Welcome to Revolvifornia

An uncharacteristically high number of new revolvers was introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show, and Mark Keefe says this correlates directly to California's microstamping requirement that took effect in May of 2013. Find out why he says the Golden State is soon to become “The Revolver State.”

First Nine

The 9 mm was create in Germany, and came over to America around the middle half of the 20th century. It created a neat little battle between manufacturers that became dubbed “The Wondernine War.”

Be Better When It Counts: Training Tips for the Budding Defender

Longtime firearm instructor Il Ling New has provided her top 10 tips on becoming a better marksman.

Pre-War Woodsman

Once in a while, a gun comes along that offers such a unique combination of features that it is quickly popular, occasionally beyond logic.

Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380 ACP

The Mustang PocketLite proves that Colt can still produce a quality little gun.

Your Money’s Worth

It's no secret that the economy is hurting and that few Americans are spending heavy on recreational activities and equipment.

Magnum Autos Revisited

When I took up the subject of a magnum semi-automatic pistol a while back, I must have failed in my efforts to get one point firmly established.

Wheelguns Still Work: Concealed Carry Revolvers

Semi-auto pistols may rule the self-defense handgun world, but don't relegate your revolvers to museums.


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