SHOT Show 2017: Aguila Target Loads

Aguila, best known for its Minishells, also makes top-shelf 2 3/4" sporting clays loads.

New: Federal Premium Gold Medal Grand Target Loads

For 2017, Federal Premium has improved upon the design of its Gold Medal shotshells with Gold Medal Grand.

Ballistic Products Z21 Premium Trap Load

Designed for 1 1⁄8-oz. heavy target and 1¼-oz. field loads, Ballistic Products’ Z21 wads have notably thicker shotcup walls than standard wads, which intensifies the constriction for improved downrange patterns.

Tonight on American Rifleman TV: 50 Years of the Winchester AA

This all-new episode of ARTV takes you to East Alton, Ill., to the Winchester ammunition plant to see how the iconic AA shotshells are produced.

Reduced-Recoil, Subsonic 12-Ga. Target Loads

Want to reduce the noise or recoil of your 120ga. shotgun? Here's an ammunition option that allows you to do that.

Tested: Herter’s Select Grade Brass Case Ammunition

Want to know more about Herter's Select Grade Brass Case ammunition? Read on.

Helping Veterans and Children with Autism through Ammunition Purchases

Want to give back to veterans and help children with autism? Here's how.

Federal Field & Range Steel Game & Target Loads

Federal's Field & Range Steel Game & Target loads are a good choice when the range or hunting grounds required a non-lead option.

NormaUSA TAC-22 .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

NormaUSA TAC-22 .22 Long Rifle ammunition gives shooters yet another option with which to fuel their rimfire.


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