Behind Enemy Lines With The CAR-15 Rifle

During the Vietnam War, Special Forces soldiers of the Studies and Observation Group fought a secret war behind enemy lines with the CAR-15— or XM177E2—the granddaddy of today’s M4 carbine.

Video—I Have This Old Gun: U.S. M16A2 Rifle

In an "I Have This Old Gun" segment, ARTV takes a look at the U.S. M16A2 Rifle.

Video—The Men and Guns of the Vietnam War, Part 1

The U.S. M16 is the iconic American firearm of the war in Vietnam. From a rifle that caused the deaths of young Americans in the hills of Vietnam to its use behind enemy lines, it has now served for more than a half a century.

The MilSpec Definition

Can a civilian AR rifle be classified as MilSpec?

The History of the M-16 Rifle: Stoner's Armalite

The History of M-16 Rifle: Stoner's Armalite


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