Berger Juggernaut

Loading Bench: The Berger Juggernaut At 1,000 Yards

Although frequently used in 1,000-yard engagements, the .308 Winchester is often regarded as a “900-yard cartridge.” It gets this reputation because most bullets fired from .308 Win. rifles fall below the speed of sound slightly before they reach 1,000 yards.

Making The Shot: Outdoor Solutions' Long Range School

At the Outdoor Solution Corp's Long Range Shooting School, student learn the skills necessary to make practical shots in the field with a Benelli Lupo while relying on modern tech and intuition.

Pro-Shooter Advice: Proper Handgun Grip

Competitive shooting champion Julie Golob shares some professional advice on proper handgun grip principles.

Rifleman Q&A: Shooting Uphill Or Down

A reader, about to embark on a sheep hunt in Alaska, wants to know his best chances for success while shooting game at steep angles.

SHOT Show 2017: Springfield's Rob Leatham on Gun Grip

Springfield Armory Pro Shooter Rob Leatham is on a mission to make better shooters out of all of us.

Full Metal Coloring: A Book Of Down Range Reflection

More than just a coloring book, Full Metal Coloring seeks to inform as well as entertain.

8 Checks To Run Before Firing Your New Gun

Many potential issues can be resolved or avoided if they are identified before the trigger is pressed. Here are a few important steps to take before loading a new gun or a used gun you have never fired.

Going Long Distance

For those who have never shot long distances, nestling behind a rifle for 600-yard or longer shot can seem daunting.

Eight Awesomely Bad Shooting Tips

In an effort to rid the firearms world of these damaging misconceptions, we surveyed eight professional shooters and writers to get their best examples of shooting advice gone wrong. Learn them, know them and be sure to scold anyone who has the gall to offer up any of these awesomely bad shooting tips.

Practical Precision

Here are some tips for big accuracy gains on a small budget.

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