Product Preview: Pitbull Tactical Universal Mag Carrier

Engineered to be compatible with most center-fire semi-automatic pistol magazine designs, the Universal Mag Carrier from Pitbull Tactical is sized for convenient concealment either inside or outside a waistband.

Charter Arms 9 mm Pitbull Revolver

Charter Arms bumped the shot capacity from five to six shots in its latest rimless cartridge revolver.

Charter Arms Pitbull 9 mm Rimless Revolver

Charter Arms has introduced Pitbull 9 mm revolver that works without moon clips to compliment its .40 S&W Pitbull.

Charter Arms .40 S&W Pitbull Revolver

The new Pitbull fires rimless rounds without the need for a moon clip.

Charter Arms Pitbull .40 Cal. Rimless Revolver

Charter Arms has announced a .40-caliber rimless revolver option as an ideal backup for law enforcement personnel.


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