Lethal Force and the Law at the Great American Outdoor Show

Every 13 seconds in the United States a firearm is used in self-defense. And every time a firearm is used in self-defense, even just the brandishing of it, there will be an investigation.

Second Call Defense: Legal Protection for Armed Self-Defense

Second Call Defense promotes its legal offerings at the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis.

7 Way to Improve Self-Defense Handgun Skills

It’s important that a person learns how to safely and properly use a handgun before having to use one in self-defense.

How to Travel Legally with Your Gun

If you carry a concealed firearm on a regular basis, you should know how to stay legal with it while traveling. Follow these simple tips to make your trip go smoothly.

Complete Legal Protection: Second Call Defense

Gun owners know better than most that the unthinkable can sometimes happen—that knowledge is often a part of why they've chosen to own firearms in the first place.


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