Elite Survival Systems Avenger Gunpack F

First Look: Elite Survival Systems Avenger GunPack

The Avenger GunPack from Elite Survival Systems is designed to be carried in multiple ways while providing an easy-to-access, off-body storage solution for your concealed-carry handgun.

To Purse Pack—Or Not

As with any other carry mode, there are drawbacks to carrying the defensive handgun in a purse or bag.

Opening Up To Off-Body Carry

In the old days, off-body carry entailed rudimentary “fanny packs” for handguns and firearm-specific cases for rifles and shotguns. Today, a wide variety of discreet cases make off-body carry a whole new proposition.

Off-Body Carry Methods For Women

There are a number of choices for women when it comes to carrying a gun and all kinds of reasons for them. But one size does not fit all.


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