I Have This Old Gun—German MG.08 Machine Gun

Germany’s MG.08 machine gun was considered the queen of the battlefield in World War I, completely changing the nature of warfare. Learn more in this episode of American Rifleman TV’s “I Have This Old Gun.”

I Have This Old Gun: Luger P.08 Pistol

The Luger P.08 pistol is one of the most widely recognized handgun silhouettes in the world. Learn its history here in this episode of "I Have This Old Gun."

I Have This Old Gun: M1 Garand—Korea

When the U.S. became involved in the Korean War, the M1 Garand went back into mass production. The "Korean Garand," as it is sometimes referred, had undergone improvements since its World War II days, and once again proved why Gen. George S. Patton called the Garand "the finest battle implement ever devised."

American Rifleman TV: U.S. M16 50 Years Part 1

The M16 has served the U.S. military for 50 years in one form or another, but its history was marred by some problems early on in its development.

I Have This Old Gun: U.S. M2 Carbine

The U.S. M2 Carbine was developed with advice from soldiers in combat. It was not a success and was probably one of the very few times that the opinion of soldiers should have been ignored.

Beretta Model 1951 – I Have This Old Gun

Beretta Model 1951 – I Have This Old Gun


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