Tuff Products I-Tuck Holster

This new dual pouch, in-the-waistband holster system allows small defensive pistols to hide in plain sight.

Preview: STI Nitro 10 Semi-Auto Pistol

STI fans will get their wish for a single-stack, 5-inch barrel pistol with the new Nitro 10.

Chamber-View ECI Plugs

The Chamber-View line of empty chamber indicators (ECI) provide a quick, non-verbal means of determining if a firearm is in a safe condition.

Boberg Arms XR45-S

The Boberg Arms semi-autos are among the most compact pocket pistols available for the calibers they fire. This year the company will be adding their first .45 ACP model, the XR45-S, which is rated for +P ammunition.

Fortress R300E Diversion Security Safe

Not every work or living space ideally suited for a full-size safe. In some cases, it would be helpful to have a safe that is not only compact, but able to hide in plain sight. For these situations, Heritage Security Products offers the Fortress brand R300E Diversion security safe.

Cabot Guns Folded Steel Damascus Pistol

Cabot Guns is releasing a true folded steel Damascus 1911.

Mossberg 500 JIC Patriot Shotgun

Mossberg originally released its bug-out bag worthy 500 JIC (Just In Case) Series in 2008. For 2014, the company is taking things a step further with a commemorative edition meant to honor the 2nd Amendment and support the NRA: the 500 JIC Patriot 6-Shot.

Hornady RAPiD Safe

Yes, Hornady's more known for its ammunition-but for 2014, the company's Security division is releasing a product that's designed to keep your favorite home-defense handgun secure: the RAPiD Safe.

New from Gamo

Gamo has two new air rifles for 2014: the Buckmaster Squirrel Terminator and the Recon Whisper G2. See what makes them special.

Les Baer 1911 HEMI 572

Les Baer introduces the new 1911 Hemi 572, designed after a 1970 Plymouth Pro Street Hemi Cuda.

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