods dealer teaches the youngsters of his county how to handle firearms safely and accurately.

3.0 Carbine Drill: Practical Exercise For The M1 Carbine

With only 10 rounds needed to complete the drill, practicing it can save much time and money while honing the skills necessary to be a competent close-range defender with any carbine or large-format pistol, not just the M1.

CVA Sponsors Pass It On—Outdoor Mentors

Helping to bridge the gap between target shooting and outdoor recreation, CVA is now sponsoring Pass It On—Outdoor Mentors, a program that has more than doubled its number of events each year.

Ammo Companies Support Scholastic Action Shooting Program

Industries collaborate in support of Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP), a public charity that aims to enhance personal growth and development opportunities for student athlete members.

FN America Offers Summer Sizzle Rebate

Purchase a new FN 509 pistol between now and Sept. 30, 2023, and you could qualify for cash rebates.

MidwayUSA Foundation Awards Coach Training Grants

For three consecutive years the MidwayUSA Foundation has provided cash grants to help train more youth shooting sports coaches with 52 cash grants awarded by the organization in 2023.

Training A Lifesaver In Vietnam

What does a 50-foot NRA range for .22 rifles in Oklahoma have to do with the combat effectiveness and survival in Vietnam? For R.S. Hildreth, almost everything.

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