Lone Wolf Elimin8r

Preview: Lone Wolf Elimin8r

Long known as a leading provider of accessories for Glock pistols, Lone Wolf Arms has branched out into the suppressor arena with the Elimin8r, a model designed for .45-cal. handguns and rated for full-automatic use.

New for 2021: Lone Wolf Arms LTD19

Lone Wolf Arms is offering its own complete Glock-pattern pistol , which is designed to meet consumer needs and incorporate aftermarket upgrades.

Building a Non-Glock 'Glock:' A DIY Kit from Brownells & Rival Arms

In this review, we take a look at the process and result of building a custom Glock-style handgun in 9 mm from a kit provided by Rival Arms and Brownells.

Big-Bore Pistol Build: Lone Wolf's TWL-S Frame

Build a big-bore Glock-pattern pistol from scratch or put unused components back to work with Lone Wolf's affordable TWL-S frames and parts kits.

Field Tested: Lone Wolf Distributor Bare and Built Original Timber Wolf Frames

Plenty of the original Standard and Compact Timberwolf frames are still in stock and on sale with both bare and built frames to choose from.

Lone Wolf Distributors Custom Compact Timberwolf Pistol

Lone Wolf Distributors (LWD) is an American company well known to Glock fans in the market for high quality upgrades and custom components for their favorite semi-auto pistols.

Lone Wolf Classic Style Slide Engravings

The Glock pistol has been attributed as having several positive qualities. It’s practical, reliable, easy to use, and accurate. But if there is one complaint that sticks to the Glock like glue it’s that the pistol isn’t easy on the eyes. Lone Wolf distributors has produced a potential solution to that problem.

Lone Wolf Distributors Slim .45 GAP Caliber Conversion

The engineers at Lone Wolf Distributors recognized that it was possible to build a slimmed-down .45 GAP upper assembly with the same profile as standard compact and subcompact models. The result? The company's Slim .45 GAP Caliber Conversion kit.

Lone Wolf Distributors' G23 Caliber Conversions

From simple to sexy, here is a closer look at three caliber conversions that can be installed at home.

Lone Wolf Distributors' Caliber Conversions

There's no good reason for your Glock to remain stock when Lone Wolf Distributors provide so many quality parts to upgrade, convert or customize your pistol. This gallery explores just a handful of the options available for the Glock Gen 3 G23 compact .40 S&W pistol.


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