NRA 150th: The Farr Rifle

For the better part of a century, George Farr’s record-setting rifle had been a cherished keepsake within his family’s estate, until now. It is on display today at the National Sporting Arms Museum in Springfield, Mo.

The Model 1903 National Match Rifle: A Peerless Precision Shooter

The Model 1903 Springfield is arguably the most accurate off-the-shelf service rifle ever produced. And if the ’03 was intrinsically accurate, the ’03 National Match, painstakingly produced by the Springfield Armory from 1921 to 1940, was superlative.

Lost Treasure: Magic, Mystery and a Colt 1911

This is not just a 1911 story. It is a treasure story, just as much a mystery, and there is definitely magic involved.

Product Preview: Smith Enterprise Good Iron M14 National Match Muzzle Brake

The Smith Enterprise Good Iron M14 National Match Muzzle Brake’s profile mimics that of the original M14 flash suppressor, making it legal for use in CMP and other high-power rifle matches on guns such as the Springfield M1A.

SHOT Show 2018: Colt Match Ammunition

Colt has formed strategic partnerships with companies on products other than guns, including one with Double Tap ammunition.

Springfield Armory Announces 6.5 Creedmoor M1A

Springfield-Armory has announced that its match-dominating M1A rifle is now being chambered in the increasingly popular round preferred by many precision shooters.

M1A—The M14's Successful Sibling

The military may not have liked the M14, but its brother, the semi-automatic M1A, has been loved by civilian shooters for nearly three decades.

The National Match M1

The M1 was potentially as accurate as any service rifle ever made.

Springfield Armory M1A Super Match Rifle Review

Springfield Armory M1A Super Match Rifle Review


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