Penfed 911 Remembrance Dinner Heroes F

PenFed Credit Union Honors 9/11 Heroes With Remembrance Dinner Featuring Military Service Members And First Responders

PenFed presents $50,000 in donations to salute today’s heroes serving in defense of our nation and communities.

The Keefe Report: Remembering The Heroes Of 9/11

Twenty years after the Sept. 11 attacks, NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe reflects on those who've been lost and have sacrificed in the global war on terror.

The Keefe Report: 9/11 in the Rearview Mirror

American Rifleman's Mark Keefe was hunting out west when news of the attack on America broke. Here he reflects on the long journey home.

The Keefe Report: Freedom Matters—It's My Second Amendment

Thanks to the Second Amendment, we can choose to be ready. We can choose to defend our own lives and those of our fellow Americans.

A 9-11 Hero’s Revolver

We often get firearm industry visitors here at NRA HQ, and after our meetings are over, John Zent often asks me to take the group on a tour of the National Firearms Museum. The tour begins and ends with two guns that, in my mind, best signify our freedom and our struggle to preserve it.

What Walter Taught Me

NRA members are among the first to hear and heed the call to come to the aid of others and their country.

Home of the Brave

Memories and her children are what kept American Rifleman Editorial Assistant Holly Miller going after Sept. 11.

A Tribute to a Quiet Hero

On September 11, the hand of unspeakable evil reached out and touched one of the people dearest to me. I’m not alone.


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