Smokeless Powder 101 Carter

Picking A Propellant For Your Handloads

Choosing the best propellant for the application is critical to optimal load performance. Here, we provide guidance on navigating the oceans of smokeless propellant options.

Handloads: A Just-Right .41 Mag.

The .41 Remington Magnum perseveres, despite being pinched between the .357 and .44 magnums.

Handloads: A Faster .35 Whelen

Handloaders are always on the watch for new bullets or propellants that improve the performance of their favorite cartridges, and the following recipe makes the .35 Whelen shoot 250-grain bullets at a velocity of 2,709 f.p.s. from 66.2 grains of Alliant Power Pro 2000-MR.

Handloads: A .380 ACP Pocket Pistol Practice Load​

As modern ammunition manufacturing has drastically improved during the past 50 years, the .380 ACP is finally receiving the respect it deserves as a defensive cartridge. While handy to carry, pistols chambered for the cartridge tend to be harder to shoot well and thus require more practice to master.

The .300 Norma Magnum: History & Performance

The ultra-fast .300 Norma Magnum cartridge has its roots in the belted hunting cartridges of yesteryear, but it has proven itself capable of more than just hunting in the 21st century.

Handloads: Cold-Weather Coyote Hunting With .22-250 Rem.

Several propellants are a perfect fit for the .22-250 Rem. to fire 55-grain bullets, though speeds with IMR 8208 XBR are a touch slower, XBR is insensitive to temperature changes, a plus when hunting coyotes during the winter.

MidwayUSA Earns 2022 Bizrate Platinum

MidwayUSA, an internet retailer for shooting, hunting and outdoor gear has earned the 2022 Bizrate Platinum Circle of Excellence Award. Only 29 online retailers reached the platinum level, an achievement that requires firms to earn high customer satisfaction ratings.

Surveys Show Changes In Ammo, Shooting Gear Preferences

According to six Southwick Associates' surveys, hunters and firearm enthusiasts have indicated a shift in purchase preferences over the last several years. What does this mean for the future of product announcements? Read on:

Review: Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press

For the high-volume shooter and ammunition reloader, the Frankford Arsenal X-10 reloading press offers 10 stages of progressive loading with accuracy and precision, and a simple setup that the author found makes quality ammunition.

Handloads: An Easy Load For A .25 ACP Heirloom

Loading for a family heirloom is always a rewarding experience, especially pistols chambered for the miniscule .25 ACP cartridge, which were often carried as backup firearms, as the case with one belonging to Edward Obarowski, Sr., of the New York Police Dept.

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